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Web addresswww.weeworld.com m.weeworld.com
Type of siteSocial Network, Social Game, Virtual Worlds, Avatar
Alexa ranknegative increase 58,622 (December 2013)[1]
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Web addresswww.weeworld.com m.weeworld.com
Type of siteSocial Network, Social Game, Virtual Worlds, Avatar
Alexa ranknegative increase 58,622 (December 2013)[1]

WeeWorld is an avatar-based massive multi-player online social network. Avatars are called WeeMees. Anybody can play WeeWorld, though WeeMees under the age of 13 are put on a more strictly monitored version of Weeworld called Weeworld Jr. and must use parental or guardian consent. Users sign up for free and are given a customizable WeeMee, which is a 2-D animated avatar. Users can choose their WeeMee's appearance and interests. Within the virtual world, users can communicate with other WeeMees by messaging them on home pages or chatting in virtual 2-D worlds, explore the community, play games, and participate in quests. Approximately 55 million WeeMees have been created worldwide. WeeWorld is currently funded by Accel Partners and Benchmark Capital.[2]


The avatars were created in 2000 by the then CEO and Founder of Saw-You.com, Michele Rodrigues in New York. In 2003, Microsoft began offering the avatars for their Hotmail customers to use. The new service attracted 150,000 users during the first day of the avatars being launched, with the WeeMee website attracting 1.5 million hits daily. In 2004, the UK's largest social network, Friendsreunited.com, also introduced the WeeMee to their user base. In December 2008, the virtual technology firm DA agreed to develop a 3-D version of the avatar."DA develops 3D animated avatars". accessmylibrary.com (New Media Age). December 5, 2002. Retrieved 2009-05-25. 



WeeMees are 2-D avatars that WeeWorld users are issued when first joining the community. WeeMees are cartoonish in nature and are only 2-D. Users can purchase virtual goods for their avatars; those products include clothing, accessories, and food and drink items. As WeeWorld's target demographic is teenagers, many of the virtual goods reflect current pop culture and celebrity fashion trends.[3] You can also create any name you want for your WeeMee.


Early in 2010, WeeWorld launched their new "Ambassador" Program. The initial point of "Ambassadors" was to help WeeWorld promote customer satisfaction. The Ambassador Program exists to help enforce the Rules & Regulations of WeeWorld in addition to assisting users with various small problems (i.e. blog posting, setting editing, etc.). Originally, Ambassadors were chosen through an application process. Ambassadors are now hand-picked by the WeeMee 'WeeWorldAmbassador'. Jake, the head of the ambassador team, choose new ambassadors every few months. WeeMees wanting the job of Ambassador must prove themselves worthy by doing good throughout the site, helping other WeeMees, obeying the Terms & Conditions, and being friendly towards other users. Ambassadors are easily recognized by the image of a globe behind their Weemee. There are currently 30+ Ambassadors and counting.

Current Offerings[edit]

Mobile Gaming[edit]

WeeWorld has games available on iTunes and Google Play. However there is only one game available for Android on the Google Market. In early June 2013, WeeWorld introduced 'WeeWorld mobile'. However, unless changing to the main site, users can only access their homepage, avatar, friends, messages, and the shop. Apple iPhone's, iPad's, iPods's etc. are not able to properly access the main site due to the lack of Flash Player plugins. However, some apps with flash browsing enable users to view the main site properly.

Social Network[edit]

WeeWorld allows users to communicate with friends through their Homepages, World, Party Rooms, and may other ways. There are organized chat rooms called 'Worlds' where you can chat live with different Weemee's from around the world. In early 2011 WeeWorld introduced a new chat idea called 'Party Rooms.' Party Rooms were designated as personal chat World's where you can chat live with friends you choose to invite to your party room. In addition to communicating in Party Rooms & Worlds, users are able to leave comments on other user's pages. However, there is currently no private messaging system in place and all messages sent and received are able to be view by others unless deleted. There are also Worlds for younger users below thirteen where no one older than thirteen can go, and a New User Town for Weemee's under 2 weeks old.

Fame Game[edit]

The Fame Game is a contest that WeeMees can enter for free. Other WeeMees vote for a WeeMee by using the "thumbs up", "thumbs down", and "ok" signs. There are two rounds in the Fame Game. The 10 WeeMees that receive the highest score in the first round get to go to the Fame Game finals. In the finals, users can vote on one WeeMee that they wish to win every 10 minutes. The WeeMee with the highest number of votes in the finals get 5000 gold points and exclusive gears.

V.I.P.'s (Subscriptions)[edit]

WeeWorld recently introduced V.I.P's. V.I.P.'s are paid for memberships that unlock special things throughout the website. The V.I.P.'s are the only subscribers, and any subscribers will automatically become a V.I.P. V.I.P's can access exclusive chat areas, 5,000 monthly gold points, backgrounds, an extra room, and outfits non-VIP's don't have access to. There's a section in the shop you go to where all VIP items are located; click "Store" then click "VIP".

Promotions and Partnership[edit]

WeeWorld has partnered with corporations such as AOL, MSN and Skype.[4] Through a partnership with RCA, it has promoted artists such as Alicia Keys and Avril Lavigne through virtual merchandise sales and WeeMees of the respective artists.[5] WeeWorld has also promoted artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Justin Timberlake, Raven-Symoné,[6] the Pussycat Dolls,[7] Justin Bieber, and Taylor Swift. –Also Trey Songz and Jason Derulo, Cody Simpson, Crush Soda,and Sarah and Kaitlyn.

Site Help and Contact[edit]

Though the website is intuitive and easy to learn about, many people are unaware of how to fully learn to use the site and all of its fun capabilities. Weeworld has a contact team that handles site issues, feedback, and complaints from its users. Users can go through the Help Center while logged in and can submit their Feedback, Contact Request, and Bug Reports to Weeworld. They will receive an email back from Weeworld within a few work days. You can also contact the website directly at crm@weeworld.com. You can also get information quick and fast from the users of the website. You can ask the Weemee AskAmbassador your questions, or ask any other ambassador/helpful Weemee.



In 2007, WeeWorld and Nintendo were involved in a lawsuit after Nintendo Wii's use of WiiMiis. However, the case was later dropped.[citation needed]


Forums were a part of Weeworld for many years, however many users began to abuse these forums and a very high amount of drama was being caused by them. In May 2013, Weeworld removed forums from the website. There is currently no further information about Weeworld bringing back these forums. However users have created their own forums website, called Weeworld Forums. These new forums are a separate website where people can still talk about Weeworld in a forum-style chat.


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