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This is a list of fictional characters appearing in the stories set in the Honor Harrington universe or Honorverse, a best selling series of over twenty military science fiction novels and anthologies invented and written by David Weber.

The stories in the five existing anthologies serve to introduce characters, provide deeper more complete backstory and flesh out the universe, so claim the same canonical relevance as exposition in the main series. Universe creator David Weber serves as editor for the anthologies, maintaining fidelity to the series canons.

Explanation of abbreviations[edit]

Andermani EmpireGraysonSolarian League
IANSImperial Andermani Naval ShipGSNGrayson Space NavyOFSOffice of Frontier Security
INSSImperial Naval Space StationGNSGrayson Naval ShipSMCSolarian Marine Corps
IANImperial Andermani NavyHSGHarrington Steadholders GuardSLNSolarian League Navy
SNSSolarian Naval Ship
HavenStar Kingdom of Manticore
CPSCommittee of Public SafetyACSAstro Control Service
CRUCitizen's Rights UnionATCAdvanced Tactical Course
CRPCitizens Rights PartyCCFACrown Council Financial Advisory
FIAFederal Investigation AgencyHMAMSHer Majesty's Armed Merchant Ship
FISForeign Intelligence ServiceHMSHer Majesty's Ship
InSecInternal SecurityHMSSHer Majesty's Space Station
PNPeople's NavyONIOffice of Naval Intelligence
PNSPeople's Naval ShipRMARoyal Manticoran Army
PMPeople's MarinesRMAIARoyal Manticoran Astrophysics Investigation Agency
RNRepublican NavyRMMCRoyal Manticoran Marine Corps
RHNSRepublic of Haven Naval ShipRMMSRoyal Manticoran Merchant Ship
SSState SecurityRMNRoyal Manticoran Navy
PMVParliamentary Medal of Valor

Other abbreviations:


Abbot to Adams[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Aberu, IngeborgSLNCaptain, operations officer, Frontier Fleet Task Group 3021.SI2
Abbot, DiegoPRHCitizen Vice Admiral, Commander of Task Force 20 for the attack on the Candor SystemHH5
Abercrombie, BonifaceRHCaptain, COLAC of Gaston System Command during Eighth Fleets raidHH11
Abernathy, HaskelRMNCommander, Logistics officer in Admiral Yancey Parks' staff, LordHH3
Abramowitz, CarlaRMNRating aboard HMS MinotaurHH8
Abruzzi, MalachaiSolarianPermanent Senior Undersecretary of Education and Information, Solarian League (back on Old Earth). One of a quintet of permanent bureaucrats who actually control the Solarian government's actions.
(See also Innokentiy Arsenovich Kolokoltsov, Omosupe Quartermain, Nathan MacArtney, and Agatá Wodoslawski)
SI2, Ch. 47
AchillesSKMTreecat. Son to Nimitz and Samantha.HH7
Ackenheil, JasonRMNCommanding officer, captain, HMS LaFroye, involved in Operation Wilberforce (putting down slave trade)HH10
Ackroyd, JustinGSNCommodore, GSN. Current head of the GSN Office of PersonnelHH7
Adam-Prisoner held on Hades, killed by an SS pilot who tried to take his sister awayHH8
AdamsGRMinister of Agriculture before the Mayhew RestorationHH7
Adams, LudmillaSKMKlaus Hauptman's personal chauffeur, security chief and bodyguardHH6

Adcock to Albertson[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Adcock, JonasRMNVice Admiral of the Green, RMN. Fourth Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy and head of the Bureau of WeaponsHH7
Addison, CalvinPRHPeople's Commissioner to Citizen Captain Joanne Hall aboard PNS SchaumbergHH8
Adenauer, DominicaRMNCommander; operations officer, Battlecruiser Squadron 106; later operations officer, 10th Fleet. Not previously known to Henke before serving under her command.SI2, Ch. 8+11
AdibRMNCaptain, CO of HMS HydraHH9
Adolfsson, GeorgeTCPlanetary President of PontifexHHA4
AgardPNCitizen Lieutenant, Crewmember of a Havenite pinnaceHH8
Agnelli, FedericoSSCitizen Admiral, SS. Citizen Admiral in State Security's Navy. Reverted to warlordism after the fall of the People's RepublicHH10
Agnelli, JoannaRMNChief Steward to Aivars Terekhov.SI1; SI2, Ch. 5
Ainspan, VictorRMNCommander, A prisoner in Hades, former commanding officer of the light cruiser HMS AdonaiHH8
al-Fanudahi, Daud ibn MamounSLNCaptain, a Battle Fleet analyst assigned to the Office of Operational Analysis.SI2
al-Salil, LouisRMNCaptain, Commanding Officer, LAC Group 1007HH10
AlbertsonGSNCommanding officer, GNS Benjamin the Great. Admiral White Haven's (Hamish Alexander) flag captainHH8
Alcoforado, FilipaRMNCaptain, CO, HMS Theseus. Shulamit Onasis' flag captain.SI2

Akimoto to Allman[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Joyce AkimotoRMNLieutenant Commander, Staff astrogator for Admiral Wilson KirkegardHH10
Lady Emily AlexanderSKMCountess White Haven. Hamish Alexander's wife. Former HD actress, nearly killed in an aircar accident which left her largely disabled and dependent on a life support chair. Recognized as an HD writer and director, poet, and political activist in the years after her return to public life.HH10-HH11
Lord Hamish AlexanderRMNThirteenth Earl of White Haven, Fleet Admiral, RMN (retired). Currently First Lord of the Manticoran Admiralty (civilian head of naval service), former CO of Eighth Fleet, Sixth Fleet and several other commands in the RMN. Also holds the rank of Fleet Admiral in the Grayson Navy (in War of Honor he was wearing RMN Fleet Admiral's insignia, but this was never otherwise referred to). Husband to Emily Alexander and brother of Lord William Alexander[1]HH1-HH11
Alexander, WaynePRHPolitical prisoner in the PRH for seventy years. The longest-serving prisoner in Hades, being sent there for criticizing the People's Republic's Technical Conservation Act. Currently a business associate to Honor Harrington.HH9
Prime Minister William AlexanderSKMLord William McNeish, 1st Baron Grantville. Prime Minister of Manticore, head of the Centrist Party and former leader of the Opposition. Served as Chancellor of the Exchequer during the Cromarty Administration. Younger brother to Hamish Alexander. Created Baron Grantville on becoming PM.
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. X: ...Xxxxx...
( '​McNeish '​ is spelled  '​MacLeish '​ in On Basilisk Station, Ch. 22.)
HH1, HH8, HH10
Allen-Andre Warnecke's personal bodyguardHH6
AllenGSNHelmsman of GNS IntrepidHH9
AllenbyGSNCommander, Executive officer aboard GNS TerribleHH5
Allfrey, PhilipGSNBrigadier, the senior officer of the Solarian Gendarmerie for the Maya SectorWS02, Ch. 2
AllgoodRMNAssistant engineer aboard the heavy cruiser HMS Fearless (CA-286)HH2
Allman-Deacon of the Church of Humanity UnchainedHH5
Alonso y Yáñez, EngraciaSLNFleet Admiral, CO, Frontier Fleet, Solarian League Navy.SI2

Alquezar to Anderman, Prince Huang[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Joachim AlquezarTCSenior delegate to the Talbott Constitutional Convention from San Miguel, major stockholder Rembrandt Trade Union, leader of the Constitutional Union Party in the Convention.
Later on, the Prime Minister of the Talbott Quadrant, leader of the Constitutional Union Party.
SI1, SI2
AlquezarTCPrime Minister Alquezar
("red-haired, improbably tall and slender Alquezar said, shaking Michelle's hand with a smile. Despite the low-gravity homeworld which had produced his physique, his grip was firm and strong.... least a full two meters tall")
SI2, Ch. 15
AllworthPNTactical officer aboard PNS KatanaHH7
Jason AlvarezRMNCommander, Commanding officer of the destroyer HMS Madrigal. Mercedes Brigham was his first officer. He was captured and tortured to death by Masadans. The Grayson Space Navy later named a class of heavy cruisers after himHH2
Baoyuan AndermanIANRank unclear - possibly Admiral. Victor at the Battle of the Farnham SystemHH9
Chien-lu AndermanIANHerzog von Rabenstrange, Grossadmiral. Commanding officer of the Andermani forces in Silesia. Cousin of Emperor Gustav XI, fifth in line for succession to the Andermani throne.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 10: "Like most citizens of New Berlin, he was of predominantly Chinese ancestry, and the skin around his eyes crinkled into a smile... He wore the white uniform of an IAN fleet admiral, but a small, rayed sun of worked gold glittered on the right side of his round, stand-up collar... ...that sun was worn only by individuals in the direct line of succession to the imperial crown"...
HH6, HH10
Emperor Gustav Anderman IAEEmperor Gustav I. Ancient mercenary and founder of the Andermani Empire, author of the military treatise Sternenkrieg. Believed himself to be the reincarnation of Frederick the GreatMentioned in HH6
Emperor Gustav Anderman VIAEEmperor Gustav VI. Emperor of the Andermani Empire. Quietly deposed for insanity (tried to appoint his rose bush as Chancellor)Mentioned in HH6
Emperor Gustav Anderman VIIAEEmperor Gustav VII. Actually one of Gustav VI's sisters; succeeded in the fight for the Andermani throne after having herself legally declared as a man. Considered the best emperor the Andermani Empire ever hadMentioned in HH6
Emperor Gustav Anderman XIAEEmperor Gustav XI. Current Emperor of the Andermani EmpireMentioned in HH6
Prince Huang AndermanAEPrince. Younger brother to Emperor Gustav XI. Victim of assassination attempt by Col. Hofschulte. One of his children diedMentioned in HH10

Anders, William 'Five' to Archer[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
William 'Five' AndersRHCaptain, RH. Member of Vice Admiral Shannon Foraker's staff at BoltholeHH10
AndersGRDeacon of the Church of Humanity Unchained and deacon of Mayhew CathedralMentioned in HH5, HH9
AndersonPNCitizen Lieutenant. Crewman of a Havenite courier boatMentioned in HH8
Jason AndrewsGSNLieutenant, GSN. High Admiral Bernard Yanakov's flag lieutenantMentioned in HH2
AndromedaSKMTreecat, child to Nimitz and Samantha.Mentioned in HH7
Franz AnhierMEEngineer, Jessyk Combine freighter MarianneSI1
Anisimovna, AldonaMEMember of the Manpower Incorporated Board of Directors; a senior operative of the Mesan Alignment.SI1, HH11, SI2.
Appleton, MartinRMNLieutenant, XO, HMS Roland.SI2.
Clarissa ArbuckleRMNFormer Steward to Adm. Henke. KIA at Battle of Solon.
(See also {Master Steward} Chris Billingsley.)
SI2, Ch. 8
Arai, Hugh-Biological Survey Corps, ____________ See also Marti Garner, Haruka TakanoWS02
Gervais 'Gwen' ArcherRMNLieutenant Gervais Winton Erwin Neville Archer, or GWEN. Adm. Henke's new Flag Lieutenant. He was on board the Necromancer in the Battle of Solon. {father is Sir Roger Mackley Archer.}
HH commented- "His efficiency reports are top-notch, and I know Captain Cruickshank thought the world of him. He ‘tastes’ a lot like another Tim Mears"... Desc.- "flaming red hair, green eyes, and snub nose... at best an exceedingly remote cousin (of Adm. Henke). "...tallish young man, a good quarter-meter taller than {Helga Boltitz's} own hundred and sixty-two centimeters, although he was nowhere near the height of someone like Alquezar or someone else from San Miguel. He was built more for speed than brute strength"...
SI2, Ch. 7 & Ch. 15
Archer, Sir Roger Mackley_"Gwen" Archer's father.SI2
ArcherRMNChief Petty Officer, RMN. Yeoman to Honor Harrington aboard HMS WayfarerHH6

Ariel to Ash[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
ArielSKMQueen Elizabeth III of Manticore's treecat.HH6
Adelina ArifSKMDoctor. Manticoran linguist who developed a method of communication with the MedusansHH9
Armstrong, VeronicaRMNCaptain of the List; Flag Captain (CO) of HMS Achilles, Adm. Henke's flagship.
"...on the tall side, somewhere between Michelle and Honor for height, with a strong face, dark green eyes, and chestnut hair, She was young for her rank,...just over twenty-five T-years younger than Michelle, in fact– and no one would ever consider her beautiful, or even exceptionally pretty. But there was character in that face, and intelligence, and the green eyes looked lively".
SI2, Ch. 11
Armstrong, Victoria ("Vicki")RMNCaptain, commanding officer HMS Artemis ; vice Admiral Gold Peak's flight captain.
{See also Armstrong, Veronica (different spelling)}
SI2, (Character List Appendix.)
Jason Arner-"Commodore", "Chalice Cluster Navy". Pirate and senior officer in Andre Warnecke's "navy"HH6
ArtemisSKMTreecat, member of Nimitz's immigrant clan.HH7
Gianna AscherSKMMaster Chief Petty Officer, RMN. Senior noncom in HMS Prince Adrian '​s CICHH7, HH8
AscencioSKMSan Martin's ambassador to ManticoreHH9
Ash-Lieutenant, Masadan Navy. Tactical officer aboard MNS Thunder of GodHH2

Ashford to Avshari[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Stewart AshfordRMNCaptain (J.G.), RMN. COLAC aboard HMS IncubusHH9
Askew, Maitland ("Matt")SLNLieutenant, assistant tactical officer, SLNS Jean Bart.SI2
Kenneth AstonPRHPeople's Commissioner to Captain Stephen Holtz, CO PNS AchmedHH6
George AstridesRMNRear Admiral, RMN. CO of the Ninth Battle SquadronHH10
AthenaSKMTreecat, member of Nimitz's immigrant clan.HH7
Attunga, Marguerite_a reporter for Manticoran News Service, Inc.SI2
AtwaterRMNManticoran admiral assigned to Task Force 34HH10
Janina AuderskaRMNCaptain. Admiral Wilson Kirkegard's chief of staffHH10
AvshariRMNLieutenant Commander, RMN. Officer assigned to the dreadnought HMS BellerophonHH3


Babcock to Bannister[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Iris BabcockRMMCSergeant Major, wife of Horace Harkness. Served as Sergeant Major of the Marine contingents aboard the heavy cruisers HMS Fearless (probably CA-286, not CD-56) and HMS Prince Adrian. She is an expert in Coup de vitesse and often works out with Honor Harrington. She is 88 Earth years old as of The Honor of the Queen, but her physical age is about 40 due to the prolong process.
Descr. in On Basilisk Station, Ch. 7: "...from Gryphon, Manticore-B V. ...Babcock was a good twenty centimeters shorter (than Honor Harrington), with a much shorter reach, to boot. She was also just over twice Honor’s age, and ...she was first-generation prolong. The original treatment had stopped the aging process at a much later point than current techniques, and there were strands of gray in her red hair and crows-feet around her eyes"....
HH2, HH4, HH6
Thomas BachfischRMNAdmiral, CO of armed merchant ship Pirate's Bane, owner of Pirate's Bane and Ambuscade. Conducts anti-piracy operations in the Silesian Confederacy, as well as working for RMN ONI, and running a small freight line. Honor Harrington's Captain for her midshipwoman cruise. Promoted Harrington to Ensign ahead of her classmates.HH0, HH10, HHA3
Frederick BagwellGSNCaptain, CO of GNS Honor Harrington. As Commander served as operations officer on the staff of Honor's first battle squadron commandHH5, HH10
BailesRMNFlight ops rating aboard HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Anthony Baird-See James ShackletonHH9
Arthur BakerRMNCommander, COLAC aboard HMS CockatriceHH10
Paulette BakerRHNVice Admiral Shannon Foraker's flag lieutenantHH10
Barbara BancroftGR"The Mother of Grayson", wife of Steadholder Bancroft. Left her husband to warn the Moderates about the Faithful's doomsday weapon, triggering a series of events that led to the end of the Grayson Civil War and the exile of the Bancroft faction to Masada. Known in Masada as the "Harlot of Satan"Mentioned in HH2, HHA4
Jeremiah BancroftGRSteadholder Bancroft, Grayson historical figure; led the Faithful coup to take over the government, killing in the process 53 Steadholders and their heirsMentioned in HH5
Trevor BannisterTCChief Marshal, CO, Montana Marshals -ServiceSI1

Banshee to Bellefeuille[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
BansheeSKMTreecat. Bonded with RMN Commander Roslee Orndorff.HH10
Isabella BantonRMNCommodore, senior divisional commander in Battlecruiser Squadron 5. Her flagship is HMS AchillesHH3
Bardasano, IsabelMECadet member of the Jessyk Combine Board of Directors (which is fully owned by Manpower Incorporated); senior intelligence specialist, Mesan Alignment.SI1, HH11, SI2
Henrietta BarloiPRHSecretary of Technology of the Republic of HavenHH10
Barregos, OravilMaya
Sector Governor, Maya Sector, Solarian. He governs (theoretically) in the name of the Office of Frontier Security.
Appearance (WS02, CH. 1): "...Barregos' dark eyes hardened, and his deceptively round and gentle face suddenly looked remarkably ungentle"...
WS01, WS02
Linda BarstowRMNSenior Chief Petty Officer, Chief of the boat bay aboard HMS Prince Adrian. Imprisoned on Hades with the rest of Prince Adrian '​s crewHH7, HH8
Brigita BasaricekTCColonel, CO, Kornatian National Police ForceSI1
BatsonGRMaster chef for Protector Benjamin IXHH9
Eldridge BealeRMNEnsign, RMN officer assigned to the Grendelsbane systemHH10
Theresa BeasleyRMNRear Admiral Mark Sarnow's staff communications officerHH3
Gifford BedeSKMManaging communication in one of the towns on Sphinx when Scott MacDallan met FisherHHA2
Jennifer BellefeuillePNAdmiral, CO of Chantilly System during Cutworm 2, managed to surprise the lead elements of Michelle Henke’s attack on Vespasian, Chantilly’s Planet. Further mentionings in passing to denote devious tactics employed in system defence

"Do you think they are trying to pull a Bellfeuille on us?"

