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Wynn-Anne Rossi (born February 12, 1956 in Springfield, Illinois), is an American composer. She is known to combine impressionistic flavors with jazz harmonies.[1] She is the author of over 70 music publications.[2] She has written a wide variety of repertoire, including music and text for vocalists and instrumental music.[3] Rossi has a unique approach to teaching young musicians to compose, turning student musical ideas into band[4] and orchestral works.[5]

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Take Me North (2000)[edit]

This CD recording is broken into four distinct sections each representing a different aspect of the American north, for which the album is named.[19]

  1. "Take Me North"
  2. "Lady Slipper"
  3. "Walleye Pike"
  4. "Agate"
  5. "Wild Rice and Morels"
  6. "Norway Pines"
  1. "Frog Hunt"
  2. "Dirty Dog Delights"
  3. "Songbird Solo"
  4. "Mosquito"
  5. "Rodent"
  6. "Owls at Night"
  1. "To the Inland Sea"
  2. "To Lightning"
  3. "To Daisy"
  4. "To the Minnow"
  5. "To the Oak"
  6. "To Clouds"
  7. "To the Common Rock"
  8. "To Time"
  1. "Ferris Wheel"
  2. "World's Biggest Pig and the Piglets"
  3. "Machinery Hill"
  4. "Butter Princess"
  5. "Junk Food Blues"

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