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The Community portal is a place to find collaborations, tasks, and news about English Wikipedia.
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You can help improve the articles listed below! This list updates frequently, so check back here for more tasks to try.

Fix spelling and grammarLearn how

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Community bulletin board


The Signpost
15 January 2014
Centralized discussion
  • An RfC for AfC reviewer permission implementation
  • An RfC on creating a speedy deletion criterion for pages in violation of WP:NOTWEBHOST.
  • An RfC to approve a bot adding stress marks to Russian words.
  • An RfC to establish criteria for use of Pending Changes level 2. Closers are invited to sign up in advance.
  • An RfC on requiring QPQ for Did You Know nominations of pages created by other editors.
  • An RfC on making the guideline on signatures a formal policy.
  • An alternative idea to make orphan tags invisible in the mainspace, rather than move them to the talk page.
  • An RfC on how MOS:YEAR should be applied to sports year ranges: 2010/2011 vs. 2010/11 or 2010-11 vs. 2010-2011 depending on length of season.
  • Should Wikipedia provide a more prominent disclaimer in general, or on health and medical content?
  • An RfC on the use(s) of the summary-style template main and its allies.
  • A general discussion for purposes of a periodic review of the username policy and enforcement of same.

General notices

Projects seeking help

Also consider posting WikiProject, Task Force, and Collaboration news at the Signpost's WikiProject Report page.

WikiProjects and Task Forces


What's going on with outlines:

New outlines (please copyedit and expand):
Outlines being overhauled (your help is needed):

Portal report

The following portals are in need of attention/upkeep:

  • Portal:Space – the selected article excerpts were copied and pasted between 2006 and 2009. The leads of the corresponding articles have greatly improved since then.
  • Portal:Azerbaijan – news section has reports from 2009.
  • Portal:Thinking – "selected" sections need new material. Been the same for years.

The following portals have interesting design features that you may find useful:

  • Portal:Philosophy – cycles through 52 "Selected philosophers", one per week, automatically year after year.
  • Portal:Arts – uses random generators to display random featured status selections.

Discussions and collaborations

This week's article for improvement is:

Nordic art

Oseberg ship head post.jpg

An animal-head post found in the Oseberg vikingship, an example of Nordic art

Please be bold and help to improve this article!

Discussions in the following areas have requested wider attention:

Here is a list of the main community pages of Wikipedia's sister projects.
All of these projects are multilingual and open-content.
Meta-Wiki –Coordination of all Wikimedia projects.
Wiktionary –A collaborative multilingual dictionary.
Wikinews –News stories written by readers.
Wikibooks –A collection of collaborative non-fiction books.
Wikiquote –A compendium of referenced quotations.
Wikisource –A repository for free source texts.
Wikispecies –A directory of species.
Wikiversity –Where teachers learn, and learners teach.
Wikivoyage –A world-wide travel guide.
Wikidata –A free knowledge base that can be read and edited by humans and machines alike.
Commons –Repository for free images and other media files.

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