HH11, SI2, Ch. 1

Ben-Fazal to Blaine[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Mudhafer Ben-FazalCNLieutenant Commander, CO of the Zanzibaran warship Al NassirHH3
Frederick BenningtonSKMChief of Procurement for Grayson Sky Domes, LtdHH5
Henri Benson-DessouixGRBrigadier, formerly a Gaston Marine Lieutenant aboard GNS ship Dague. Captured by Havenite forces during the takeover and imprisoned on Hades. Companion/friend of, then married to Harriet Benson. He functioned as Camp Inferno's chief tailor. Relocated to Grayson after escape from Hades; joined the Grayson MarinesHH8-HH10
Harriet Benson-DessouixGSNRear Admiral, formerly a Captain in the Pegasus System Navy. Captured by Havenite forces during the takeover of Pegasus, and imprisoned on Hades. Entered the Grayson Space Navy after escaping Hades and became CO of the First CLAC Squadron, Protector's OwnHH8, HH9, HH10
Ronald BergrenPRHFormer Secretary of State of the PRH under the old Legislaturalist government. Was the sole survivor of the Legislaturalist Cabinet because he was in transit to Earth to become RH Ambassador at the time of the Harris AssassinationHH1, HH3
BergrenSSSergeant, cell guard aboard PNS TepesHH7
Ellen BhadressaPNChief of Staff for Citizen Vice Admiral GroenwaldHH9
Chris BillingsleyRMNMaster Steward ; Replaced Adm. Henke's previous Steward (See also Clarissa Arbuckle) physically opposite of Clarissa, about James MacGuiness' age, a first-generation prolong recipient, solidly, if compactly, built with a rather luxuriant beard he'd grown since his capture. He's what the Service had always described as A Character. Knows where the nearest game of chance and distillery are. has "a checkered past", always popular with the officers he served under and the enlisted personnel he served with.SI2, Ch. 4
Duan BinyanMECO, Jessyk Combine freighter MarianneSI1
Alvin BjornstadMOVice-President, Republic of MonicaSI1
Blacket, LukeHSGSenior armsman assigned to James HarringtonHH9
Blaine, JessupRMNVice Admiral; CO, Task Force 302, Lynx Terminus Station (and fortress Vigilant at the Lynx junction). "...tallish, bland-faced man with thinning hair and a thick beard. The beard was neatly trimmed, but the contrast between it and his far sparser hair made him look vaguely lopsided and scruffy"SI2, Ch. 13

Blanchard to Bouvier[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Pablo BlanchardRHNCommander, executive officer aboard RHNS MajesticHH10
Ariella BlandingRMNSupply officer aboard the light cruiser HMS Fearless (CL-56 (probably not also CA-286))
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 4: ...a small woman, with a sweet, oval face and blond hair, but her eyes moved back and forth endlessly, like a mouse trying to watch too many cats.
Gavin Bledsoe-Captain, Masadan Navy, turned ore transporter as a cover. Participant in the assassination attempt against Protector Mayhew and Queen Elizabeth III of ManticoreHH9
BlohmIANKommodore, senior IAN officer in the Sachsen systemHH6
Leonard BoardmanPRHSecond Deputy Director of Public Information of the PRH. Became Secretary of Public Information after the death of Cordelia Ransom. Directed the creation of the bogus footage of Honor's hanging which was distributed galaxy-wideHH7, HH8, HH9.
Yuri BogdanovichPRHNCitizen Captain. Citizen Rear Admiral Lester Tourville's chief of staffHH7
BolgeoRMNPO 1/c. Engineer of LAC-1961 and originator of LAC-1961's nickname, Cutthroat.HH9
Boltitz, HelgaTCMinister Henri Krietzmann's senior personal aide; from Dresden.
(" of the most attractive women he’d ever seen... eyes, and her voice, with its harsh, sharp-edged accent"...)
SI2, Ch. 15
Alenka BorderwijkPRHNCaptain. Admiral Thomas Theisman's senior military aideHH10
Bouchard, JerodRMNCommander; Achilles' astrogator also (earlier/later?): Lieutenant Commander, astrogator, HMS Artemis.
Lieut. Cmndr. info comes from SI2's Character List Addendum.
SI2, Ch. 13
Bourget, Hildegard ("Hildy")SLNCommander, XO, SLNS Jean Bart.SI2
Bourdeaux, HenriGSNTactical officer aboard GNS Jason AlvarezHH3
BouretPRHNCitizen Lieutenant. Courier boat crewmanHH8
Boutin, AlainPRHNSystem President, New Tuscany.SI2
Bouvier, AdelbertRHNCaptain, Republic of Haven Navy POW camp liaison responsible for Camp C7.
"Republican Navy's designated 'liaison officer' to its prisoner-of-war camps here on the Republic's capital world".
SI2, Ch. 4

Boyce to Brentworth[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
BoyceSSCitizen Staff Sergeant, SS. Ground troope aboard PNS Tepes. Runs much of the ship's illicit activities such as gamblingHH7
Braga, AntonioRMNLieutenant Commander, staff astrogator, Battlecruiser Squadron 81 (& Admiral Henke).SI2, Ch. 1
BrancusiRMNTech Rating aboard HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Brangeard, ToussaintRHNLieutenant; CO of dispatch boat RHNS CometSI2, Ch. 7
Brannigan, HowardGSNCommunications officer aboard GNS TerribleHH5
Branscombe, RayPMCitizen Captain, Marine officer assigned to PNS VaubonHH6
Brantley, HarperRMNStaff communications officer for Admiral Honor HarringtonHH10
BraunRMNDuty quartermaster on the HMS Fearless (CL-56, not CA-286)HH1
Brentworth, MarkGSNCO Protector's Own Second Battle Squadron. Formerly CO of GNS Jason Alvarez and later of First Battlecruiser SquadronHH2, HH3, HH5, HH10.
Brescatore, GeorgeRMNCO, HMS SabertoothSI2.
Breshnikov, AdolfSLNCaptain, CO, SLNS Restitution. Evelyn Sigbee's flag captain.SI2.

Brigham to Burke[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Mercedes BrighamRMN, GSNCommodore, RMN; Rear Admiral, GSN. Admiral Harrington's chief of staff. Previously served as ship's Sailing Master aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56 (probably not also CA-286)), executive officer aboard HMS Madrigal and staff officer for the Grayson Navy. Spent a short, but brutal period as a Masadan prisoner of war
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 4: ...Lieutenant Mercedes Brigham sat facing Blanding, as if she'd been placed deliberately to accentuate the contrast between them. Blanding was young and fair; Brigham was almost old enough to be Honor's mother, with dark, weathered-looking skin... ...yet her comfortable, lived-in face normally wore an air of quiet competence, though she had to know she would never advance beyond her present rank after so long in grade. And if she was as withdrawn as the others, at least she didn't seem physically afraid of her captain.
HH1, HH2, HH5, HH9, HH10
Brinkman, ClorindaRMNChief Steward, Naomi Kaplan's personal steward.SI2
Bristow, OliverSLNLieutenant, sensor officer, Meyers Astro Control.SI2
Brosnan, GailMaya
currently the Maya Sector's acting lieutenant governor
(following the death of Ingemar Cassetti.)
Brulé, Anne-Louise___an employee of the New Tuscany Ministry of Information.SI2
Brunner, SimonRMNLieutenant, astrogator, HMS Reprise.SI2
Bryan, JosephPNMajor on the Masadan Navy Ship Thunder of God (former PNS Saladin)HH2
Buckeridge, CrawfordGRSteadholder Mueller's personal stewardHH9
Buckley, JoeRMNLieutenant, HMLAC Cutthroat '​s tac officerHH9
Bukato, IvanPNCitizen Admiral. De facto Chief of Naval Operations of the People's Navy (the title was considered to be "elitist" and was not used by the PRHN). Aided Esther McQueen in her scheme to replace the Committee of Public SafetyHH8, HH9
Duke of BurgundySKMManticoran peer of the realm who opposed seating Pavel Young as a member of the House of Lords as a matter of principle. The effort failedHH4
Burke, JessicaSKMCountess of Green Vale. Manticoran Peer of the Realm, member of the Conservative Association and Government Whip in the House of LordsHH4
Butre, "Ganny"
Elfride Margarete
-'Clan' leader of Parmley Station. Widow of Michael Parmley.
"...It was an impressive glare, too, for all that it came from a woman not much more than a hundred and forty centimeters tall. What made the glare all the more impressive was that, somehow, Butre managed to convey the sense that she was a tough old biddy despite—going simply by her physical appearance—looking like a woman no older than her late thirties or very early (and well preserved) forties".
WS02, Ch. 12+
Byng, JosefSLNAdmiral, Frontier Fleet Task Group 3021.SI2


Cachat to Canning[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Victor CachatPRHA rookie State Security officer who became, under the guidance of Kevin Usher, a member of the resistance to the Pierre/Saint Just regime, and a major player in the 'Manpower Incident' on Terra. Very loyal to the Republic of Haven, and one of the most capable agents it has developed. As an unofficial agent of Haven's Federal Investigative Agency (headed by Usher), was deeply involved in the events which led to the successful liberation operation against Verdant Vista (i.e., Congo) and its birth as the Kingdom of Torch. Left the FIA to become Chief of Station for Haven's Secret Service in Erewhon and Torch after the liberation of Torch. Worked closely with RMN Captain (inactive) Anton Zilwiki thereafter. Close personal and official relationship with Thandi Palane, Commander-in-Chief of the Torch Armed Forces.
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 4): "...square-faced and seemingly conventional man"...
HHA3, HHA4, WS01, WS02
CaermonRMNCrewman aboard HMS MinotaurHH8
CainePNCitizen Commander. Chief of staff for Citizen Rear Admiral Paul YearmanHH8
CalgaryGSNCommander, staff officer for Admiral Leon GarretHH2
Sylvester CallahanRHNChief Petty Officer, steward for Vice Admiral Shannon ForakerHH10
Kevin CaminettiPNCitizen Lieutenant, Citizen Admiral Esther McQueen's communications officerHH9
Sean CaminettiPRHPrivate secretary for Oscar Saint-Just. Brother of Citizen Lieutenant Kevin CaminettiHH9
Hugh CandlemanSSCitizen Private, StateSec ground trooper aboard PNS Tepes; assigned to watch over RMN "defector" Horace HarknessHH7
James CandlessHSGHonor Harrington's second most senior armsman. Took a rear guard post during Honor's extration from special confinement and was killed protecting her aboard PNS Tepes before it was destroyedHH4-HH7
Wallace CanningPRHThe People's Republic of Haven's consular representative on Medusa. Demoted to Prole after the Basilisk Incident (i.e., disaster to Havinite plans). After RHN failure at Basilisk, returned in disgrace to Haven and became a core member of the Pierre/Saint-Just conspiracy against the Legislaturalist governmentHH1, HH3

Caparelli to Castellaño[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Sir Thomas CaparelliRMNAdmiral of the Green, First Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy, Knight Grand Cross of the Order of King Roger. Put on half pay by the High Ridge Administration; reinstated as First Space Lord, when the High Ridge Administration resigned
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 11: "...a barrel-chested man with a weight-lifter's torso grafted onto a sprinter's legs. Although he was going just a bit to fat these days, the athlete whose bruising, physical style... ...was still recognizable"...
Capra, VincentRMNCommodore, Vice Admiral Parks' chief of staff. Recommended a court martial for Pavel Young after the Battle of Hancock Station as a result of the Board of InquiryHH3, HH4
Cardones, Rafael "Rafe"RMNFormerly assistant tactical officer and later tactical officer aboard HMS heavy cruiser Fearless (CL-56) and its subsequent replacement Fearless (CA-286), seconded temporarily to ONI for sub rosa project in Silesia, tactical officer aboard HMS Nike, executive officer of HMAMS Wayfarer, all under Honor Harrington. Commander of LAC carrier Werewolf, commander of superdreadnought Imperator as Honor Harrington's flag captain with the rank of Captain (Senior Grade), personally saved from assassination by HH; close personal and official friend of HH.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 6: "...a tall, dark-haired commander walked through it. He was built on long and lean lines, with a hawk-like nose and a ready smile. The breast of his tunic bore the white-barred blue ribbon of the Order of Gallantry and the red and white ribbon of the Saganami Cross, and, like Honor herself, the blood-red stripe of the Monarch's Thanks marked his right sleeve. He looked decidedly on the young side, even for a prolong recipient, to have acquired two of the Star Kingdom's four top medals for valor"....
HH1, HH3, HH4, HH6, HH8, HH9, HH10, HHA4
Cardot, Alesta___Minister of Foreign Affairs, New Tuscany.SI2
Carlson, FrederickRMNCaptain, CO, HMS Quentin Saint-James. Sir Aivars Terekhov's flag captain.SI2
Carlucci, AlErewhonof The Carlucci Industrial Groupmentioned in WS02, Ch. 1
Carluchi, CynthiaRMMCMarine Commander at Basilisk Control StationHH8
Carmouche, Tanguy___Captain, a fictitious New Tuscan merchant captain portrayed by Oliver Ratté.SI2
Carson, AdrianSSCitizen General, StateSec officer that turned to warlordism after the fall of the People's RepublicHH10
CarstairsRMNTactical officer aboard HMS TroubadourHH2
Carter, JonathanRMNRating aboard HMS MinotaurHH8
Carus, JosephRMNCommander, CO, HMS Javelin; SO, Destroyer Division 265.2.SI2
Warner CasletPN, GSNCaptain, GSN; Citizen Commander, PN. Former Havenite naval officer who defected to Manticore aboard Tepes before it was destroyed. Entered service in the GSN's Protector's Own Squadron. Formerly CO of PNS Vaubon and Citizen Admiral Theisman's operations officer.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 30: "...Hazel eyes"...
CassandraSKMTreecat, kitten to Nimitz and Samantha.HH7
Ingemar CassettiMaya(n)
Maya Sector lieutenant-governor. deceased via brutal assassination
See also: Barregos, Rozsak, Palane and Brosnan.
WS01 & WS02, Ch. 1
CastellañoSKMLieutenant, Landing City Police Department. Manticoran police officer and Master of the Field during Honor Harrington's duels with Denver Summervale and Pavel YoungHH4
Casterlin, SterlingRMNCommander, astrogator, Battlecruiser Squadron 106; later astrogator, 10th Fleet.SI2

Casterlin to Chernov[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Jake CasterlinRMNCommodore; cousin of Sterling Casterlin, known to Adm. Henke, Liberal Party sympathiesSI2, Ch. 13
Sterling CasterlinRMNCommander; Adm. Henke's command _(navigator???)_______, more conservative than his cousin JakeSI2, Ch. 8 & Ch. 13
CavendishRMNManticoran midshipman and friend of Pavel Young, for whom he covered after Young's attempted rape of Honor HarringtonHH3
Sir Simon ChakrabartiRMNAdmiral of the Green, First Space Lord during the High Ridge Administration. Resigned office prior to resumption of the War with HavenHH10
Challon, Armand__Deputy Minister of War, New Tuscany.SI2
Challon, Victor__a powerful oligarch and politician in the New Tuscany System Parliament.SI2
Challot, JessicaPNCitizen Admiral Javier Giscard's logistics and supply officerHH8
Chalmers-Silesian Governor of the Zoraster system; his connections with slavers were uncovered during Operation WilberforceHH10
Chandler, AmbroseRMNCommander, Augustus Khumalo's staff intelligence officer.SI2
Chandler, EvelynRMNTactical officer and later Executive Officer of HMS Nike, replacing Michelle Henke
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 2: ""......The diminutive tactical officer's flaming red head didn't reach even to Honor's shoulder, but she had a tough, no-nonsense look to her, and her blue eyes were as firm as her handshake""....
HH3, HH4
Chang, LiamSLNRear Admiral, CO, Battlecruiser Squadron 302.SI2
Chapman, ____Maya
Admiral, Briefly mentioned by Rozsak, Luiz, Rear Admiral in Ch. 1. See also Glenn Horton.WS02
Chase, JulieRMNLieutenant Commander, CO, HMS Lodestone.SI2
Chatterjee, Ray ("Bear")RMNCommodore, CO, Destroyer Squadron 301; SO, Destroyer Division


