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This page is a full list of possible Maryland state highways from 0-999 using various different conventions. It can be used to monitor when one of these links "goes blue" to see which articles have been created, need to be merged, etc. Several of the "routes" listed here don't even exist, so this is, by no means, a list of existing routes, for that, see List of Maryland state highways and List of numbered highways in Maryland. This list now also contains links to the Maryland-specific articles for U.S. and Interstate highways, as well as named roads.

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0 - 99[edit]

100 - 199[edit]

200 - 299[edit]

300 - 399[edit]

400 - 499[edit]

500 - 599[edit]

600 - 699[edit]

700 - 799[edit]

800 - 899[edit]

900 - 999[edit]

U.S. Highways[edit]

Interstate Highways[edit]

Bannered routes[edit]

Other roads[edit]