Yu Nan

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Yu Nan
Yu Nan picture.jpg
Yu Nan, 2010
Chinese name余男 (simplified)
Born(1978-09-05) September 5, 1978 (age 36)
Dalian, China
OccupationFilm actress
Years active1990s - present
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This is a Chinese name; the family name is Yu.
Yu Nan
Yu Nan picture.jpg
Yu Nan, 2010
Chinese name余男 (simplified)
Born(1978-09-05) September 5, 1978 (age 36)
Dalian, China
OccupationFilm actress
Years active1990s - present

Yu Nan (Chinese: 余男; born September 5, 1978) is a Chinese actress. Born in Dalian, Yu Nan studied at the Beijing Film Academy, where she graduated in 1999.

Film career[edit]

In China[edit]

Her feature film debut, in Lunar Eclipse (1999), which earned her the Best Actress of the Deauville Asian Film Festival,[1] started her career working with several of China's Sixth-Generation film directors. She subsequently starred in three more films with Wang Quan'an: Jingzhe (2003), which earned her the Best Actress Golden Rooster Award and the Best Actress prize of the Paris International Film Festival in 2003;[2] Tuya's Marriage, Golden Bear in 2007 at the Berlin International Film Festival for which she won the Best Actress prize from the Chicago International Film Festival[citation needed]; and Weaving Girl (2009), which won Jury Special Grand prix and the FIPRESCI prize from the 2009 Montreal World Film Festival.[3]

Yu Nan has also worked with other major Chinese directors, including Wang Xiaoshuai in In Love We Trust (2008), which won the Best Screenplay Silver Bear in Berlin 2008,[4] and Ning Hao, in his Chinese Western film, No Man's Land (2010).[5]

International roles[edit]

Helped in part by her fluency in Mandarin, French, and English,[6] Yu Nan has played in several international productions, including the French film Fureur (2003), the Taiwanese film My DNA Says I Love You (2008), the Canadian-Chinese film Diamond Dogs (2007), and the Hollywood films Speed Racer (2008) and The Expendables 2 (2012).


Yu Nan has served as a jury member at several international film festivals:


YearTitleChinese titleRoleDirector
1999Lunar Eclipse月蚀Ya NanWang Quan'an
2003Fureur狂怒ChinhKarim Dridi
2004Jingzhe惊蛰ErmeiWang Quan'an
2006Tuya's Marriage图雅的婚事TuyaWang Quan'an
2007My DNA Says I Love You基因决定我爱你MarleneYun Chan Lee
2007Diamond Dogs权杖AnikaShimon Dotan (first time working with Dolph Lundgren)
2008In Love We Trust左右Dong FanWang Xiaoshuai
2008Speed Racer极速赛车Horuko TogokahnWachowski siblings
2008Deadly Delicious双食记Li Chun yanZhao Tianyu
2009Looking for Jackie寻找成龙DirectorFang Gangliang
Jiang Ping
2009Weaving Girl纺织姑娘LilyWang Quan'an
2010Wind Blast西風烈NoraGao Qun Shu
2011Xun Ren Qi Shi寻人奇事Zhang XiaoyueKang Zhenghao
2012Design of Death杀生Ma GuafuGuan Hu
2012The Expendables 2敢死队 2Maggie ChanSimon West (second time working with Dolph Lundgren)
2012Cold HarbourMeiCarey McKenzie
2013Feed Me哺乳期的女人A womanYang Yazhou
2013Beloved亲爱Xui NinLi Xinman
2013Silent Witness全民目击Zhou LiFei Xing
2013Angel Warriors铁血娇娃Bai XueFu Huayang
2013No Man's Land无人区Ye BaliNing Hao
2014Beijing Love Story北京爱情故事Zhang LeiChen Sicheng
2014The Taking of Tiger Mountain智取威虎山Qang LianTsui Hark
2015Wolf War特种兵之战狼long xiao yunWu Jing
TBAMale Joy / Female Love男欢·女爱
TBALord of Shanghai上海王Xiao yue guiHu Xue Hua

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