Chavez, MeredithPNCO of Task Group 14.3 during Operation DaggerHH5
Cheney, SidRMMSChief of Engineering aboard RMMS ArtemisHH6
Cheng, Hai-shwunSLNAdmiral, CO, Office of Operational Analysis, Solarian League Navy.HH6
Chernock, SethSSCitizen Major General, StateSec commander for the Shilo Sector, headquartered at Danak. Formerly a sociology professor and longtime friend of Citizen Brigadier General Dennis Tresca. Organized a relief expedition to Cerberus when he became suspicious about what might have happened there. Commanded the Havenite forces during the Battle of CerberusHH8
Chernevsky, Anastasia__head of naval research and development, Mesan Alignment.SI2
ChernovPNCitizen Rear Admiral, CO of Task Group 14.1 during Operation DaggerHH5

Chet to Clairdon[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
ChetGRWorks for Howard ClinkscalesHH5
ChetRMNAdmiral Higgins's chief of staffHH10
CheviotRMNVice Admiral, CO of HMSS HephaestusHH4
Clarise ChildersPNManticoran attorney, president and senior partner of the firm of Childers, Strauslund, Goldman, and Wu. Practice limited to Hauptmann Cartel matters until seconded by Hauptmann to do work for Honor Harrington. Thereafter, worked to establish ski resorts on the new Duchy of Harrington, etc.HH9, HH10
Genevieve ChinPNCitizen Rear Admiral, Havenite admiral who commanded the initial attack at the Battle of Hancock Station, was rehabilitated and assigned to the Martine Sector, and then given command of an RHN Fleet during the Battle of Manticore (Operation Beatrice)HH3, HH11, HHA4
Chong Chin-riRHNCommander of a Havenite task force during Operation ThunderboltHH10
Jacques Chou-Honor Harrington's maternal uncle. A resident of Beowulf and a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. An old time powder weapon "gun nut" who taught his niece much about the handling of obsolete hand weapons such as the M1911Mentioned in HH6
Doctor Jennifer Chou-Honor Harrington's maternal grandmotherMentioned in HH7
ChristopherSKMSir Edward Janáček's personal secretaryHH10
David ClairdonGSNAdmiral Niall MacDonnell's chief of staffHH10

Clairmont to Clinkscales, Howard[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
ClairmontPNLegislaturalist naval officer falsely pronounced dead by State Security after Rob Pierre's coupHH8
Clapp, MitchellRHNHavenite naval officer, an expert on small craft and leading developer for the Republic of Haven's first new-generation LACs at BoltholeHH10
Clarke, DonaldMaya
senior economic adviser to (Solarian) Maya Sector Governor Oravil Barregos and effectively the Maya Sector's treasurer.
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 2): black-haired, gray-eyed Clarke
Clausel, ReginaSKMManticoran reporter, operative for the Liberal Party. Regular guest on many political-oriented talk showsHH10
ClearySSCitizen Colonel, StateSec officer assigned to incriminate Citizen Admiral McQueenHH9
ClementsGRBrother of the Church of Humanity Unchained and chaplain of Mayhew SteadingHH5
Clifford, CherylRMNPetty Officer First-Class, acting quartermaster, HMS Hexapuma.SI2
Clinkscales, CarsonGSNHoward Clinkscales' nephew and a Grayson naval officer. Served under Honor Harrington as her flag lieutenant. Incredibly clumsy at first. Captured with Commodore Harrington aboard Prince Adrian and sent to Hades. Served with distinction in the escape from the Tepes. As of HH11, holds the rank of Lieutenant Commander.HH7, HH8
Howard ClinkscalesGRGrayson's Minister of Security and First Regent of Harrington Steading. Began his career as armsman for Protector Benjamin's grandfather, later went on to head Planetary Security. CEO of Grayson Sky Domes, Ltd. Died of old age, succeeded as regent by his son Austen.HH2, HH4, HH5, HH7-HH11

Coatsworth to Corell[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
CoatsworthPNCommander of a Havenite reinforcement task force sent to Hancock StationHH3
Jasmine CoatsworthPN?Lieutenant, senior floor nurseSI2, Ch. 2
Johan CoglinPNCaptain (Naval Reserve), ship's master of the Q-ship PMMS Sirius destroyed in Basilisk during the attempted Coup de main on MedusaHH1
Coker, AlanSLNPetty Officer2/c, sensor technician, Meyers Astro Control.SI2
Coleman, Theresa,MANCommander, Frederick chief of staff, Task Force One.SI2
Colenso, JenniferMANAdmiral, CO, Task Force Two.SI2
ConagherRMNCaptain, CO of HMS TroubadourHH10
Conner, JeromeRMNCaptain, CO, HMS Penelope. Senior officer, Battlecruiser Division 106.1.SI2
Connors, SandraPRHPeople's Commissioner assigned to Citizen Admiral Alec DimitriHH9
ConstanzaRMNMaster Chief Petty Officer, helmsman aboard HMS NikeHH3
Cordwainer, The Hon. AlyceRMNVice Admiral, Judge Advocate General of the Royal Manticoran NavyHH4
Corell, The Hon. ErnestineRMNCaptain (Junior Grade), Rear Admiral Sarnow's chief of staff
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 17: "...fine-boned hand"...

Cortez to Cukor[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Sir Lucien Cortez
(Also spelled Lucian)
RMNAdmiral of the Green, Fifth Space Lord of the RMN, i.e. head of the Bureau of Personnel (BuPers)
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 6: ", slightly balding... ...mild brown eyes"...
HH1; HH3; HH6; SI2, Ch. 8
Corvisart, Dame AmandineSKMSpecial representative from the Manticoran Foreign Office assigned to negotiate settlement with Republic of Monica.SI1
Coulter, JacksonRMNPower tech aboard HMAMS Wayfarer. One of the crew's troublemakersHH6
Courvosier, RaoulRMNAdmiral of the Green, considered to be one of the greatest military minds of his time ("cherubic little gnome of a man with a bent for creating demonic tac problems"). Mentor to Honor Harrington, friend and mentor to Admiral Bachfisch. Former tactics instructor of Advanced Tactics at Saganami Island Naval Academy. Later assigned to the Foreign Office. He died when his squadron was ambushed by Alfredo Yu during the First Battle of Yeltsin.
Descr. at HH2, Ch. _- "...level blue eyes, ...cherub face"...
HH1; HH2
Cousins, FredRMNLieutenant, comm officer aboard HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Cramer, WesleyRMNCO, HMS Devastation.SI2
Crandall, SandraSLNFleet Admiral, CO, Task Force 496.SI2
Crichton, JeremiahSKMMilitary analyst with the Palmer Foundation who attempted to make Pavel Young appear to be the victim in the aftermath of his actions at Hancock StationHH4
Cukor, OliviaRMNLieutenant (jg), LAC officer aboard HMS Hydra, assigned as senior officer on HMLAC CutthroatHH9


Dalipagic to D'Arezzo[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Sybil DalipagicSKMLieutenant Commander, ACS. Manticoran Astro Control Service officer assigned to the Wormhole Junction Command CenterHH10
Adam DamakosSKMManticoran Liberal member of Parliament, ranking member of the House of Commons' Naval Affairs Committee and brother-in-law to Admiral Simon ChakrabartiHH10
Dances on CloudsSKMTreecat name for Honor Harrington
DanforthSKMSergeant, former Manticoran Marine now in the Medusan Native Protection AgencyHH1
Danville, PryceRMNSurgeon Lieutenant, ship's surgeon, HMS Tristram.SI2
DanislavRMNAdmiral, commanding officer of the 18th Battle SquadronHH3
DantonPNHavenite commodore who supplies arms to the Citizens' Rights Union prior to the Harris AssassinationHH3
Lucy DanversRMNAdmiral. Third Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy and head of the Bureau of Ships (BuShips). Known for her short temperHH1, HH2, HH8
Isaiah DanvilleMACommander. Commanding officer of the Masadan LAC MNS BancroftHH2
Paulo D'ArezzoRMNMidshipman, Royal Manticoran Navy, assigned HMS HexapumaSI1, SI2

Darlington to DeGeorge[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Da Orta e Diadoro, Jacinta__Interior Minister, Solarian League.SI2
Dallas, Albert ("Al")RMNCommander, XO, HMS Artemis.SI2
Darlington, GregorPNCitizen Rear Admiral. Commanding officer of Task Group 12.4.2 during Operation IcarusHH8
Marguerite DaumierRMNCaptain, RMN. Commanding officer of the battlecruiser HMS InvincibleHH8
DavisGSNCaptain. Commanding officer of GSNS AraratHH10
Annette De ChabrolMEXO, Jessyk Combine freighter Marianne.SI1
George De La SanglierePRHSecretary of Economy of the People's Republic of Haven, appointed to that office following the assassination of his predecessor Walter FrankelHH3
De SangroSSCaptain. Female StateSec officer (from San Martin) in charge of a brig detail aboard PNS Tepes after Nimitz killed the Major in chargeHH7
Judita DebevicTCLeader, Kornatian Social Moderate Party.SI1
DeCastriesRHNCaptain. Possible commander of a Havenite pod-laying superdreadnoughtHH10
Sam DeGeorgePNLieutenant Commander. Purser onboard MNS Thunder of God (aka PNS Saladin)HH2

Dekker to Descours[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Hieronymus DekkerTCChief factor, Rembrandt Trade Union, Montana System.SI1
Molly DeLaneyRHNCaptain. Admiral Lester Tourville's chief of staff for Second FleetHH10
Ellen DeMarcoSKMCEO and chief analyst of the brokerage firm DeMarco, Clancy and Jordan. Also a member of the Manticoran Crown Council of Financial AdvisorsHH10
Erika Dempsey-Chief Operating Officer of the Dempsey Cartel for the past 60 years, " and attractive"..., respected by Klaus Hauptman (HH6, Ch. 2).HH6
Kirk DempseyRMNTech rating onboard HMAMS Wayfarer. One of Randy Steilman's victimsHH6
DenbyRMNCommander in HMS Werewolf '​s LAC division and black belt with five knots in Coup de vitesseHH10
Denton, LewisRMNLieutenant Commander, CO, HMS Reprise.HH10
Lady Elaine DescroixSKM/MEManticoran Peer of the Realm and leader of the Progressive Party. Became Foreign Secretary in the coalition government headed by Baron High Ridge. Resigns with the entire High Ridge Cabinet after Operation Thunderbolt and departs for Beowulf having diverted several tens of millions of government funds. An agent of sorts for Mesa / Manpower, who arranged that she would never be called to account or to testify.HH4, HH6, HH9, HH10, HH11
Sir John DescroixSKMLady Elaine Descroix's dead husband.HH10
Henry DescoursPNCitizen LieutenantHH8

Desjardins to Detweiler[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
DesjardinsRMNLieutenant. Chief of Flight Instruction at Saganami Island Naval Academy.HH4
DesMoines, JohnRMNCommander, CO, HMS Roland. "Bear" Chatterjee's flag captain.SI2
Francis DeSotoPNCommander, PN. Rear Admiral Genevieve Chin's operations officer.HH3
Henri Dessouix ?SEE: Henri Benson-DessouixHH8, Ch. 12 & 22
Albrecht DetweilerMEChairman and CEO of Manpower Incorporated The apparent Mesan chief executive, is possibly the descendant of Leonard Detweiler (who was a major proponent of genetic engineering and an opponent of the Cherwell Convention.) Possibly the wealthiest individual in the Honerverse.
(See also Benjamin, Collin, Daniel & Everett Detweiler)
HH11; SI1; SI2, Ch. 10
Benjamin DetweilerME'Son' of Albrecht Detweiler of Manpower Incorporated; Mesan Alignment director of military affairs.SI2, Ch. 10
Collin DetweilerME'Son' of Albrecht Detweiler of Manpower Incorporated; Mesan Alignment director of intelligence operationsSI2, Ch. 10
Daniel DetweilerME'Son' of Albrecht Detweiler of Manpower Incorporated Openly involved with R&D programs; Mesan Alignment director of nongenetic R&D..SI2, Ch. 10
Evelina DetweilerMEAlbrecht Detweiler's wife; a senior genetic researcher for the Mesan Alignment.SI2, Ch. 10
Everett DetweilerME'Son' of Albrecht Detweiler of Manpower Incorporated Openly involved with R&D programs; Mesan Alignment director of genetic R&D.SI2, Ch. 10
Franklin DetweilerME'Son' of Albrecht Detweiler of Manpower Incorporated; Mesan Alignment director of political strategy.SI2, Ch. 10
Gervais DetweilerME'Son' of Albrecht Detweiler of Manpower Incorporated; Mesan Alignment director of foreign affairs.SI2, Ch. 10

DeWitt to Divkovic[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Augustus DeWittRMNCommander. HMAMC Scheherazade '​s executive officer.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 7: "...he looked competent and confident. He was brown-haired and brown-eyed, but his skin was as dark as Stillman's, with the weathered look that seemed to mark all natives of Gryphon—otherwise known as Manticore-B V. ...but it (Gryphon) seemed to produce a disproportionate number of good officers and NCOs . . . most of whom seemed to feel a moral obligation to keep the sissies who lived on their sister worlds in line"....
(See also: Samuel Houston Webster.)
Oliver DiamatoPNFormer tactical officer in PNS Schaumberg. Took over command after the death of Schaumberg '​s Captain Hall and her commissioner during the Second Battle of Hancock Station. After recovery in hospital, reported that the RMN used some new "super LACs" during that battle. His report was discounted for political reasons within much of the PRH Navy's ONI. Later promoted to Citizen Captain and given command of PNS William T. Sherman. After restoration of the Haven Constitution by Admiral Theisman, promoted to Admiral and served during the Battle of Manticore (Operation Beatrice) in a watching brief on the Manticoran Junction.HH8, HH9, HH11
Diego, WiltonRMNCommander; tactical officer for Flag Captain Armstrong, HMS Achilles, Adm. Henke's flagship
("stocky, broad-shouldered commander was as fair-skinned as Lecter and as red-haired as Archer".)
SI2, Ch. 11
DillingerRMNCommander. HMS Enchanter '​s executive officer.HH7
Alec DimitriPNCitizen Admiral. Citizen Admiral Theisman's replacement as commander of the Barnett System. Forced to surrender Barnett to the Manticorans during Operation Buttercup.HH9
Drazen DivkovicTCCell leader, Freedom Alliance of Kornati.SI1
Juras DivkovicTCCell leader, Freedom Alliance of Kornati.SI1

Djerdja to Downey[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Darinka DjerdjaTCVuk Rajkovic's personal assistant.SI1
DonatelliSSCitizen Private, SS. StateSec trooper onboard PNS Tepes, killed during Honor Harrington's breakout from imprisonment.HH7
DonevskiRMNLieutenant, Royal Manticoran Merchant Marine. RMMS Artemis ' communications officer.HH6
Randal DonizettiSLSolarian weapons dealer who provides weapons for Masada's Faithful terrorists. Killed by order of Saint-Just after passing the weapons used by the Masadans in the attempt on Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore and Protector Benjamin.HH9
Jessica DorcettRMNCommander. CO of the destroyer HMS Windsong and senior Manticoran officer in the Adler System following the near-total destruction of Commodore Yeargin's picket force by Citizen Rear Admiral Tourville.HH7
Ellen D'OrvilleRMNOne of the Royal Manticoran Navy's greatest naval heroes. An empty crypt at King Michael's Cathedral in Landing honors her.HH8
Sebastian D'OrvilleRMNAdmiral of the Green. Senior Manticoran naval officer, formerly commander of the Aggressor forces during the Fleet problem exercise prior to HMS Fearless '​s (CL-56) deployment to Basilisk. Served with great distinction during the first part of the War with Haven. Later placed on half-pay by the High Ridge Administration. Restored to active service and given command of Home Fleet prior to the Battle of Manticore (Operation Beatrice).HH1, HH3, HH6, HH10, HH11
Isaac DouglasKT(?)Cathy Montaigne's "butler". Former Manpower slave. Member of the Audubon Ballroom, and therefore also known as Isaac XCoW, SoS
Angela DowneyPRHCitizen Secretary in the Committee of Public Safety. Killed during Citizen Admiral Esther McQueen's coup.HH9

