Zuma: Tales of a Sexual Gladiator

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Zuma: Tales of a Sexual Gladiator, aka PornoMation 2, is an AVN Award winning 2006 feature-length (82 minute) computer-generated pornographic anime film. It was reviewed in Wired Magazine, July 14, 2006. Zuma is a redhead with a large tattoo on her left thigh. She may also be left-handed.


The movie begins with Zuma about to be sacrificed in a ritual, which is interrupted by the arrival of aliens. Zuma is abducted and eventually auctioned off by a robot to a nasty slave owner who then forces her to compete in the Grand Nymphoseum, a sort of galactic sex olympics, where the first one to orgasm is the loser. She quickly works her way up in ranks as a sexual gladiator, defeating multitudes of crazy alien competitors. In the last contest Zuma is put up against another human, and they orgasm at exactly the same moment down to the millisecond, so it is a tie and because neither her nor the human male won, a rematch is scheduled.

The rematch however was rigged and the male won. The owner of the male slave admits to rigging the match. This then leads to Zuma being named victor and winning her freedom. A year later, Zuma attends an auction of the male slave she faced in her final match and purchases him. She offers him his freedom if he is able to make her orgasm first in a sexual match. The two then proceed to have sex continuously.


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