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Yeah! Woo! is a drum break which includes James Brown's voice which has been repeatedly used in popular music, often in the form of a loop. It originates from the 1972 Lyn Collins recording "Think (About It)", a song written and produced by Brown, and is one of 5 breaks contained in the recording. In the original recording, the order in which Brown says the words is actually "Yeah! Woo!"; the order of the words was reversed later by sampling artists.[citation needed]


Background and impact

"Yeah! Woo!" was probably first used as a loop by Roxanne Shante (in "Go on Girl") but got major airplay and attention used as the backing loop for the 1988 platinum-selling hit "It Takes Two" by MC Rob Base & DJ E-Z Rock, which is almost entirely composed of sampled parts from "Think (About It)".

The number of artists who have used "Yeah! Woo!" in songs numbers in the hundreds – it became almost ubiquitous in dance and hip hop records during the late 1980s and early 1990s. It has also found its way into the title screen of Action 52 on the NES, the "Jungle Chase" level of Super Adventure Island on the SNES, and "Jazzy NYC" (Alex's Theme) as well as the continue screen of Street Fighter III: New Generation.

A selection of songs that use the "Yeah! Woo!" loop


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