Draskovic to DuMorne[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Josette DraskovicRMNAdmiral of the Red. Fifth Space Lord of the Royal Manticoran Navy under the High Ridge government. Headed the Bureau of Personnel (BuPers) and considered one of the RMN's more "political" admirals. Forced out with the resignation of the High Ridge Administration after Operation Thunderbolt.HH10
Arnie DreyfusRMNLieutenant Commander, RMN. Executive officer aboard HMS Windsong and another survivor from the Battle of Adler.HH7
Dreyfus,ManticoreWhom the Dreyfus Protocol of the Code Duello is named.
Drewson, EllisRMNCaptain, CO, HMS Kodiak.SI2
W.E.B. Du HavelKTPrime Minister of Torch. Former genetic slave of Manpower Unlimited. Distinguished scholar and political scientist who, despite his hatred of the genetic slave trade and his personal vendetta to fight it in his own way, disagrees with the methods of Jeremy X and the Audubon Ballroom. Named himself after W. E. B. Du Bois and Václav Havel.WS01
Patrick DuCainSKMManticoran journalist and co-host of the political talk show "Into the Fire". Affiliated to the Crown Loyalist Party.HH4
Sarah DuCheneRMNLieutenant Commander, RMN. Astrogator aboard HMS Prince Adrian. Survives Havenite imprisonment and escapes to Hades. Given command of ENS (formerly PNS) Ishtar in the Elysian Space Navy.HH7, HH8
Duchovny, Agafia DenisevnaRMNCaptain, CO, HMS Horatius .SI2
DumaisRHNLieutenant Commander, RHN. CO of the Trojan-class destroyer RHNS Hecate.HH10
Elaine DumarestPRHThe PRH's Secretary of War under the Legislaturalist regime. Ally of Admiral Parnell of Haven Naval Intelligence.HH1, HH3
Dumfries ?Lieutenant Commander. POW held on Hades.HH8
Stephen DuMorneRMNLieutenant Commander. HMS Fearless '​s (CA-286, not CL-56) astrogator.HH2

Dunlevy to Duvalier[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Thomas DunlevyGRSecond ranking Swordmaster on Grayson and Honor Harrington's personal teacher.HH5
Esmerelda DunneRMNCaptain; CO of the Perseus, BattleCruiser in BCS 106.SI2, Ch. 13
Andre DuPreRMNMajor, Royal Manticoran Army. Officer in the Queen's Own Regiment.HH4
George DuPresPRHPeople's Commissioner for Citizen Rear Admiral Meredith Chavez.HH5
Henri DuPresPRHMinor member of the Committee for Public Safety. Killed during Esther McQueen's attempted coup.HH9
Tabitha DupuySKMEarl of White Haven's cookHH11
DuQuesnePRHHavenite politician and architect of the PRH's plans of conquest (aka the DuQuesne Plan) to avoid economic collapse of the Haven welfare state. Military installations and a superdreadnought class are named after him.
DurkeyRMNRMN engineering rating aboard HMAMS Wayfarer.HH6
Dusserre, Damien_Minister of security, New Tuscany.SI2
Ted DuttonPNCitizen Lieutenant, PN. Communications officer aboard PNS Vaubon.HH6
Hayne DuvalierACSManticoran Astro Control Service officer assigned to Basilisk Control. Subordinate to Captain Michel Reynaud, Manticore Astro-Control Service.HH1


Earhart to Eisenbrei[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Angela EarhartRMNEngineering crewmember aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56, not CA-286). Killed in the destruction of Fusion One during the battle with PMMS SiriusHH1
EdwardSKMPersonal servant to Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore and Prince Consort Justin Zyrr-WintonHH9
EdwardsGSNCaptain, CO of GNS MagnificentHH5
Edwards, William ("Bill")RMNLieutenant Commander, communications officer, Battlecruiser Squadron 106; later communications officer, 10th Fleet. Previously unknown to Henke before being under her command. Young of age, "just finished a stint with BuWeaps as one of Admiral Hemphill's assistants".SI2, Ch. 8
John EdwardsPNCitizen Commander, tactical officer aboard PNS KerebinHH6
Sir Roland T. EdwardsRMNCaptain of a convoy escort during a naval exerciseHH3
Zeno EgervaryMESecurity Officer/Tactical Officer, Jessyk Combine freighter Marianne. Fired the shots that destroyed the pinnacle piloted by Midshipwoman Ragnhild Pavletic and was in turn killed by his CO Duan Binyan, who feared RMN retribution.SI1
Ulrike EichbauerSOLMajor, Solarian Gendarmerie. Brigadier Yucel's chief intelligence officer.SI1
Magnus EinarssonTCCaptain, Nuncio Space Force. CO, NSS Wolverine.SI1
Anita EisenbergRHNLieutenant, Admiral Giscard's staff communications officerHH10
EisenbreiRMNLieutenant, female officer assigned to HMS GryphonHH3

Eisley to Evans[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
EisleyRMNEngineering rating onboard HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Ellington,ManticoreWhom the Ellington Protocol of the Code Duello is named after.
ElliotSKMChief speech writer for the 10th and 11th Earls of North HollowHH4
ElliotRMNCommander, CO of the destroyer HMS LinnetHH6
EllisRMNCaptain, CO of HMS RoyalistHH10
Ellis, RobertaRMNLieutenant Commander, former CO of the destroyer HMS Plain Song. Captured and sent to HadesHH8
Engelmann, BinyanIANKorvettenkapitän, IANS Gangying '​s executive officerHH10
Epstein, Jessica_Lieutenant Commander, senior tracking officer, Perimeter Security Command, Manticore Binary System.SI2
EricPRHOne of Hereditary President Sidney Harris' bodyguardsHH3
EricsonSSStateSec Naval officer in charge of the boat bay in PNS Krashnark. Killed while attempting to repel boardersHH8
EvansPNMale petty officer in service aboard the Masadan battlecruiser MNS Thunder of God (aka PNS Saladin)HH2
EvansRHNAdmiral who commanded the attack on the Tequila System during Operation ThunderboltHH10


Falco to Ferguson[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Fabre, MartinaMesanSenior member of the Long-Range Planning Board
"...the silver-haired geneticist (who had to be at least a hundred and ten, standard...)"
WS02, Ch. 6+
FalcoSKMManticoran ambassador to MasadaHHA4
Kurt FallonSSCitizen Sergeant assigned to the security detachment at the Havenite embassy on Earth. Killed by Victor CachatHHA3
FanningRMNSenior Chief Petty Officer, Bosun (=senior non-commissioned officer) aboard HMS NikeHH3
FargoRMNCommander, CO of the destroyer HMS AttackHH3
Wanda FarleyPRHSecretary of Technology of the People's Republic of Haven. Killed during Admiral McQueen's coupHH9, HHA3
FarragutGRTreecat. One of the "clan" of treecats that migrated to Grayson with Nimitz and Samantha. Became the first treecat to adopt a Grayson, Miranda LaFollet.HH7-HH10
Solomon Farrow-Masadan national and pilot of the slaver Felicia IIIWS01
Susan "Sue" FawcettPNCitizen Rear Admiral assigned to Twelfth FleetHH9
FergusonRMN(?)Lieutenant, electronics specialist aboard the Pirate's BaneHH10
Fernandez, KyleRMNLieutenant Commander, communications officer, HMS Artemis .SI2

Ferrero to Flairty[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Erica FerreroRMNCaptain, CO of the heavy cruiser HMS Jessica EppsHH10
FerrisPNCitizen Captain, CO of PNS Voyager and flag captain to Citizen Commodore YangHH8
FierenziSSCitizen Corporal, shuttle crewman assigned to the StateSec garrison on HadesHH8
Filareta, MassimoSLNFleet Admiral, CO, Task Force 891.SI2
"Firebrand" ??See Damien HarahapSI1
Fisher (Swift Striker)SKMTreecat, hunter of the Laughing River Clan. Bonded with Dr. Scott MacDellan. Saved McDallan's life at first encounter when McDallan fell on some rocks, concussed, and nearly drowned. Assisted in bringing murder of three men in an aircar accident and with killing the person responsible. One of the first treecat human bonds, only a few months after Stephanie Harrington's discovery. Story: The strayHHA2
Lord William Allen Hillman FitzclarenceGRLord Burdette, Steadholder of Burdette Steading on Grayson and a leader of the extreme conservatives opposed to Protector Benjamin's reforms. Conspired with Steadholder Mueller and others to ruin Grayson Sky Domes, Ltd. by means of sabotage during construction of a school dome in Mueller Steading. Ordered the attempted murder of Honor Harrington by missile attack on her shuttle at Harrington Field. Resulted in the death of Reverend Hanks among others. Killed during a sword duel between the Protector's Champion (HH) on planet wide broadcast from the Council of Steadholders ChamberHH5
FitzGerald, AnstenRMNCommander, executive officer aboard the heavy cruiser HMS HexapumaSI1, SI2
Lord Akahito FitzpatrickSKMDuke of Gray Water, Manticoran peer of the realm and a close political associate of Baron High Ridge. Cousin of Admiral ChakrabartiHH10
Flairty-Masadan mercenary and a member of Gideon Templeton's band. Killed by Victor Cachat during interrogation aboard Wages of SinWS01

Flanagan to Fontein[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Flanagan, IanRMNSenior Chief Petty Officer, Bosun aboard HMS War MaidenHHA3
Flanagan, SarahRMNLieutenant Commander, CO of HMLAC SwitchbladeHH10
FlandersRMMCMajor, deputy commander of the Marine contingent aboard HMS NikeHH3
Flanders, HannahSSCitizen Private assigned to the People's Tower security detachment. Killed during Admiral McQueen's coupHHA3
Fleet Wind-Treecat of the Bright Water Clan, around the time of first contact between treecats and humans.HHA1
FleurieuSKMTourist at the time of the Attica AvalancheHHA2
Flowker-Solarian League liaison officer on AirHHA1
Flynn, SheilaMANCommander, chief of staff, Task Group 1.1.SI2
Fontein, ErasmusSSCitizen General, Senior State Security officer assigned as People's Commissioner to Admiral Esther McQueen. Present with the Admiral while she put down the Leveler Revolt. Died with the Admiral when a nuclear device detonated under the OctagonHH5, HH7-HH9, HHA1, HHA3
Fonzarelli, VincenzoRMNLieutenant, chief engineer, HMS Tristram.SI2

Foraker to Fraser[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Shannon ForakerRHNVice Admiral, Head of Research and Development for the Havenite Navy. Previously served as tactical officer aboard PNS Vaubon under Citizen Commander Warner Caslet, and as operations officer on the staff of Citizen Admiral Lester Tourville. Single-handedly engineered the destruction of two StateSec naval squadrons. Reputed to have been a single-minded "techno-nerd" and "tac witch" during her early career for her considerable technical prowess. Perhaps most famous for 'Oops!' comment.HH5-HH10
Foreman, ClementMANCommander, operations officer, Task Group 1.1.SI2
FoxGRCaptain, Grayson Planetary Security and head of Protector Benjamin's personal security detail. Died defending the Protector during the Maccabean assassination attemptHH2
Harrison FraiserPNCitizen Lieutenant, communications officer aboard the battlecruiser PNS Count TillyHH7, HH9
Frank, JeremyMaya
Governor Barregos' senior aideWS02, Ch. 2
Walter FrankelPRHSecretary of Economy of the People's Republic during President Harris' administration. Murdered by a radical after merely suggesting reductions in the Basic Living StipendHH1, HH3
George Franklin-"Marine Major" aboard the PredatorHHA4
FrankowskiRMMCPrivate, member of the Marine detachment aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56)HH1
Ernst Franks-Admiral, senior officer in the Masadan NavyHH2
Lady Deborah FraserSKMCountess, Manticoran ambassador to Erewhon during the High Ridge government. Cousin to both Baron High Ridge and Captain Michael Oversteegen, and considered by the latter to be a not only a cretin, but brainlessWS01

Freemantle to Fulbright[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
FreemantleRMNLieutenant, pinnace pilot assigned to HMS BroadswordHHA2
FreisnerRMNAdmiral, Commander of the Manticoran forces assigned to the Gregor systemHH6
George FremontSKMManticoran Deputy Commissioner for Planetary Affairs on MedusaHH1
Charles FroidanPRHHavenite political activist and leader of the Zeroists, a radical faction which advocates the complete abolition of moneyHH7
Margaret FuchienRMMSCaptain of the Hauptman Lines passenger vessel RMMS ArtemisHH6, Ch. 24+
Jack Fuentes-Member of Erewhon's de facto ruling triumvirate
(See also: Alessandra Havlicek, Thomas Hall, Walter Imbesi.)
WS01, WS02
FuhrmanPNCitizen Captain, CO of the battlecruiser PNS YavuzHH8
FulbrightRMNCaptain, CO of HMS IncubusHH10


Gaines to Genda[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Gaines, Heinrich ORMNLieutenant, Senior Officer on HMSS Seaford NineHH8
Garcia, JaneRMSNRear Admiral, senior officer, Monica Traffic Control.SI2
GarfieldPNCitizen Major, returned with Citizen Vice Admiral Lester Tourville from HadesHH8
GarnerRMNChief Petty Officer, former superior to Aubrey Wanderman, HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Garner, Marti-lieutenant, Biological Survey Corps, ____________ She served as Hugh Arai's executive officer See also Hugh Arai, Haruka TakanoWS02
Garret, LeonGSNAdmiral. After High Admiral Yanakov's death, L.G. was temporarily in charge of the Grayson Space Navy, until the promotion of Commodore Matthews to Admiral in charge of Grayson's mobile forces.
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 22: "... a craggy-faced man whose hooded eyes"...
GarrisonRMNCaptain, senior simulation programer for ATCHH9
GarthGRGrayson Steadholder. One of the 5 keys, prior to the Grayson Civil WarHH5
Gaunt, RichardRMNCommander, Royal Manticoran Navy. XO, HMS Hercules.SI1
Gazi, AndrijaTCChairman, Kornatian parliamentary Special Committee on Annexation.SI1
GearingPNCitizen Corporal, aboard the shuttle which is captured by HH on HadesHH8
Gearman, MichaelRMNLieutenant, engineer aboard HMS Minotaur Killed in battle.HH8
GendaSKMcrewmember of Hauptman Lines freighter BonaventureHH6

Georgides to Gisborne[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Aristophones GeorgidesSKMAdmiral of space port VulcanHH6
Adam GerrickGRDesigner of the skydome on Grayson, Chief Engineer of Grayson Sky Domes, Ltd.HH4, HH5, HH7
GervaisRMNpetty officer; Andromeda's number one pinnaceSI2, Ch. 7
Arnold GiancolaRHSecretary of State, former Dolist Manager, chief contender for the Presidency. Killed by a drunk driverHH10, HH11
Jason GiancolaRHSenator, brother to Arnold Giancola. Killed by a drunk driverHH11
Lady GiffordSKMManticoran PeerHH9
Taylor GillespieRMNCommander, HMS Prince Adrian '​s executive officerHH7
Kerry GilleyRMNLieutenant (jg), LAC Cutthroat '​s astrogatorHH10
GillinghamRMNMale Midshipman from Alizon, student in HH's classHH9
GirardiPN(Male) Admiral, shot for losing Trevor's StarHH7
Claude GisborneSSCitizen General, ex-Marine, one of the commanders of the ground forces that should investigate the situation on HadesHH8

Giscard to Gower[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Javier GiscardRHNCitizen Admiral PN; Admiral, RHN; assigned to commerce raiding (HH5), High Admiral of the RHN. Commanded fleets just before the ceasefire between PRH and SKM, during McQueen's offensive before White Haven nearly won the war militarily before being leased by the cease-fire, and at the beginning of the restoration of hostilities. Assigned Eloise Pritchart as a People's Commissioner, but became her lover and co-conspirator against PRH. Killed in action during the Battle of LovatHH5, HH6, HH8, HH10, HH11
Cal GiulianiRMNEnsign, coxswain aboard the LAC SwitchbladeHH10
GivensGRAdmiral (Grayson fleet)HH10
Patricia GivensRMNVice Admiral of the Green, Second Space Lord, Member of the Weapons Development Board, Director of ONI
HH9, Ch. 19:Not only was she, as head of the Office of Naval Intelligence, the officer specifically charged with providing the data Caparelli needed, she was also Second Space Lord. In the event that anything happened to him, it would be her job to make decisions until the civilians got around to appointing a new First Space Lord
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 23: "...brown hair"...
HH3; HH7; HH8?; HH9, Ch. 19; HH10?; HH11; HHA4; WS01; SI1; SI2, Ch. 8
Huang GlockauerIANSKapitän der Sterne, CO of heavy cruiser IANS GangyingHH10
Cynthia GonsalvesGSNRear Admiral, commander of Admiral Brentworth's First Battlecruiser Squadron, former POW on HadesHH8-HH11
Craig "Wraith" GoodrickRMNCaptain (Senior Grade), Admiral Truman's chief of staffHH10, HH11
Gold Peak, Admiral_see: Henke, Michelle.SI2
Gold Peak, Countess_see: Henke, Michelle.SI2
Gortz, GuangfuIAN(Male) Kapitän der Sternen, CO of IANS HellbardeHH10
Goulard, Rochelle ("Roxy")RMNCommander, CO, HMS Kay .SI2
GowerRMN(Male) Lieutenant, Jason Ackenheil's com officer aboard HMS LaFroyeHH10

