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Since its establishment in 1948, the State of Israel has fought seven recognized wars, two Palestinian Intifadas, and a series of armed conflicts in the broader Arab-Israeli conflict.


Wars and other conflicts

Israel has been involved in a number of wars and large-scale military operations, including:

Considered wars by the Israeli Ministry of Defense (as they were named by Israel):[1]

ConflictCombatant 1Combatant 2ResultsIsraeli commandersLosses on the Israeli side
Israeli Prime MinisterDefense Minister of IsraelChief of Staff of the IDFIDF forcesCivilians
War of Independence
 IsraelEgypt Egypt
Jordan Transjordan
Syria Syria
Flag of Hejaz 1917.svg HWA
Arab League ALA
VictoryDavid Ben-GurionDavid Ben-GurionYaakov Dori4,000 killed2,373 killed
Sinai War
United Kingdom UK
France France
  • Israeli occupation of Sinai until 1957, followed by a UNEF-controlled demilitarized zone.
Moshe Dayan177 killed
899 injured
4 captured
Six Day War
 Israel Egypt
Iraq Iraq
VictoryLevi EshkolMoshe DayanYitzhak Rabin779 killed
2,593 injured
15 captured
War of Attrition
 Israel Egypt
Soviet Union USSR
Both sides claimed victory
  • Continued Israeli occupation of Sinai.
Golda MeirHaim Bar-Lev594 killed
705 injured
127 killed
Yom Kippur War
 Israel Egypt
Iraq Iraq
Victory[2]David Elazar2,656 killed
7,251 injured
294 captured
First Lebanon War
Lebanon LF
Flag of the Government of Free Lebanon.png SLA
Palestinian territories PLO
Lebanon LNRF
Syria Syria
VictoryMenachem BeginAriel SharonRafael Eitan657 killed
2,383 injured
50 killed
Second Lebanon War
 IsraelHezbollah Flag.jpg HezbollahBoth sides claimed victory
  • Hezbollah retreat from Southern Lebanon.
Ehud OlmertAmir PeretzDan Halutz121 killed
628 injured
44 killed
1,489 injured

Other armed conflicts involving the IDF

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