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Wayne Crouse (17 December 1924 - 19 May 2000) was the viola professor emeritus at the University of Oklahoma and principal violist of the Oklahoma City Philharmonic from 1982 until his death from cancer at the age of 75. Wayne Crouse graduated from the Juilliard School in 1951 where he studied with Milton Katims, Ivan Galamian, and Dorothy DeLay. He served as the principal violist of the Houston Symphony for 28 of his 32 years there, during which he performed the Walton viola concerto under the direction of Sir William Walton 3 times in January 1969. Crouse was also violist in the Lyric Art Quartet at the University of Houston, the Virtuoso Quartet, and the Shepherd Quartet at Rice University, where he taught for some time.

Former colleagues have described him as passionate, bold, and a bit eccentric. With his sunny personality, quick wit and superb playing, he was a popular and highly regarded musician. Crouse is survived by his partner of 32 years, Edward Petsch, as well as his brother, Robert Crouse. Crouse requested that no funeral be held, so after his death a musical celebration took place in his honor.

Throughout the years, Wayne Crouse has made recordings on many labels including CRI and Sony.

The Crouse String Quartet was established in 2000 to honor Wayne Crouse's achievements at the University of Oklahoma. This quartet is funded by the office of OU president David L. Boren, and before Wayne Crouse's death was called the Presidential quartet. This quartet is made up of four graduate students who are pursuing music degrees and serving as teaching assistants.

The new Wayne Crouse Quartet, a student performance group that was formed in his honor, will be in residence at the University of Houston beginning in Fall 2006.