World's tallest thermometer

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The world's tallest thermometer

The world's tallest thermometer is a landmark located in Baker, California, USA.

The thermometer and Baker, CA in November 2003

It is technically an electric sign rather than a thermometer. It commemorates the record 134 degrees Fahrenheit (57 degrees Celsius) recorded in nearby Death Valley on July 10, 1913. It weighs 76,812 pounds and is held together by 125 cubic yards of concrete. It stands 134 feet tall and it is capable of displaying a maximum temperature of 134, both of which are a reference to the temperature record.[1]


It was built in 1991 by the Young Electric Sign Company of Salt Lake City, Utah,[1] for Willis Herron, a local businessman who spent $700,000 to build the thermometer next to his Bun Boy restaurant (later replaced by Bob's Big Boy). Soon after its completion, it was damaged by high winds and rebuilt. Herron sold the attraction and restaurant to another local businessman, Larry Dabour, who sold it in 2005. In September 2012, current owner Matt Pike said that the power bill for its operation had reached $8,000 per month and that he turned it off due to the poor economy.[2] As of January 2013, the thermometer and accompanying empty gift shop were listed for sale.[3]


The world's tallest thermometer is located adjacent to a Bob's Big Boy restaurant and is visible along Interstate 15 in Southern California's Mojave Desert in Baker. Along the interstate, the landmark is visible from three different sides. Bun Boy went out of business after several decades of delighting motorists. The mini-mart at the base of the thermometer was shut down for a minor violation according to a sign posted on the glass door. A plaque for the thermometer has been removed. Country Store with 76 (ConocoPhillips) gas station and Bun Boy Motel are still in operation under the same name.


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