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Lottery games with "lifetime" prizes, known by several names such as Win For Life, comprise two types of US lottery games in which the top prize is advertised as a lifetime annuity; unlike annuities with a fixed period (such as 25 years), lifetime annuities often pay (sometimes for decades) until the winner's death.

Scratch games

Most US lotteries offer at least one scratch game with lifetime prizes.

These games vary; some lotteries offer multiple price points for "lifetime" games, with the top prize ranging from $50 daily to $1,000,000 yearly. Play for each game varies.

Unlike draw games with a lifetime prize, an increasing number of American lotteries have introduced a cash option for winners of scratch games with such prizes (as they had begun in the 20th century with fixed annuities in almost all games, drawing or scratchcard.)

Drawing game

The Win for Life draw game began in February 2006 in Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia. Players choose 6 numbers 1-42; seven numbers are drawn, including the Free Ball. Top prize is $1000-per-week; there is no cash option. Second prize is $52,000.

Initially, Virginia offered WFL winners a $520,000 cash option; however, it ended in 2007, as Georgia and Kentucky could not agree on that amount for their winners who preferred cash. In 2011, Kentucky dropped WFL (perhaps because of the lack of a cash option); simultaneously, the three lotteries began Decades of Dollars, which later added Arkansas. Only Virginia kept Win For Life.