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Wellwood Cemetery is a Jewish cemetery in Pinelawn, New York. It was established as the annex to Beth David Cemetery in Elmont, New York, which closed to fresh burials in the 1960s. The cemetery comprises many sections, each under the auspices of a synagogue, landsmanschaft, or group such as the Brooklyn Jewish Postal Workers Union. Each of these is marked, most commonly by a stone arch or a pair of stone columns. Many of the landsmanshaft have dedicated Holocaust monuments to the victims of the Nazis in their ancestral town. Examples include Baranovichi, Belarus;[1] Ioannina, Greece;[2] Pilica, Poland;[3] Sokołów Podlaski, Poland;[4] and Burshtyn, Ukraine.[5]

Several well-known rabbis are buried here.[6]

Kehillas Belz of New York has a section within the Beth Moses section of Wellwood Cemetery. The Belz Kehilla still dedicated (Mekudash) this section when the previous Belz Rebbe Reb Aharon was still alive. The Rebbe of Belz provided clear instructions how to dedicate the Beis Hachaim (Cemetery) and what to say.

Directions to the Cemetery: http://jewish-funeral-home.com/cemeteries/Wellwood-Cemetery.html

Notable burials[edit]


Coordinates: 40°44′19″N 73°23′16″W / 40.73861°N 73.38778°W / 40.73861; -73.38778