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Napoleon's exile to Elba[edit]

Original - Napoleon Bonaparte's exile to Elba, from a British engraving, 1814.
A hand tinted British etching from 1814 in celebration of Napoleon Bonaparte's first exile to Elba at the close of the War of the Sixth Coalition. High resolution file with legible text. Restored version of Image:Napoleon's exile to Elba.jpg. The inscription reads as follows:
Farewell my brave soldiers, my eagles adieu;
Stung with my ambition, o'er the world ye flew:
But deeds of disaster so sad to rehearse
I have lived--fatal truth for to know the reverse.
From Moscow to Lipsic; the case it is clear
I was sent back to France with a flea in my ear.
A lesson to mortals regarding my fall:
He grasps at a shadow, by grasping at all.
My course it is finish'd my race it is run,
My career it is ended just where it begun.
The Empire of France no more it is mine.
Because I can't keep it I freely resign.
Articles this image appears in
Elba#History, War of the Sixth Coalition#Abdication
J. Phillips (publisher)

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