Gozzi to Gregory[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Marius GozziRNCaptain, chief of staff under Admiral Javier GiscardHH10, HH11
Vesna GrabovacTCKornatian Secretary of the Treasury.SI1
Alyson Granston-HenleyRMNLady, Captain (Junior Grade), Admiral White Haven's chief of staffHH8, HH9
Sampson GrantGSNCaptain, Chief of Staff to Alfredo YuHH10
(Baron Grantville)-See Prime Minister William Alexander-
Amanda GravesonPNCitizen Admiral, commander of Capital Fleet, replaced by Admiral Thomas Theisman, who saved her from being executed by Oscar Saint-JustHH9, HHA3
Oliver GrayRMMCColonel, Royal Manticoran Marines. CO, Marine battalion assigned to Dame Estelle Matsuko.HH1, SI1, HH11
Thomas GreentreeGSNCaptain, CO of GNS Jason Alvarez, Captain of the ship 'the Harrington' that returned HH to Grayson at beginning of HH9, HH's flagship for squadron 18HH7, HH9, Ch. 2+
Stan GregoryRHSecretary of Urban AffairsHH10, HH11

Griggs to Gutierrez[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Griggs, AhmedSKMMember of the Queen's own. Killed on assignment. Received the Adrienne Cross.CoS
Grimm, Stephaniaex-RMNAdmiral; current commanding officer of the Junction ACSSI2, Ch. 12
Griswold, HectorPNCitizen Captain, CO of PNS Citizen Admiral TascosaHH8
Groenewold, John "BJ"PNCitizen Vice Admiral, member of Twelfth Fleet's senior command team, replacing Citizen Vice Admiral ShallusHH9
Groenhuijen, ArjanTCCaptain, Rembrandt System Navy.SI1
de Groot, AgnesRHNVice Admiral, commander of the Havenite task force sent to attack the Tequila System during Operation ThunderboltHH10
Grosclaude, YvesRHHavenite ambassador to the Star KingdomHH10, HH11
Gruber, Jinchu-Commander, executive officer aboard Pirate's BaneHH10
GuntermanIANKapitän, flag captain of Herzog RabenstrangeHH6
Guédon, JosetteNTNAdmiral, chief of naval operations, New Tuscan Navy.SI2
Gutierrez, MateoOSGLieutenant, Owens Steadholder's Guard. Abigail Hearns personal armsman.SI1, SI2
Gyulay, Shona_Prime Minister, Solarian League.SI2


Hagen to Hamer[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Habib, EdieMaya
Captain, Chief of Staff to Rear Admiral Luiz Rozsak.WS02, Ch. 2
(probably WS01 as well)
Haftner, Abednego_Henri Krietzmann's chief of staff.SI2
HagenSCGovernor of the planet Walter in the Silesian ConfederacyHH6
Haggerston, TrevorRMNCommander of the Erewhon Navy, Eighth Fleet ops officerHH8, HH9
Haines, JasminePRHThe Schiller System trade attachéHH6
Hairston, RobertaSCLieutenant, tac officer of Pirates' BaneHH10
HalburtonRMNSenior Chief Petty Officer, died on HadesHH7, HH8
HalketPNCitizen Commissioner of Citizen Commodore Gianna Ryan, PNS Rene d'AiguillonHH9
Hall, Joanne ("Froggie")PNCitizen Captain, Oliver Diamato's mentor, and hero. Killed in battleHH8
Hall, Thomas-Member of Erewhon's de facto ruling triumvirate
(See also: Jack Fuentes, Alessandra Havlicek, Walter Imbesi.)
WS01, WS02
HallowellSKMBrigadier, CO of the King's Own Regiment of the Royal ArmyHHA2
Lewis HallowellRMMCBattalion Sergeant Major, senior noncom aboard HMAMS Wayfarer.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 23: "...a giant in a faded sweat suit. The black-haired, dark-eyed man stood at least two meters tall, and heavy eyebrows seemed to meet across the bridge of his nose. His face was darkly weathered, his shoulders were preposterously broad, and his hairy hands looked like cargo grapples, but he moved with a sort of lazy grace which looked out of place in such a big man. ...Like the Bosun, the giant had a distinct Gryphon accent, and his voice was even deeper than the senior chief's. It was also soft, almost gentle, as if its owner seldom needed to raise it... Hallowell grinned. It made his dark, weathered face look suddenly like a mischievous little boy's"...Desc. from HH6, Ch. 28: "...Tall as the Captain was, the Marine was ten centimeters taller, and Aubrey knew from painful experience just how fast he could be"...
HalstedRMNCaptain; Manned simulator for 'Apollo', briefed Adm. HenkeSI2, Ch. 12
Halstead, RaymondRMNCaptain, one of Project Apollo's project officers.SI2
Hamer, IraPNCitizen Commander, executive officer aboard PNS Schaumberg. Killed in battleHH8

Hammitt to Harahap[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Hammitt, TrixieACSAdmiral Reynaud's secretary aboard HMSS HephaestusHH10
HammondRMNCrew member aboard HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Hammond, DeniseRMMCCaptain, senior officer of the assault force boarding the solarian merchant ship WayfarerHH10
HanabyRMNFemale Rear Admiral.HH8
Hanks, JuliusGRReverend, 1st Elder of the Church of Humanity Unchained. Killed in an assassination attempt on HHHH2, HH5
Hanriot, RachelRHSecretary of the TreasuryHH10, HH11
HansenRMNLieutenant, Fusion One Damage Control, HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Harahap, DamienOFS(aka Firebrand) Captain, Solarian Gendamerie. Assigned to a top secret assignment under the joint authority of Manpower director Aldona Anisimovna, Jessyk Combine director Isabela Bardasano, and OFS commissioner Lorcan Verrochio. His role in the operation was to coordinate with, and supply terrorist and resistance factions on Kornati and Montana in an effort to stonewall the SKM annexation of the Talbott Cluster and the Lynx Terminus.
A former officer of the Solarian League Gendarmerie now working for Valery Ottweiler.
SI1, SI2

Harding to Harper[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
HardingRMNCaptain, psychologist in BuMedHH3
Samuel Marchant HardingGR(aka Lawrence Maguire) Saboteur and employee of Grayson Sky Domes Ltd.HH5
Helen HarkenPNCitizen Captain, CO of PNS RapierHH8
Sir Horace HarknessRMNChief Warrant Officer, recipient of the PMV for his work on Tepes assisting the Manticoran party to escape undetected to the surface of Hades. Married to Iris Babcock. Specialist in flight ops after meeting Ensign Tremaine. Mentored Prescott Tremaine and Aubrey Wanderman. Formerly a long serving non-com with a spotty record for brawling with Marines and a number of less than above concerning smuggling and such. Now reformed (more or less)HH1, HH6-HH12
Jacquelyn "Jackie" HarmonRMNSenior LAC commander on Wayfarer; COLAC (Commanding Officer, LACs) on Minotaur. Developed, with Admiral Alice Truman and assistance from HH and Scotty Tremaine, among others, most of the operational doctrine that made SKM's new LACs so effective. Killed in battle.HH6, HH8
Leona HarpeRMNBosun, of the destroyer HMS L'Imperieuse. She was the ranking member of thirty-seven survivors of an attack in Solarian League space by a Peep heavy-cruiser. With the aid of retired RMN ensign Sir Hakon Nessler, she and the survivors crewed the Melungeon light-cruiser Colonel Araby, rechristened the HMS Ajax, and tracked down and destroyed the PNS Rienzi.HHA1
HarperPNCitizen CaptainHH8
Lord Theodore HarperSKMPlanetary Grand Duke of ManticoreHH10

Harrington, Dr. Alfred to Harrington, Stephanie[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Dr. Alfred HarringtonSKM; GRSurgeon Commander, RMN (Ret.). HH's father, graduate of Semmelweiss University, former assistant medical chief of RMN Basington Medical Center. Neurosurgeon in private practice after leaving the RMN. Husband of Allison Harrington.HH2, HH7, HH8, HH11
Dr. Allison Benton-Ramirez y Chou HarringtonSKM; GRNative of Beowulf, geneticist. Member of the most illustrious Beowulfian medical dynasty. a direct ancestor signed the Cherwell Convention and several worked on Old Earth to alleviate the damage caused by the Final War with the Ukrainian 'supermen'. Mother of Honor, Faith, and Jason Harrington, wife of Alfred Harrington. A social bomb thrower, especlally with regard to stodgy social and cultural systems.HH2, HH4, HH7, HH8, HH9, HH11
Faith Katherine Honor Stephanie Miranda HarringtonGRHH's younger sister. Briefly Steadholder Harrington, during the time Honor was believed dead. Elder twin of James Harrington.HH8, HH10, HH11
Lord Devon HarringtonSKMSecond Earl Harrington, HH's first cousin. Historian. Succeeded to the title after HH's "execution" by PRH. Retained it after her return from HadesHH8, HH9
Lady Dame Honor Stephanie Alexander-HarringtonRMN; GSNDuchess Harrington (Gryphon), Steadholder Harrington (Grayson). Recipient of the Parliamentary Medal of Valor (HH10), Monarch's Thanks (HH3, HH11); first and only female recipient of the Star of Grayson (HH2), only the second ever to be awarded it twice. Knight Grand Cross of the Order of King Roger (HH11), Captain of HMS Unconquered (HH11). First female member, and second ranking officer, of the Grayson Navy. Admiral of the Red and Commander of RMN Eighth Fleet. Fleet Admiral of the GSN, Commander of the Protector's Own. Wife to Hamish Alexander-Harrington and Emily Alexander-Harrington of White Haven, Manticore. Mother of two.HH1-HH11
James Andrew Benjamin HarringtonGRHH's younger brother. Faith Harrington's twin.HH8, HH10, HH11
Stephanie HarringtonSKMHH's ancestor. Discovered treecats. First human to bond with a treecat, Lionheart (Climbs Quickly of Bright Water Clan). Only human ever to survive an encounter with a hexapuma armed only with a vibroknife. Youngest human ever to discover an intelligent species. Effective founder of the Sphinx Forestry Service. Drafted the 9th Amendment to the SKM Constitution.HHA2

Harris to Haughton[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
HarrisSSFemale Citizen Major General. Died of brain hemorrage. Unrelated to Legislaturist Harris clan.HH8
Shawn HarrisRMNLieutenant Commander, HMMS Jessica Epps tactical officer. Killed in battle.HH10
HarrisRMNHMAMS WayfarerHH6
Sidney Harris-Sidney Harris was the Hereditary President of the People's Republic of Haven. He, along with most of his government, was assassinated on President's Day in 1905 P.D. in a coup d'etat coordinated and executed by Rob S. Pierre, Oscar Saint-Just, and Cordelia Ransom. A group of naval shuttles dropped four five-thousand-kilo precision guided warheads onto the People's Palace where almost every member of the Legislaturalist class had gathered to celebrate Sidney Harris's birthday. Father of three.HH1, HH3
HarrisRMNHelmsman in HMS Prince Adrian CPO 2011 and SCPO 2012HH7 HH8
Harrison, DwayneRMNCommander, tactical officer, battlecruiser HMS Ajax .SI2
HarrisonSCWarnecke's pirate navy; personal pilot for WarneckeHH10
HartleyRMNCommandant at Saganami Island Naval AcademyHH1
Jason HaskinsGSNCaptain Isaiah MacKenzie '​s skipperHH9
Megan HathawayPNTheisman's chief of staffHH5, HH7
Haughton, JohnRMNExecutive Officer, HMS Minotaur. Native of GryphonHH8

Hauptman to Haynesworth[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Eric HauptmanSKMfather of Klaus Hauptman. President and CEO of the Hauptman CartelHH1.
Klaus HauptmanSKMCEO of the Hauptman Cartel. Wealthiest man in Star Kingdom of Manticore. Early opponent of HH, later supporter of HH.
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch._: ... The voice was... a deep, rolling baritone too velvety to be real. ...the blue eyes were hard in that too-handsome face.... Desc. from HH6, Ch.1: ...dark-haired man with the dramatically white sideburns and bulldog jaw...
HH1, HH6, HH10, HH11.
Stacey HauptmanSKMKlaus Hauptman's daughter, and his assistant in the administration of the Hauptmann Cartel. Owner of the Landing TattlerHH6, HH10, HH11.
HauserIANCommander, intelligence officerHH6
Alessandra Havlicek-Member of Erewhon's de facto ruling triumvirate
(See also: Jack Fuentes, Thomas Hall, Walter Imbesi.)
Spencer HawkeHSGpersonal armsman to Honor HarringtonHH10, HH11
Solomon HayesSKMwriter of a gossip column for the Landing Tattler. Now dismissedHH10, HH11
HaymanSScell guard aboard the PNS Tepes; deceasedHH7
HaymanRMNBad Penny '​s EW officerHH9 (?)

Hearns to Helpern[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Hearns, Lord AaronGRSteadholder Owens, father of Abigail Hearns, GSNHH9
Hearns, AbigailGSN/RMNLieutenant (Senior-Grade). Daughter of Aaron Hearns, Steadholder Owens. First native female commissioned by the Grayson Space Navy, first to attend the RMN Academy at Saganami Island; HH's protégéHH9, HHA4, SI1
Heathrow, EdgarPNSCitizen Lieutenant Commander PNS courier boatHH8
Hegedusic, IsidorMOAdmiral, Monican Navy. CO Eroica Station and designated CO battlecruiser strike force. Killed during the Manticoran attack on Eroica Station.SI1
Hedges, WilliamRMNLieutenant, Royal Manticoran Marines. CO, 2nd Platoon, Marine Detachment, HMS Hexapuma. Killed aboard the pinnacle piloted by Midshipwoman Ragnhild Pavletic when they were fired upon by the Jessyk Combine Freighter Marianne.SI1
Heemskerk, AlasdairPN/SSHH9
HelenRMNHMS Majestic communication officer
HelftSSCitizen CommodoreHH9, HHA3

Hemphill to Hernando[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Sonja HemphillRMNAdmiral of the Green. Nicknamed "Horrible Hemphill"; leading spokesperson of the jeune ecole strategy and tactics faction in RMN. Formerly chairwoman of the Weapons Development Board; former member of ONI; member of the Court Martial for RMN Captain Lord Pavel Young. Became Fourth Space Lord (head of BuWeaps) in the White Haven Admiralty. Baroness Low Delhi in most recent novel, Mission of Honor.HH4
Hendricks-Manticoran Ambassador to Old Earth around the time of HH's escape from Hades. Member of the Conservative Association.HHA3
Lady Caitrin Winton-HenkeSKMDowager Duchess of Gold Peak; younger sister of King Roger (deceased); Queen Elizabeth's and Prince Michael's aunt. Married Earl Gold Peak (deceased); mother of Michelle and Calvin Henke (deceased).HHA3, HH9, HH11
Lord Calvin HenkeSKMEldest son of Earl of Gold Peak and Caitrin Winton-Henke, and brother of Michelle Henke. AssassinatedHHA3, HH9
Henke, Gloria Michelle Samantha Evelyn, Countess Gold PeakRMNQueen Elizabeth's first cousin; Countess of Gold Peak after father and brother's assassination; HH's room mate at the RMN Academy; XO of Nike; captain of HMS Agni; Rear Admiral of the Red and CO of BatCruRon 81 of the 8th Fleet; Briefly a Haven POW; Vice Admiral, CO 10th Fleet; Fifth in succession for the throne of Manticore.HH3, HH4, HH8-HH11, SI2
Roland HennemanPRH/RHformer employee of Public Information under the CPSHH11
HennesyRMNVice Admiral. Replaced at Seaford 9 by Admiral Santino.HH9, HH9
Alfred HenriesRMNAdmiral, knightHH5
HernandoMasadaCommander of MNS ScheherezadeHH6

Herrick to Hill[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
HerrickPNPNS KerebinHH6
Anson HewittRMNRear Admiral, CO of Sidemore station, replaced by HHHH10
HeyerdahlSCGovernor in Brennan SystemHH10
Susan HibsonRMMCSurvivor of Gryphon Avalanche; Became a Royal Marine, went to OCS and became an officer. Served with Honor Harrington several times.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 23: "...The major was a little bitty thing, less than half the size of her opponent, but she was built for speed, and for all her small size, she appeared to have been assembled from leftover battle armor parts"...
HHA2, HH2, HH4, HH6
HigginsGRCorporal, one of Steadholder Mueller's armsmenHH9
HigginsRMNAdmiral. CO of Grendelsbane depot. Forced to destroy the Yards, and all ships docked, mothballed, or under construction, when the Haven War resumed with Operation Thunderbolt and an overwhelming RH task force attackedHH10
Lord HightowerSKMBaron. Dame Estelle's predecessor on MedusaHH1
Lord Gray HillSKMEarlHH1
HillHSGColonel, later Brigadier General; CO of the Harrington Steadholder's GuardSI2, Ch. 7
Tanith HillRMNBureau of TrainingHH8

Hines to Holtz[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Judson HinesGSNLieutenant, CO of GNS IntrepidHH9
HipperTreecat in Nimitz's immigrant clan, named for a wet navy admiral, Old Earth. Adopted Rachel Mayhew.HH8, HH9
Avram HiroshioRMNtech on HMAMS WayfarerHH6
Sanura HobbardSLXenobiologist. Came to SKM when the treecats were discovered. Learned little about them as the 'cats had made a decision not to cooperate, and those humans who had bonded with a cat were playing dumbHH9, HHA2
Bryce HodgkinsRMNRear Admiral of the Green
(One of the watch commanders in "the Pit".)
HH9, Ch. 19
HoffnerIANKapitan LieutenantHH10
Gregor HofschulteAndermani MarinesAttempted assassination of Prince Huang of the Anderman Royal family. Succeeded in killing one of Huang's children. Killed during the attempt, which was never satisfactorily explained. Believed much later to have been under the control of Mesa. Assassination attempt resulted in the Imperial decree that no armed person ever be allowed in the same room as a member of the Royal familyHH10
George HoldermanRMNRear Admiral of the GreenHH8
HolmesRMNSBAs charged down it with Lieutenant Holmes running at their headHH6
Stephen HoltzPNPNS Achmed '​s COHH6

