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This list of largest universities by enrollment in the world includes total active enrollment across all campuses (including off campus study). Enrollment numbers listed are the sum of undergraduate and graduate students in active enrollment. Universities included below confer degrees of bachelor-level or higher and either share a central board of governance and a single chancellor or president, or confer degrees with the same institution name.

Many of these universities, particularly those in the United States, are actually systems of separate university campuses and may not accurately represent a comparable study body. For example, the enrollment listed for the University of California is the population of the entire student body in the University of California system, which is composed of several individual campuses statewide. All University of California campuses are entitled "University of California" and then denoted further by the campus location, such as "University of California, Irvine". Other states organize their public universities differently in ways that further complicate any direct comparisons.

1India Indira Gandhi National Open UniversityDelhi, India1985Public3,500,000[1][2]
2Turkey Anadolu UniversityEskisehir, Turkey1958Public1,974,343[3]
3Iran Islamic Azad UniversityTehran, Iran1982Private1,900,000[4]
4Pakistan Allama Iqbal Open UniversityIslamabad, Pakistan1974Public1,806,214[5]
5Bangladesh Bangladesh National UniversityGazipur, Bangladesh1992Public1,000,000[6]
6Iran Payame Noor UniversityTehran, Iran1987Public818,150[7]
7Bangladesh Bangladesh Open UniversityGazipur, Bangladesh1992Public650,000[8]
8Indonesia Universitas TerbukaJakarta, Indonesia1984Public646,467[9]
9Thailand Ramkhamhaeng UniversityBangkok, Thailand1971Public525,000[10]
10Nepal Tribhuvan UniversityKirtipur, Nepal1959Public500,000[11]
11India University of PunePune, India1948Public496,531[12]
12United States University System of OhioOhio, United States2007Public478,000[13]
13United States State University of New YorkNew York, United States1948Public467,845[14]
14Pakistan University of the PunjabLahore, Pakistan1882Public450,000[15]
15India Andhra Pradesh Open UniversityAndhra Pradesh, India1982Public450,000[16]
16United States California State UniversityCalifornia, United States1857Public417,000[17]
17India University of DelhiNew Delhi, India1922Public400,000[18]
18India Sikkim Manipal UniversitySikkim, India1995Private390,000[19]
19Mexico National Autonomous University of MexicoMexico City, Mexico1910Public324,413[20]
20United States University System of GeorgiaGeorgia, United States1931, (first university est. 1785)Public318,027[21]
21Argentina University of Buenos AiresBuenos Aires, Argentina1821Public316,050[22][23]
22Romania Spiru Haret UniversityBucharest, Romania1991Private311,928[24]
23United States State University System of FloridaFlorida, United States1954Public302,513[25]
24India Osmania UniversityHyderabad, India1918Public300,000[26]
25Spain National University of Distance EducationSpain1972Public260,079[27][28]
26India Rajiv Gandhi Technical UniversityBhopal, India1998Public260,000[29][dead link]
27United Kingdom Open UniversityMilton Keynes, England, United Kingdom1969Public253,075[30]
28South Africa University of South AfricaPretoria, Gauteng, South Africa1873Public300,221[31]
29Mexico National Polytechnic InstituteMexico City, Mexico1936Public229,070[32]
30Brazil Estácio de Sá UniversityRio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil1970Private215,000[33]
31South Korea Korea National Open UniversitySouth Korea1972Public210,978[34]
31Mexico University of GuadalajaraGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico1791Public209,406[35]
32United States University of CaliforniaCalifornia, United States1869Public209,080[36]
33United States Technical College System of GeorgiaGeorgia, United States1970Public191,567[37]
34United States University of Texas SystemTexas, United States1881Public190,000[38]
35Dominican Republic Autonomous University of Santo DomingoSanto Domingo, Dominican Republic1538. Reopened 1914.Public180,000[39][39]
36Pakistan University of KarachiKarachi, Pakistan1951Public174,000[40]
37United States Utah System of Higher EducationUtah, United States1894Public171,291[41]
38Egypt Ain Shams UniversityCairo, Egypt1950Public170,000[42]
39United States University of North CarolinaNorth Carolina, United States1789Public169,792[43]
40United States University of Wisconsin SystemWisconsin, United States1848Public162,933[44]
41Egypt Cairo UniversityGiza, Egypt1933Public155,000[45]
42India Uttar Pradesh Technical UniversityLucknow, India2000Public150,000[46]
43India Madhya Pradesh Bhoj Open UniversityBhopal, India1991Public150,000[47]
44Italy Sapienza University of RomeRome, Italy1303Public147,000[48]
45United States University System of MarylandMaryland, United States1988Public144,363[49]
46Russia Modern University for the HumanitiesMoscow, Russia1992Public140,000[50]
47Brazil Norte do Paraná UniversityLondrina, Paraná, Brazil1972Private130,000[51]
48Guatemala University of San Carlos of GuatemalaGuatemala City, Guatemala1676Public124,000[52]
49France National Centre for Distance EducationFrance1939Public120,000[53]
50United States Texas A&M University SystemTexas, United States1876Public114,691[54]
51Argentina National University of CórdobaCórdoba, Argentina1613Public113,558[55]
52United States Pennsylvania State System of Higher EducationPennsylvania, United States1982Public110,428[56]
53China Shanghai Open UniversityShanghai, China1960Public101,218[34]
54Italy University of BolognaBologna, Italy1088Public100,000[57]
55Malaysia MARA University of TechnologyShah Alam, Malaysia1956Public100,000[58]

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