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Inuksuit in northern Canada were markers used for wayfinding and to locate caches of food or other stores.

Waymarking is the posting of waymarks, which are signs placed along a route to help travelers follow the route. They may be intended for travelers on foot, on a bicycle, on a horse, in a vehicle or in any mode of transportation. The inuksuk was an early type of waymark. Milestones, common in Europe, are also a form of waymark.

Modern usage[edit]

Modern waymarks typically consist of a specific symbol for the route being marked, which is distinct from that used other nearby routes and which is repeated at frequent intervals along the route. These waymarks sometimes mark the route in one direction, or more often allow the route to be followed in either direction. One example is the standardized sign posted along the 49-Mile Scenic Drive in San Francisco, California, which can be joined at any point along the route.

A National Cycle Network (NCN) milepost in Scotland

The route in question may be a specific named route, such as the Pennine Way, or may more generally be any public right of way. National Trails in the United Kingdom generally use an acorn symbol. The National Cycle Network in the UK uses sculptural markers made of cast iron.

The mark may also indicate the status of the route, for example in England yellow marks indicate footpaths, blue for bridleways and red for byways open to all traffic.

Retailers sometimes also use waymarks to draw motorists to the location of their store or car park. Temporary waymarks are used for special events such as charity walks. Similar marks are also used by local fairs, fêtes or even firework nights. The signs are typically posters strapped to railings or lamp posts; or a standard symbol is used.[citation needed]

49-Mile Scenic Drive sign in northern California

Local governments have also adopted waymarking as a method of increasing awareness of local points of interest.[1]

Driving routes such as Route 66 or Pacific Coast Highway are often waymarked.

Waymarking signage[edit]

Representative samples of waymarks:

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