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Web search is not only one of the most important technologies of our time, but it is also incredibly fun to work on because it requires cutting-edge algorithms from a wide range of disciplines: distributed systems, information extraction, data mining and algorithmic artificial intelligence all rolled into one. It is one of the hardest startup challenges today — but the monetization is much higher than anything else on the web, and there are fewer credible competitors than most people think.

blekko is a small, well-funded search start-up that recently launched in beta. Our team has founded multiple successful startups and held leadership positions at major tech companies such as Google, Sun and Netscape/AOL. Our investors include top-tier venture firms and a roster of highly prominent Silicon Valley angels including Marc Andreessen, Ron Conway, and two early Googlers.

Our work environment is that rare combination of collegial, intense, interesting and fun. We offer competitive compensation, incentive equity options, terrific health and other benefits including free lunches.

Our office is located in Redwood Shores across the street from Oracle.

Please send a copy of your resume to careers@blekko.com.