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VPS Convenience is an American convenience store chain, currently headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina.


Village Pantry was founded as a convenience store chain division of Marsh Supermarkets, founded in Yorktown, Indiana.

Village Pantry sold Marathon branded fuels, and had 190 convenience stores in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan as of June 2009.[1]

In 2006, Sun Capital Partners purchased Marsh and its divisions, including Village Pantry.[2]

In May 2007, Sun announced that they were splitting Village Pantry from Marsh, making it its own company reporting directly to Sun Capital.[3]

In October 2007, Village Pantry purchased 33 Next Door Store locations in Michigan and Indiana.

In Spring 2009, Village Pantry and three other Sun-owned convenience store chains—Young's, Li'l Cricket, and Scotchman—began reorganizing to consolidate accounting and administration with Young's and Scotchman parent company Worsley Operating Corporation.[4][5][6] As of June 2009, the combined operation runs a total of 400 convenience stores as VPS Convenience Store Group.[1][4]

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