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The main cast of Two and a Half Men (season 2), from left to right: Melanie Lynskey as Rose, Conchata Ferrell as Berta, Charlie Sheen as Charlie Harper, Holland Taylor as Evelyn Harper, Angus T. Jones as Jake Harper, Jon Cryer as Alan Harper, and Marin Hinkle as Judith Harper-Melnick

This is a list of characters from Two and a Half Men, an American sitcom based around a hedonistic jingle writer, Charlie; his uptight brother, Alan; and Alan's growing son, Jake. Charlie's free-wheeling life is complicated and altered when his brother gets divorced and moves, along with his son, into Charlie's beach-front house. The series' premise was revamped in the ninth season, centering on Alan's life with his new roommate, billionaire Walden Schmidt, following Charlie's sudden death.


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  1. ^ Prior to appearing as the main character Chelsea from season 6 onwards, Jennifer Bini Taylor had appeared briefly in four previous episodes as three different minor characters: as Suzanne in the series' pilot (season 1), as Tina in "Last Chance to See Those Tattoos"(season 2), and as Nina in "Our Leather Gear Is in the Guest Room" (season 5).


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