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Yoshio Yoda (b. March 31, 1934) is a Japanese actor who played Fuji Kobiaji in the American television series McHale's Navy and in the 1964 movie McHale's Navy and in an identical role as Takeo Fujiwara in McHale's Navy Joins the Air Force. He also appeared as Sgt. Roy Tada in the movie The Horizontal Lieutenant (1962). After finishing McHale's Navy in 1966, Yoda appears to have had just one further role, in the 1969 segment of Love American Style entitled Love and the Letter.

In the cast reunion extra feature on the McHale's Navy first season DVD set, Edson Stroll (Virgil in the series) states that Yoda had later changed his name to James Yoda and worked as a Toyota vice-president. He also reported that Yoda had secured his American citizenship.

In Season 2, Episode 13, "A Letter for Fuji," the character is given the full name 'Fujiwara Takeo.'

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