Honeker to Howard[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Honeker, EverardSS/RHAdmiral Lester Tourville's People's Commissioner.HH7, HH8 & HH9
Hongbo JunyanOFSVice Commissioner; Office of Frontier Security, associated with Lorcan VerrochioSI2, Ch. 16
HoodTreecat in Nimitz' emigrant clan on Grayson.HH7
Hooja, ArswendoRMNHMS Harvest Joy '​s chief engineerHH10
Horn, AlexandraRMNCommander; Formerly HMS Ajax's executive officer, then ship's commanding officer.
(a stocky, short-haired, gray-eyed brunette)
SI2, Ch. 2
HornerFalsely pronounced dead by CPS/SS of PRHHH8
Horton, GlennMaya
Briefly mentioned by Rozsak, Luiz, Rear Admiral in Ch. 1. See also (Admiral) Chapman.WS02
HoughtonPNPNS Vaubon, keeps diary. Captured by WeyfarerHH6
Jacqueline HousemanSKMSister of Reginald HousemanHH10
Reginald HousemanRMNA leading theorist of the Liberal Party; not a friend of the military. In HH2, second in command of Raoul Courvosier's diplomatic mission to Grayson. Later served as Second Space Lord during the High Ridge Government, in charge of financial build-down of the RMN.HH2, HH10
Irene HowardPNCitizen Ensign courier boatHH8
Eddie HowardHSGdied aboard HMAMS WayfarerHH6

Howell to Hurston[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Ambrose Howell-reporter, Yawata Crossing Dispatch
Joan Huertes-Interstellar News anchor for the Haven SectorHH8, HH9
HuffPNCitizen Commander.HH8
HugginsMASenior Elder in the Church of Humanity Unchained on Masada prior to its conquest by the SKM after the second attack on Grayson.HH2, HHA4
Caroline HughesRMNCaptain of HMS MajesticHH10
Jennifer HughesRMNLt. Commander, Tac Officer of HMAMS WayfarerHH6
(Samuel in Ch. 12; Steve in Ch. 28.)
GRArmsman sergeant for Steadholder Mueller, actually working undercover for Sword Intelligence. Murdered by Masadan agentsHH10, Ch's. 12 & 28
Christina 'Chris' HurlmanSKMKeel plate owner and XO of Hauptman Lines freighter Bonaventure. Captured by pirates, rescued by PNS, and repatriated, after PNS cruiser captured by HMAMS Wayfarer under HH commandHH6
Albert HurstonCommander, Helmsport Navy (conquered by Haven). Former prisoner of Hades. Served on courts-martial of Hades staff.HH8


Illyushin to Ito[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Ed IllyushinRMNCrew member aboard HMAMS Wayfarer, hangs out with Randy SteilmanHH6
Naomi ImbesiERNiece of Erewhon's Imbesi Family Leader Walter Imbesi.WS01
Walter ImbesiERHead of the Imbesi Family, officially part of the Erewhonese political opposition, not one of the families represented in the existing government. Despite this, little gets done on Erewhon without the Imbesi Family's leverage. He is "...a fourth not quite officially acknowledged member"... of the government's leadership triumvirate.
(See also: Alessandra Havlicek, Thomas Hall, Walter Imbesi.)
WS01, WS02, Ch. 1 (mentioned in)
Alyson Inch-Commander, Chief engineer aboard Elysian Navy Ship FarneseHH8
Ingemar_(See Ingemar Cassetti)WS01 & WS02, Ch. 1
Calvin InnisSSCitizen Sergeant, prison guard aboard PNS TepesHH7
InnokentiySolarian(See Kolokoltsov, Innokentiy Arsenovich)SI2, Ch. 47
Zhenting IsenhofferIANKapitän der Sterne, Herzog Rabenstrange's chief of staffHH10
IslerSSCitizen Captain, CO of PNS MordredHH8
Barney IsvarianSKMFormer command sergeant major for the Marine detachment on Saganami, major of the Medusan Native Protection Agency (NPA), stationed under Dame EstelleHH1
ItoPNCitizen CommanderHH7


Jackson to Jankowski[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
JacksonPNCitizen Commander aboard PNS SchaumbergHH8
JacksonPNCitizen Lieutenant, CO of a dispatch boatHH9
JacksonRHAmbassador in the Horus SystemHH10
Abraham JacksonGNLieutenant Commander, staff chaplain aboard GNS TerribleHH5, HH7
Mai-ling JacksonRMNEnsign, stationed aboard the destroyer HMS Madrigal, briefly Masadan POWHH2
Tatiana JamiesonRMNSenior Chief Steward, steward of Hamish AlexanderHH8
Sir Edward JanáčekRMNAdmiral of the Green. Twice first space lord. Assigned HH to Basilisk Station. Allowed Manticore to lose technological edge during short cease-fire. Committed SuicideHH1, HH9, HH10
Jankowski-(cartel owner)HH8

Janseci to Jeffers[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
JanseciSSCitizen LieutenantHH7
JansenRHNPO, HMS WayfarerHH6
JansenRHNLieutenant, HMS Wayfarer Missile defense officer. Killed in battle against PNS Achmed.HH6
Lord Michael JanvierSKMNinth Baron of High Ridge. Former Prime Minister. (Resigned)HH9, HH10
Allen Jardine-Citizen LieutenantHH8
Andrea JaruwalskiRMNTactical officer aboard HMS Hadrian. Career nearly destroyed by Admiral Elvis Santino {deceased} (HH8). "Rehabilitated" by Honor Harrington at Saganami Island (HH9). Eighth Fleet Operations Officer.HH8, HH9 Ch. 11+, HH11
Jason-Treecat, kitten to Nimitz and SamanthaHH7-HH9
JasperRMNlogistics officer, on the newer Nike.
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 2: "...deep baritone"... (no mention elsewhere in HH3.)
JefferiesPNCitizen CommanderHH8
Jeffers-Lieutenant Commander, HMS Starcrest '​s CO.SI1

Jefferson to Jones[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Wilson Jefferson-Commander, executive officer on HMS Harvest JoyHH10
JendraPNCitizen Commander, Citizen Admiral Dimitri's com officer at BarnettHH9
Jessup, DuncanPeepHaven's Secretary of public information (pre-revolution)
Desc. from HH3, Prologue: "...a stocky, perpetually disheveled man who cultivated the public image of a grumpy but golden-hearted uncle"....
HH3, Prologue
JewelPNCitizen CommanderHH7
M. JohannsenRMMCMaster Sergeant, Saganami Island range officerHH10
JohnsonPNCitizen Commissioner. Chenrov's commissionerHH5
Heinrich JohnsonPNCitizen Corporal. Leader of gambling ring aboard PNS Tepes keeper for RMN defector, Horace Harkness. Murdered by Harkness.HH7
Jones-political leader on planet EverestHH5

Jordan to Justin[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
JordanPNCitizen Captain, CO aboard PNS ConquistadorHH5
JordanRMNSenior Chief. (relief for Ginger Lewis)HH6
Leander JoubertPNCitizen Captain. Giscard's chief of staffHH8
Brother Jouet-Grayson Burdette Cathedral loyalistHH5
Denis JourdainPNSVaubons People's Commissioner, Secretary of the Treasury, RH.HH6
Juliet-ops officer for Admiral Higgins.HH10
Hongbo JunyanOFSVice Commissioner; Office of Frontier Security, associated with Lorcan VerrochioSI2, Ch. 16
Jurgens, AbrahamPNCitizen Commodore, commanded a task force aboard PNS AchmedHH6
Jurgens-Manticoran who views Honor Harrington as a loose warheadHH4
Francis JurgensenRMNAdmiral. Second Space Lord during High Ridge's regime.HH9, HH10
JustinPNCitizen CommodoreHH9, HHA3


Kaczmarczyk to Kellet[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Tadislaw KaczmarczykRMNCaptain, Royal Manticoran Marines. CO, Marine Detachment, HMS Hexapuma.SI1
Aikawa KagiyamaRMNEnsign, Royal Manticoran Navy, assigned HMS Hexapuma.SI1
Yinsheng Reinshagen von Kaiserfest-Andermani Ambassador to the Republic of HavenHH10
Albert KaminskiRMNLieutenant, communications officer (brief mention).SI2, Ch. 2
Everett Kanamashi-Member of the CRU. Assassinated Walter Frankel.HH3
Kanehama, John-Lieutenant, astrogator of HMAMS Wayfarer. Killed in battle against PNS Achmed.HH6
Gabrijela Kanjcevic-Captain; a SolarianHH10
KantorPNCitizen Lieutenant Commander. Assistant engineer, PNS Schaumberg Fourth in chain of command.HH9
Naomi KaplanRMNLieutenant Commander, Royal Manticoran Navy. Tactical Officer, HMS Hexapuma.SI1
Jordin KareRMAIAAstronomer. RMAIAHH10
Jane KelletPNCitizen Rear Admiral. PNS Schaumberg. Killed in battle.HH8, HH9

Kennedy to Kirkegard[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Brian KennedyMASco-conspirator with MuellerHH9
Jeffery KersaintPRHCitizen Secretary, foreign ministerHH9
Winston KershawGRGovernorHH9
Lord Jonathan KershawGRSteadholder Denby, strong supporter of Benjamin IXHH9
Theophile KgariRMNLieutenant, later Lieutenant Commander, staff astrogator for Task Force Thirty-Four and Eighth Fleet, both under Honor Harrington,HH10, HH11
The Hon. Augustus KhumaloRMNRear Admiral, Royal Manticoran Navy. CO, Talbott Station. Distant relative of the House of Winton. A firm member of the Conservative Association, however he distinguished himself to the Grantville Administration with his actions in supporting Captain Terekhov during the Monica situation.
"...a large, rather beefy hand, ...a large man, with powerful shoulders and a middle which was beginning to thicken. His complexion was considerably lighter than Michelle (Henke)'s own — in fact, it was almost as light as the Queen's — but there was no mistaking the Winton chin".
SI1; SI2, Ch. 8 & Ch. 14
New Kiev, (Marissa)SKMCountess New Kiev, leader of the Liberal Party of the House of Lords in the SKM, apparently so eager to take political power that she was willing to sacrifice principle for a Cabinet post under High Ridge. Opposed for leadership of the Liberals by Catherine Montaigne who renounced her title of Countess of the Tor to run as a commoner for Parliament. Was Minister for Medusan AffairsHH1, HH9, HH10
KillianRMNCPO. Helmsman aboard both incarnations of HMS Fearless (CL-56 and CA-286). Two commissions previous to his service on the original HMS Fearless, he did a stint as the regular helmsman for a super dreadnought's boarding shuttle.HH1, HH2, HHA4
Wilson KirkegardRMNAdmiralHH10

Kleinmeuller to Kuzak[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Klein-Lieutenant Colonel, Commander of the Marine detachment on the newer Nike.
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 2: "...His was the sort of face that revealed very little"...
Kleinmeuller-Justice Kleinmeuller (Grayson politics) Harrington Steading's senior juristHH8
KlinePNCitizen Secretary of War, replaced by Admiral Esther McQueen.HH7
Klontz-Lieutenant Klontz (takes over for Silvetti)HH6
Kolokoltsov, Innokentiy ArsenovichSolarianpermanent senior undersecretary for foreign affairs. One of a quintet of permanent bureaucrats who actually control the Solarian government's actions.
(See also Nathan MacArtney, Omosupe Quartermain, Malachai Abruzzi and Agatá Wodoslawski)
SI2, Ch. 47
Elaine Komandorski-Manpower genetic slave. Escaped. Paid by Mesa for her betrayal of a ship full of fellow escapees. Used the payoff when she came to SKM to begin a criminal career of commercial espionage, financial crimes, etc. Believed by LCPD to have murdered at least two people before changing her name to Georgia Sakristos after abandoning criminal career, just ahead of the police. 'Security specialist' to Dmitri Young, Earl of North Hollow. One time lover of Pavel Young, Earl of North Hollow, after his father's death. Married Stephan Young, Earl of North Hollow, minister in High Ridge cabinet. Effectively the eminence grise (and dirty tricks strategic planner) for the High Ridge Cabinet. After his return from Congo/Torch, 'encouraged' by Anton Zilwicki and Catherine Montaigne to leave SKM—permanently. She had been a very high priority Ballroom target since the betrayal.HH5, HH10, WS01
Jackson KriangsakRMNRear Admiral of the Red. Served with Earl White Haven early in the War at Second Yeltsin. On Honor Harrington's staff at the ATC while HH was Commandant.HH9
Henri KrietzmannTCPresident, Talbott Constitutional Convention.
Later, the Quadrant's Minister of War.
(...Krietzmann was a short, compact, solid-looking man with brown hair and gray eyes. His left hand had been mangled in some long-ago accident, and although Michelle knew he was actually the youngest person in the room, he looked like the oldest, because prolong had been unavailable on his native planet of Dresden in his youth"...)
SI1; SI2, Ch. 16
Kuttner, TimothyPNCitizen Commissioner, Commissioner for Helen ZacharyHH7
Theodosia KuzakRMNAdmiral. Supporter of the White Haven led traditionalist school (in opposition to Hemphill led jeune ecode faction). Childhood friend and (briefly) lover of Earl White Haven. Left in charge of 6th fleet's struggle to take Trevor's Star during Hamish Alexander's visit to Manticore (HH6, Ch. 1). Killed in the Battle of ManticoreHH4, HH6, HH8-HH11
KuzakRMN?Admiral. brief mentionIS2, Ch. 7


Lababibi to Langtry[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
President Samiha LababibiTCPresident of the Spindle System and its senior delegate to the Talbott Constitutional Convention. Later, "resigned as the Spindle System President to take the Treasury Ministry" (of the Talbott Quadrant).SI1; SI2, Ch. 16
LaBoeuf-Head of the "Leveler" a group of anarchists. Lead an uprising against the Committee of Public Safety.
Andrew LaFolletHSGMajor, Harrington Steadholders Guard. Close friend and longtime personal armsman of HH. Promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and now personal guard for HH's son.HH4-HH11
Jennifer LaFolletGRmaid/nanny for HH's younger two siblings, cousin to Miranda LaFolletHH9, Ch. 14; HH11
Miranda LaFolletGRAndrew LaFollet's sister. Jennifer LaFollet's cousin. Personal maid and assistant to Honor Harrington. Functions as her chief of staff. First Grayson to bond with a treecat.HH5, HH8-HH11
Doug Lampert-Commander Captain Reumann's tactical officerHH10
Landow-PO works with Henry StevensHH10
Sir Anthony LangtryRMMColonel (retired). Ambassador to Grayson. Later foreign Secretary in 1st Grantville Administration.
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 18: "...Langtry had been a Marine colonel... ...deep-set eyes... ...a tall man, but much of his bulk was in his torso, and he had to half-trot to match (Honor Harrington's) long-legged stride"....
HH2, HH11

Lao Than to Lecter[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Lao Than-Historical figure who invented a vaccine against lung cancer, seventeen centuries before the events of the HH storiesMentioned in HH2
Julia LapischPNCitizen Lieutenant Commander, com officerHH8
George Larabee-Lord Altamont, Catherine Montaigne's brother-in-lawHH10
Lady Altamont Larabee-George Larabee's motherHH10
Larry-Captain Bachfisch's Pirates' Bane '​s astrogator.HH10
Ron LarsonRMNCommander; Exec to Flag Captain Armstrong
(Voice- a highland Gryphon burr... raised on the other side of the planet from what had become the Duchy of Harrington. "half a head shorter than the flag captain. He was as dark-haired as Adenauer, but his eyes were a curious slate-gray, not brown, and he sported a luxuriant but neatly trimmed beard that made him look vaguely piratical. There was something about him that reminded Michelle of Michael Oversteegen, though she couldn't put her finger on what it was".)
SI2, Ch. 11
Howard LathamGSNCommander (GNS), HH's staff com officer (on GNS Alvarez)HH7
Lawrence-Chief Petty Officer under Sarah FlanaganHH10
-Commodore; senior officer of the Spindle System NavySI2, Ch. 15
LeahyRMNCaptain senior intelligence officer, Third FleetHH8
Cynthia 'Cindy' LecterRMNCaptain (junior-grade); Adm. Henke's chief of staff. Had previously served as Henke's executive officer.
("...a trim blonde at least twelve or thirteen centimeters shorter than Michelle")
SI2, Ch. 8

