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This page is to provide a common starting point for people looking for the various disambiguation pages involving places with common names starting with Y.

The Wikipedia:Links to disambiguating pages serves a similar purpose for articles other than place names. It is intended that this page be a resource of a different type: a list of lists of multiple-place names.

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Yakovlevsky District - Yale - Yandina - Yarmouth - Yates - Yatesville - Yaxley - Yeadon - Yegoryevsky District - Yellow River - Yelverton - Yetholm - Yoder - York/Yorke - York, Wisconsin - York County - York Township - Yorkshire - Yorktown - Yorkville - Yorkville, New York - Yoshii - Yoshii, Okayama - Young - Young Township, Pennsylvania - Youngstown - Youngsville - Yuki - Yuki, Hiroshima - Yuma - Yuma County - Yurginsky District - Yuzhny