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WAYN (an acronym for Where Are You Now?) is a social travel network. Its goal is to help people discover where to go and what to do, meet like-minded people and share aspirations and experiences. WAYN is in the top 1500[1] in Alexa Internet traffic ranking and was founded in 2005 after two of its founders came up with the idea to connect people based on their location while having a few beers in their local pub. It grew from 45,000 to 4.1 million members in one year (to April 2006) and now has nearly 19 million members.[2] Like some other social networking sites, WAYN enables its users to create a profile and upload photos. Users can search for other users and link them to their profiles as friends. Registered users send and receive messages using email, discussion forums, eCards, SMS, and WAYN instant messages.


WAYN was founded in 2002 in London by Jérome Touze (Co-CEO), Peter Ward (Co-CEO) and Mike Lines (CTO). WAYN initially grew through word-of-mouth and reached almost 50,000 members by the end of 2004. Following its relaunch in May 2005 it grew exponentially, reaching over 2.5 million members by the end of 2005. On 26 March 2012 the site claimed "over 19.1m members".[2]


Acting as other email address harvesting sites do, the site has been criticized for sending invitation emails to the contact lists of newly registered members. There have been quite a few members who have vented their anger through online discussion boards.[3]The many recipients of the emails have been irate too. As an example of the Web site's tactics a click on the site's "unsubscribe" button brings up not a confirmation of un-subscription but instead a form to pay for membership; when closing said membership window another remains that suggests a free VIP membership harvesting 30 email contacts ought to be tried. It's not until both of these un-unsubscribe windows are closed that one sees the unsubscribe option which is worded to make it look like the action has been taken but close examination shows that one must click yet again to actually unsubscribe; whether this works remains to be seen, as many similar sites will continue to spam an email address no matter how often one demands they stop.


WAYN claims to house user data for 21.5M users in 193 different countries.[4] In the UK, WAYN has over 2 million members. 50% of traffic is from the top 10 geographies which include India, USA, UK, Spain, Italy and Canada. WAYN cites over 22 million monthly visits and has 8 million unique visitors.

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