Lemaitre, Antoinette to Lewis[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Antoinette LemaitreRMNCaptain (SG) who views HH as a loose warheadHH4
George LeMoyneGSNLieutenant (Senior-Grade) Logistics and Supply Officer (on GNS Alvarez)HH7
LeopoldSSCitizen Commissioner to Citizen Rear Admiral Darlington during Operation Icarus.HH8
Denis LePicRHSenior Peoples Commissioner at Barnett, assigned to Admiral Theisman. Not a fan of the Pierre - Saint-Just regime and its policies; became Attorney General after restoration of the Haven ConstitutionHH5, HH7, HH9-HH11
Anson LethridgeESNLieutenant Commander Honor Harrington's Erewhonese astrogator (on GNS Alvarez)H7, HH8
LevittPNCitizen CommanderHH8
Izrok LevakonicSOLTechnodyne Industries of Yildun's representative to the Republic of Monica. Killed in the Manticoran attack on Eroica Station.SI1
Ginger LewisRMNElectronics Tech, later Commander (RMN) Friend and classmate of Aubrey Wanderman, Gravitics specialist, DCC Chief on Wayfarer, promoted out of the zone. Victim of Steilman's retaliation. Attended OCS, became an officer and was Chief Engineer on Hexapuma '​s tour to the Lynx Cluster under Captain Terekhov.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 8: "...a gravitics specialist like Aubrey. The trim redhead had graduated nineteenth in their class of a hundred... ...twelve years older than he was... ...She wasn't anywhere near as strong as he on theory, yet she had an uncanny instinct for troubleshooting, as if she could actually feel where the problem lay. She also had the added maturity of her age, and the fact that she was extremely attractive hadn't"... Later by 1922AD, she became captain (JG) appointed to admiral Yeager staff at HMSS Wayland.
HH6, HH12, HHA4
Victor LewisPNRear Admiral; "...would have made formidable interrogators" & "Lewis commanded the Office of Operational Research, the Bureau of Planning's primary analysis agency",SI2, Ch. 4

Lionheart to Luchner[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
(Climbs Quickly)
SKMThe first treecat to bond with a human, Stephanie Harrington. Lost a true arm in a battle with a hexapuma defending the injured Stephanie, after a hang glider crash.HHA3
ListermanPRHHoldout against the Republic of HavenMentioned in HH10
LivermorePNCitizen Colonel (PNS) CO of PNS Tepes '​s ground force and security detachmentsHH7
LivitnikovSKMAssociate of Denver Summervale, presumably a lawyer, who acts as a witness and a second during Summervale's duelsHH4
Robert LlewellynRMNCommander. Executive Officer for HMS Jessica Epps. Killed in action.HH10
Sabrina LongmontPNCitizen Admiral. Supported Committee of Public Safety. Imprisoned on Hades after defeat in battle. Served on courts-martial of Hades staff under conditions.HH8
LovatRMN?Commander, Exec. to Commodore Van Slyke on the HMS Crusader
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 22: "...the slender commander's intricately-braided chestnut hair and attractively curved figure and gave her a gracious smile. ...on her hips and nicely filled trousers"...
Karen LowePNCitizen CommanderHH7, HH8
LuchnerPNCitizen Commander. Executive officer of PNS KatanaHH7


MacAfee to Maddison[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Lawrence MacAfeePNCitizen Vice Admiral PNSHH9
Nathan MacArtneySolarianpermanent senior undersecretary of the Interior (back on Old Earth). One of a quintet of permanent bureaucrats who actually control the Solarian government's actions.
(See also Innokentiy Arsenovich Kolokoltsov, Omosupe Quartermain and Malachai Abruzzi and Agatá Wodoslawski)
SI2, Ch. 47
Sally MacBrideRMNSenior Master Chief Boatswain's Mate (Bosun : senior non-commissioned officer) aboard Fearless (CL-56?, probably not CA-286), has served in the Royal Manticoran Navy (RMN) for over 15 Manticoran years. She is a native to Gryphon.HH1, HH6, HH8
Niall MacDonnellGSNAdmiralHH10
James 'Mac' MacGuinessRMNSenior Chief Steward, First Class Steward. Later head butler at Harrington Steading.
Allen MacGuire-Captain (Junior-Grade) Gudrid's CO and the squadron's third-in-command.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 7: "...MacGuire was a small man, twenty-five centimeters shorter than Honor, and another blond. ...he had a lively sense of humor which would probably stand a Q-ship's commander in good stead. He was also sharply intelligent"...
{See also Exec. officer Courtney Stillman.}
Andrew MacIntoshPNCitizen Captain, PRH ops officer, and Javier Giscard's chief of staff.HH8, HH9
Sir Harrison MacIntoshSKMHome SecretaryHH10
John Mackenzie-(Grayson, steadholder)HH5, HH11
Allison MacMurtreePNCaslet's XOHH6
MaddisonRMNCPO. Teacher of Neue-Stil Handgemenge martial art at Saganami IslandHH10

MaGuire to Mangrum[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Magilen, JulieMaya
"...(Gov.) Barregos' private secretary, guarded the approaches like a deceptively demure looking dragon".WS02, Ch. 1
MaGuire-Master Chief; responsible for the work party that cleared HMS Ajaxs aft boat bay in the battle of Solon.SI2, Ch. 2
Theresa Mahoney-Supreme Court Justice in the PRH. Sentence's HH to death.HH8
Maintaigne; Catherine-See Catherine Montaigne (incorrect spelling)-
Sir Ronald MaitlandRMNRear AdmiralHH10
Dame Melina MakrisSKMthe Exchequer's personal representative on the RMAIA board Harvest BountyHH10
Laurel Malachi-Captain, armed merchant ship Ambuscade '​s skipperHH10
MalinskiRMNCPO, aboard HMMS Jessica EppsHH10
Frederick MaloneRMNVice Admiral of the RedHH9
Mancuso-assistant to Leonard Boardman.HH9
Oliver ManfrediRMN"Battlecruiser Squadron Eighty-One's golden-haired chief of staff", (in Battle of Solon)SI2, Ch. 1
Kenneth MangrumPNCitizen Lieutenant PNSHH8

Manning, Allen to Marston[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Allen ManningRMNengineer aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56). Killed in battle against Havenite Q-ship Sirius.HH1
George ManningPNCommander, PNS, Executive Officer on PNS SalidanHH2
Sir Allen MannockRMNVice Admiral, Surgeon GeneralHH9, HH11
Manson, _________Maya
Presumably on the staff of Rozsak, Luiz, Rear Admiral
Has not been entrusted with Rozsak's actual long range plans. Referred to as "...that little snot Manson".
WS02, near end of Ch. 1
(probably WS01 as well.)
Brother Edmond Augustus MarchantGRcleric, protester, personal chaplain to Lord BurdetteHH5
Solomon MarchantGSNCommander. Thomas Greentree's exec on Jason Alvarez Captured, and sent to Hades. Escaped.HH7, HH8
Silas MarkhamRMNVice Admiral of the RedHH8
Theresa MarkovicRMNMidshipwomanHH9
Arnaud MarquetteRHNAdmiral RN chief of Naval Staff under TheismanHH10, HH11
MarstonRHNCommander in RHN's second fleet (exec for Tourville?)HH10

Martin to Maybach[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Leonard MastermanRHHavenite ambassador to GraysonHH2
Estelle Matsuko
Baroness Medusa
SKM"Lady Dame Estelle Matsuko, Baroness Medusa, and Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth III of Manticore's Imperial Governor for the Talbott Quadrant".
Knight of the Order of King Roger and Resident Commissioner for Planetary Affairs on the planet Medusa in the name of Her Majesty Elizabeth III, Queen of Manticore and Defender of the Realm. (in HH1)
The Empress' direct representative and viceroy in the Quadrant.
Interim system governor for the Talbott Cluster.
Expected to be appointed as the first imperial governor.
HH1, HHA4; SI2, Ch. 15
Wesley MatthewsGSNHigh Admiral. Received sudden promotion to be in charge of Grayson's mobile forces/fleet.
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 22: "...short, even for a Grayson, stocky and solid, with an intelligent, mobile face"...
HH2, HH5, HH7, HH9, HH10, HHA4
Stephen MatthewsGSN(logistics officer, GNS Terrible)HH5
Stuart Matthews-(Sky Domes)HH5, HH7
Simon MattinglyHSGLieutenant, HH's armsman. Murdered in the line of duty.HH5-HH7 HH9-HH11
Lady Francine MaurierSKMBaroness Mourncreek and First Lord of the Admiralty. With the formation of the Grantville Administration, was made a countess and Chancellor of the Exchequer.HH3, HH4, HH10 (Mentioned only)
Richard "Silver Spanner" MaxwellRMNPO, Flight engineer aboard Harpy One. Killed in action.HH8
Richard MaxwellSKMlawyer for HH
HH9, Ch. 20: "...I've been practicing almost exclusively before the criminal bar for the last twenty or thirty T-years. Although I've handled a few business matters for Willard (Neufsteiler), primarily when he wanted someone he'd known for years and knew to be discreet, my commercial law is actually fairly rusty".
HH9, Ch. 20; HH10?; HH11
Bruce Maxwell-Power Tech Drive specialist; Drive room chief.HH6
Alex Maybach-McKeons personal steward,HH7

Mayhew, Alexandra to Mayhew, Theresa[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Alexandra MayhewGRBenjamin Mayhew's daughterHH9
Protector Bernard III MayhewGR(assassinated Protector of Grayson, early history)
Cyrus the WeakGR(early Mayhew family Protector of Grayson, imprisoned)
Elaine MayhewGR(Benjamin Mayhew's second wife) Mother of Jeanette and Honor Mayhew.HH2, HH5, HH8, HH9, HH11
Jared MayhewGRSecond Maccabeus. Minister of Industry prior to the Mayhew Restoration. Second in line for the Protectorship, prior to the attempted Maccabeus coup.HH2
Jeanette MayhewGR(Benjamin Mayhew's daughter through Elaine)HH5, HH8, HH9, HH11
Katherine MayhewGR(grayson) Protector Benjamins senior wife, effectively the Queen Consort of Grayson.HH2, HH4, HH7, HH8, HH9, HH11
Jasper MayhewGRLieutenant (Senior-Grade)HH7-HH9
Michael MayhewGRYounger brother of Benjamin Mayhew IXHH2, HH3
Oliver MayhewGRFather of Jared Mayhew. First Maccabeus.HH2
Protector Oliver IV MayhewGR(assassinated Protector of Grayson, early history)
Lord Oliver MayhewGR(Mayhew steadholder (first Protector?), early Grayson history)
Protector Benjamin II MayhewGR(assassinated Protector of Grayson, early history)
Protector Benjamin IV Mayhew (Benjamin the Great)GRGrayson early history, sole escapee of Bancroft's assassinations. Expelled Faithful to Masada
Protector Benjamin Mayhew IXGRCurrent Protector of Grayson and ally of HH and by extension, Queen Elizabeth and the Star Kingdom of Manticore
Protector John II MayhewGR(early grayson history)
Theresa MayhewGRBenjamin Mayhew's daughter through KatherineHH5

Maynard to McKee[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
MaynardPNCitizen ChiefHH7
MazyrakPNCitizen PrivateHH7
McBryde, JackMesan"I am a high muckety-muck in security"..., ___, brother of Zachariah
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 5): "Both brothers were red-haired and blue-eyed, but of the two, Jack had the greater number of freckles and the more infectious smile. ...Both of them had lively senses of humor, ...Jack had always been the extrovert of the pair... ...Jack the joker, the raconteur of hilarious stories, the guy with the irresistible grin and the devastating ability to attract women",...
WS02, Ch. 5
McBryde, ZachariahMesanscientist, one of Anastasia Chernevsky's key research directors, brother of Jack
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 5): "Both brothers were red-haired and blue-eyed, but of the two, ...Zachariah, six T-years younger and three centimeters shorter than his brother, had always been the straight man when they were younger. Both of them had lively senses of humor, and Zachariah had probably been even more inventive than Jack when it came to devising elaborate practical jokes"...
WS02, Ch. 5
James McClellandRMNastrogator for Erica Ferrero HMS Jessica EppsHH10
Dame Beatrice McDermottRMNBaroness Alb, Vice Admiral Royal Manticoran Navy, CO Saganami Island Naval Academy.SI1
Marcia McGinleyGSNops officer (on GNS Alvarez)HH7
Ivan McGregorRMMCLieutenant Colonel;
...born and raised on the planet of Gryphon, less than five hundred kilometers from what had since become the Duchy of Harrington, was (Commodore Arlo) Turner's antithesis in almost every way. Where Turner was fair-haired and blue-eyed, McGregor had black hair, dark brown eyes, and a swarthy complexion. Where Turner was heavyset—chunky, not overweight—and stood only a little more than a hundred and sixty-two centimeters in height, McGregor had a runner's build and topped a hundred and ninety-three centimeters... ...Turner had been the senior officer of Camp Charlie-Seven, and McGregor, as the senior Marine officer in the camp, had been his adjutant and the commander of Camp Charlie's internal police service. He continued to hold both of those posts, and Turner had become Michelle's executive officer.
SI2, Ch. 3
Jackson McGwireSKMEarl of White Haven's butlerHH11
Samson McGwireRHSenatorHH10
Bruce McGyverRMNLAC wing, HMS MinotaurHH8
Andre McIntyrePNCitizen CaptainHH9
Mecia McKeeRMNHMMS Jessica Epps communications officerHH10

McKeon to Mincio[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Alistair McKeonRMNRear Admiral of the Red. HH Executive Officer aboard the light cruiser, Fearless (CL-56, not CA-286). Captain of Troubador, Prince Adrian. Captured and sent to Hades with HH. Killed in the Battle of Manticore.
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 1: ...tall, heavyset exec... ...His gray eyes ...
HH1-HH4, HH7-HH11
Esther McQueenPNTrevor's Star. Committee of public safety, Citizen Secretary of WarHH5-HH10, HHA1, HHA3
McReynolds, Hester__Author of 'Origins of the Maya Crisis' (Ceres Press, Chicago, 2048 PD)WS02
Timothy MearesRMNHH's flag lieutenant. Killed in a Mesa plotHH10, HH11
Baroness MedusaM?See Estelle Matsuko. (#Martin to Maybach)SI2, Ch. 13
Eloise MeinerRMN(RMN on HMS Hector) Rear Admiral of the GreenHH5
Geraldine MetcalfRMNAlistair McKeon's tactical officerHH7, HH8
Joyce MetzingerRMNLt, Communications Officer on HMS Fearless (CA-286)HH2
MichaelsonGR(Grayson, steadholder)HH5
Silas MikasinovichSSCitizen General, longest surviving major SS dissenter of the Republic of HavenHH10
Diego MikhailovicRMNCaptain of the battlecruiser (probably 'Ajax'?) that Admiral Michelle Henke manned (KIA in Battle of Solon).SI2, Ch. 1
Edith MincioSKMScholar and former tutor for Sir Hakon Nessler of Greatgap. Recently attained post as Reader in Pre-human Civilizations at Skanderbeg University on Manticore.HHA1

Monroe to Mueller[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Monet, GeorgeRMNLieutenant Commander, Communications section
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 2: "...the antithesis of her new tac officer: a tall, thin, almost colorless man with humorless features. His handclasp was firm enough, but almost mechanical"....
HH3, Ch. 2 & 6
MonroeSKMTreecat to Justin Zyrr-Winton, previously to King Roger.HH9, HH11, HHA2
Irene MontagueRMNchief of staff on HMS HectorHH11
Lord Henry MontaigneSKMCount(Earl) of TorHH10
Catherine MontaigneSKMformerly Countess of the Tor, galactic anti-slavery advocate (through the Anti-Slavery League); known as a 'loose cannon' {Please correct with actual phrase} due to her affiliation with the 'Audubon Ballroom'; Member of the Manticoran Liberal Party (and likely candidate for its leadership); native of SKM, lover of Anton ZilwickiHH10, HH11, HHA3, WS01, SI1
Fritz MontoyaRMNPhysician assistant aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56), ship's doctor aboard Fearless (CA-286). Later, Surgeon Commander Fritz Montoya (on GNS Alvarez)HH1-HH3, HH7-HH10
MontoyaRMNPhysician. passing mention, may or may not be Fritz MontoyaSI2, Ch. 8
Sybil MooreheadTCChief of Staff to Prime Minister Alquezar.SI2, Ch. 17
Olivia MorrisPNCitizen Commander. Tac officer. PNS Schaumberg.HH8
MosleyPRHCitizen Secretary of Public InformationHH9
Samuel MuellerGRGrayson, steadholderHH5, HH9


