Viscount Hambleden

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W.H. Smith, husband of the 1st Viscountess.

Viscount Hambleden, of Hambleden in the County of Buckingham, is a title in the Peerage of the United Kingdom. It was created in 1891 (as Viscountess Hambleden) for Emily Danvers Smith, in honour of her deceased husband, the businessman and Conservative politician William Henry Smith. Both their son, the second Viscount, and grandson, the third Viscount, were involved in the management of the family business, W H Smith. As of 2012 the title is held by the latter's grandson, the fifth Viscount, who succeeded in 2012. Much of the family estates were sold in 2007,[1] but the first wife of the late 4th Viscount, Maria Carmela Attolico di Adelfia, still lives in the Manor House, as of 2012.[2]


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