Nagchaudhuri to Nordbrandt[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Amal NagchaudhuriRMNLieutenant Commander; Hexapuma's communications officer.
Desc.- "tall, almost albino-pale"
SI2, Ch. 5
Nazari-skipper on RMMS ChantillyHH10
NelsonSKMTreecat in Nimitz's Grayson immigrant clanHH7, HH8, HH9
Jean-Claude NesbittRHSecurity Chief to Sec. of State Giancola, cousin of Tony Nesbitt.
(Alleged to be a Mesan Agent; citation needed!)
HH10?, HH11.
Tony NesbittRHSecretary of CommerceHH10, HH11
Sir Hakon NesslerRMN/SKMEnsign (Resigned), Royal Manticoran Navy. Fourteenth Earl of Greatgap. Undertook an expedition, along with his mentor Edith Mincio, to Hope (fmr. Salamis) in the outskirts of the Solarian League to study the Alphane Worlds. While there he took command of the Melungeon light-cruiser Colonel Araby, rechristened the HMS Ajax and crewed by the thirty-seven survivors of the destroyer HMS L'Imperieuse. He and "his" crew and tracked down and destroyed the heavy-cruiser the PNS Rienzi which was attacking RMN ships in Sollie space.HHA1
Willard NeufsteilerSKMHonor Harrington's chief financial managerHH4, HH6-HH11
Francis 'Frank' NeySKMpersonal bodyguard of Prime Minister Allen Summervale, died in the assassination at Grayson.HH9
NicoSKMA servant in White Haven, likely a footman or possibly the junior butlerHH10, HH11
(Laughs Brightly)
SKMTreecat. Adopted Honor Harrington at the age of 13 (14??), attended RMN Naval Academy on Saganami Island with her, and has been with her ever since, save while imprisoned aboard Tepes with Cordelia Ransom. His injuries in connection with that episode have prevented him from telepathically speaking to other treecats. Mate of Samantha and father of Jason, Achilles, Andromeda, and Cassandra, who were taken to Grayson to grow up, along with a party from Nimitz' Bright Water Clan.
Agnes NordbrandtTCLeader of the Kornati National Redemption Party (NRP) and as such was a close ally of current President Vuk Rajkovic; organizer and leader of the Freedom Alliance of Kornati (FAK), a terrorist group backed unknowingly by Mesa through a contact named "Firebrand".SI1
Eugene NordbrandtRMNLieutenant, Bad Penny '​s com officerHH9


Obrien to Olivetti[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
O'BrienRMNHonor's tracking yeoman on the first SD she served aboard, a Shinto priestMentioned in HH5
Jennifer O'BrienRMNWhite Haven's 8th Flt intelligence officerHH8
Merlin OdomSKMWillard Neufsteiller's deputy at ManticoreHH10
OdysseusSKMAristophones Georgides' treecat partnerHH6
Lasrina O'FaolainPNCitizen CommissionerHH9
Sir Clarence OglesbySKMpublic relations director and press secretary for High RidgeHH10
Kendrick O'HalleyRMNSenior Chief Coxswain on HMS Wayfarer (helmsman). Killed in battle against PNS AchmedHH6
Tamara O'JorgensonRMNSphinxian SCPO on HMS Prince Adrian, senior environmental tech and qualified small craft gunner. Imprisoned on Hades with the rest of Prince Adrian '​s crewHH8
Fugimori OkamuraPNCitizen Lieutenant Commander, ops officer to Citizen Admiral GroenewoldHH9
Frances OlivettiRMNLieutenant, Royal Manticoran Navy. Assistant Engineer, HMS Hexapuma.SI1

Olson to Oversteegen[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
OlsonPNCitizen Captain, CO of the small PN patrol detachmentHH8
Quentin O'MalleyRMNVice Admiral, Royal Manticoran Navy. CO of RMN task force dispatched to Monica to support Terekhov. (His command was originally intended as a screening element at the Lynx junction.)SI1; SI2, Ch. 8 & Ch. 13
Shulamit OnasisRMNCommodore; commands BCS 106's second divisionSI2, Ch. 13
Pakow OovvicSKMDempsey's restaurant manager at Manticore-B
Lajos OrbanRMNSurgeon Commander, Royal Manticoran Navy. Ship's doctor, HMS Hexapuma. Temporarily replaced by Surgeon Lieutenant Ruth SarkozySI1; SI2, Ch. 5
Lord Orloff MaxwellVECaptain of the light cruiser the Colonel Araby. Noble of the Grand Duchy of Melungeon, a Verge system to the galactic south of the Solarian League. Responsible for the destruction of a priceless archaeological artifact when he attempted to move one of the "Alphane Columns" off of the planet Hope.HHA1
Roslee OrndorffRMNchief of staff for Admiral Alistair McKeonHH10, HH11
Gregor O'ShaughnessySKMBaroness Medusa's civilian senior intelligence analyst. "...and, effectively, her chief of staff, as well"
("...slightly built and a good ten centimeters shorter than Augustus Khumalo, with thinning gray hair"...)
SI1; SI2, Ch. 16 & Ch. 17.
Oselli, CharlotteRMNLieutenant Commander, Astrogator on the newer Nike.
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 2: "...Oselli's hair and eyes were as dark as Honor's own, and her thin, almost foxy features looked both confident and intelligent"....
OswaldGR(grayson early history, survivor of Bancroft's assassinations, leader of the Faithful) SteadholderHH5
Valery OttweilerMEDiplomatic representative, Mesa System.SI1
The Hon. Michael OversteegenRMNRear Admiral. Distant relative of the Baron High Ridge. Former commander of HMS Gauntlet and HMS Nike. Commanding officer of Battlecruiser Squadron 83 after Michelle Henke's capture at the Battle of Solon.HH11, HHA4, WS01


Pacelot to Panokulous[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Helen PacelotPNCitizen Commander, tac officer aboard PNS AchmedHH6
Nikola PakovicSKMManager of Dempsey's on HMSS Weyland.HH9
Luis PalaciosTCStephen Westman's ranch foreman and second-in-command, Montana Independence Movement (MIM).SI1
Thandi "The Great Kaja" PalaneSMCLieutenant, frmr. A native of Ndebele, a heavy-G planet in the Mcafene system, she was a Solarian citizen only by proxy. Citizens of planets under the jurisdiction of the OFS could join the military but were often overlooked for advancement. Career prospects picked up for her when she was recruited into Captain Luis Rozsak's covert ops detachment. She was affectionately dubbed "Great Kaja" by her charges, a strike team of Ukrainian-developed genetic superwomen whom she trained personally, known as scrags, aka "Amazons". Her own capabilities include superhuman strength and agility as well as her Solarian Marine Corps training. At the end of Crown of Slaves she resigned her Solarian commission to take up the post as CO of the Torch Royal Military.WS01
Palliser-Prince Adrian '​s chief engineerHH7
Constance Palmer-LevyInSecSecretary for Internal Security in President Harris's cabinet, under the Legislaturist regime of the People's Republic of Haven. She was assassinated by Kevin Usher and other members of the CRP in HH3.HH3
PangbornPNCitizen CaptainHH8
Cal/Carl PanokulousRMNHonor's boyfriend on Sanganami IslandMentioned in HH3 & HH10

Panowski to Perot[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
PanowskiRMNLieutenant, acting astrogator aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56). Killed in battle against the Havenite Q-ship SiriusHH1
Nikos PapadapolousRMMCServing in the RMMC aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56 (probably not ALSO CA-286)), Captain Papadapolous heads the marine division assigned to Honor's ship.
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 4: ...meticulously neat in the green and black of the Royal Manticoran Marines... Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 18: ...The Marine was dark, despite his auburn hair, with quick, alert eyes, ...but he looked like an untested recruit...
Amos ParnellPNPRH Chief of Naval Operations who planned the initial attacks of the Manticore-Haven war. Admiral (CNO) Amos Parnell of (Peep) Naval Intelligence was a firm man supporting the war effort. Court martialed and convicted of treason for involvement in the coup which overthrew the RH, sent to Hades, freed during HH's breakout, went to Earth to testify on the circumstances of that coup and related events. Regarded by White Haven as a very good battle planner and commander.HH3, HH8, HH9, HH10
Mark PaulkRMNPO 2/c, LAC Cutthroat '​s helmsmanHH9
Ragnhild PavleticRMNMidshipwoman, Royal Manticoran Navy, assigned HMS Hexapuma. Close friend of fellow "Middie" Helen Zilwicki. Killed in an attack by the Jessyk Combine Transport Freighter Marianne.SI1
Gregory PaxtonGSNstaff intelligence officer, GNS Admiral Harrington, aboard GNS TerribleHH5, HH10
Ludmilla PenevskiPNCitizen CommissionerHH8
Perot, RussellPRHCommodore, chief of staff to Admiral Amos ParnellHH3, HH8

Pete to Porter[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
PeteRMNHMS MajesticHH5
PhillipsGRCouncilman prior to the Mayhew Restoration.HH2
Susan PhillipsPRHcomputer specialist, Sarawak System Navy (Conquered by PRH)HH8-HH11
Robert S. PierrePRHDolist member of RH Legislature. Chief organizer of the coup which brought the RH government down. Chairman of the Committee which established the PRH, and which put Saint-Just in charge of State Security. Effective, if brutal (mostly via Saint-Just) leader. Killed during a coup led by PRN Admiral (and War Minister) Esther McQueen.HH3-HH11
Bianca PolancoPNCitizen Captain, CO of PNS TimoleonHH9
PorterPNCitizen CorporalHH7
PorterPNCitizen Rear AdmiralHH8, HH9

Preston to Pyne[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Jayne PrestonPNCitizen Captain. CO of PNS Subutai.HH8
Preston of the Spaceways-Famous fictional character in Honorverse.
Lord Henry PrestwickGRGrayson; Chancellor, SteadholderHH2, HH5, HH7-HH10
Lady Ellen PrevostRMNLieutenant Commander, Apollo '​s Exec,
Desc. in HH2, Ch. 3: "...both of them as golden-haired as Honor was dark"...
Michael PreznikovPRH(PRH citizen, aboard PNS Conquistador, resident commissioner for Committee of Public Safety) Citizen CommissionerHH5
Minerva PrinceSKMliberal, co-host of "Into the Fire"HH4
President Eloise PritchartRHPRHN Admiral Javier Giscard's Peoples Commissioner, former Aprilist opponent of the RH regime, (twin sister Estelle brutally killed in the streets of Nouveau Paris). Very close relationship with Giscard, concealed from StateSec and most others. After the Theisman coup, became President of the revived (pre-Legislaturalist) Republic of Haven.HH6, HH8-HH11, HHA3, HHA4
Estelle PritchartPRHsister to Eloise Pritchart. Killed, inspiring Eloise Pritchart to join the CRUHH6
ProxmirePNCitizen Lieutenant Commander, courier boat skipper assigned to Hades. Attempted to get off planet to inform the PRH of Honor Harrington's takeover of Camp Charon, but was shot down and killed.HH8
Audrey PyneRMNEnsign, Tremaine's tac officer aboard LAC-1901HH9


CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Omosupe QuartermainSolarianPermanent Senior Undersecretary of Commerce (back on Old Earth). One of a quintet of permanent bureaucrats who actually control the Solarian government's actions. Unlike the other four, she had spent twenty years in the private sector before joining the Solarian bureaucracy.
(See also Innokentiy Arsenovich Kolokoltsov, Nathan MacArtney, and Malachai Abruzzi and Agatá Wodoslawski)
SI2, Ch. 47


Rabenstrange to Ramirez, R[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Chien-lu Anderman, Herzog von RabenstrangeIANfifth in succession to throne, renowned combat commander of IAN, Emperor's first cousin.HH6, HH10
President Vuk RajkovicTCLeader of the Reconciliation Party (RP). Recently appointed Planetary President of Kornati and the Split System. Was Vice-President until the impeachment and subsequent resignation of former President Aleksandra Tonkovic.SI1
Tomas Ramirez
Tomas Santiago Ramirez
RMMCRoyal Manticoran Marine Corp. Son of Jesus Ramirez. Brigadier GeneralHH2, HH4, HH8, HH9
Elena RamirezSKMRamirez's kidsMentioned in HH8
Jesus RamirezSMNa commodore from San Martin, POW, senior surviving officer from the SMN task force that covered the Trevor's Star, imprisoned on CerberusHH8
Josepha RamirezSKMRamirez's kidsMentioned in HH8
Manuel Ramirez-father to Jesus RamirezHH9
President Hector Ramirez-uncle to Jesus RamirezHH9
Rosario Ramirez-Wife of Jesus Ramirez, mother of Elena, Josepha, and TomasMentioned in HH8

Randal to Rhodes[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
RandalPNCitizen CommissionerHH8
Cordelia RansomPRHLed the coup against Haven's Legislaturalist government with the aid of Rob S. Pierre and Oscar Saint-Just. Became a senior member of the Committee of Public Safety set up in place of the previous regimeHH3, HH7-HH9
Ravicz, IvanRMNCommander, engineer on new Nike (CA-286)
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 2 & 6: "...deep-set eyes"...
HH3, Ch. 2
Pierre RedmontPNAdmiral, in charge of 'Bogey two' in the Battle of SolonSI2, Ch. 2
Frank ReidelPNaboard PNS Kerebin for Cpt Stellingetti Peoples CommissionerHH6
Patrick M. Reumann-RHNS Sovereign of Space '​s captain, disguised as a neutral courier boat.HH10, HH11
Michel ReynaudSKMManticore Astro-Control Service (ACS). Later Vice Admiral, Manticore Astro-Control Service.
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 8: ...bristly gray hair...
HH1, Ch. 8+, HH8
George ReynoldsSKMHH's staff intelligence officerHH10, HH11
RhodesPNCitizen CommissionerHH9

Rice to Rontved[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Robert Rice-Sergeant-Major
"Major Rice had been the Protector's personal armsman for over ten years, since his predecessor's death during the Maccabean coup attempt, and he had not been selected for his position for his social skills. Indeed, his social skills were a bit rudimentary. But back before joining Palace Security, Sergeant-Major Robert Rice, known to his fellows as "Sparky" for some reason Matthews had yet to ferret out, had been the senior noncom of the Orbit Dogs. Officially known as the 5019th Special Battalion, the Orbit Dogs were the elite battalion (except that the outsized "special" battalion was bigger than a normal regiment) of the Grayson Space Marines. After the Protector's hairbreadth escape from assassination, Palace Security had decided he needed an especially nasty guard dog, and "Sparky" Rice had been their choice. It was not, Matthews suspected, a post the slightly graying, red-haired veteran had accepted without some severe qualms. On the other hand, his long, distinguished, and risky military career had"...
HH9, Ch. 3.
Maxwell RiogettiSSState Security Ground Forces Citizen SergeantHH8
Hal RoachRMN?commander, Judge Advocate's Corps; briefed Adm. Henke on complications re her parole.
"...a solidly-built fellow, with dark hair, and probably somewhere in his mid-forties"
SI2, Ch. 8
Nathan RobardsGSNLieutenant, White Haven's aide aboard GNS Benjamin the GreatHH7-HH9
Robert Roden-Lieutenant Commander, CO of 1906th LAC Squadron of Scotty Tremaine's Nineteenth LAC Wing aboard HMS HydraHH9
RodgersPNCitizen SergeantHH8
Guillermo RodhamSSCitizen LieutenantHH8
Yuri RollinsPNAdmiral. Falsely pronounced dead by CPS/SS of PRHHH3, HH8

Rosenfeld to Ryder[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Rivka Rosenfeld-Seeing Prince Roger Winton, admired by Ariel (Queen Elizabeth's treecat) thought of as possible consort for Roger. Marries Roger in "A Rising Thunder."Mentioned in HH9
RossRMNChief flight opsMentioned in HH6
Rozsak, LuizMaya
Rear Admiral
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 1): "...dark, trim man in the uniform of a Solarian League Navy rear admiral"... (WS02, Ch. 2):"...Rozsak's own hundred and seventy-five centimeters"...
WS01 & WS02
RutgersPNCitizen Captain. CO of PNS Pappenheim.Mentioned in HH8
Edward Rutledge-director of RN Bureau of LogisticsHH10
Gianna RyanPNPNS Rene dAiguillonCitizen CommodoreHH8, HH9
Angela Ryder-Surgeon Lieutenant Commander
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 17: " dark-haired as Hibson, with a thin, studious face. She was also a bit absentminded and tended to prefer a white smock to proper uniform, but she was a first-class physician"....


Saganami to Sanderson, W[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
SaburoTorch_____WS2, ~Ch. 33?
Edward SaganamiRMNCommodore in the RMN leader of a brilliant defense of a merchant convoy in Silesia against a much larger force, during which he lost his ship and his life. Regarded as one of the best fighting officers the RMN has ever had. The first recipient of the PMV, posthumously. His last ship, the cruiser Nike, became the first member of the RMN honor list, meaning that there will always be a ship of that name on the active commissioned roster. 'Buried' in the King Michael's Cathedral, Landing City, as a mark of honor. The RMN Naval Academy is located on Saganami Island.
Oscar Saint-JustPRHformer 2nd ranking member of PRH Security Service, betrayed RH by coup in partnership with ex-Dolist Legislature member R S Pierre, to found the People's Republic of Haven. Became Chief of State Security (the PRH KGB equivalent), survived at least two coup attempts, and the death of all other Committee members in the last to become dictator of the PRH. Summarily executed in a final coup led by Admiral Thomas Theisman.HH3, HH5, HH7, HH8, HH9, HHA3
Georgia SakristosSKMsee also Elaine Komandorski and Lady Georgia Young, Countess of North Hollow. Former employee of Dmitri Young, Earl of North Hollow and later his son Pavel Young. Planned the deaths of Paul Tankersly and Honor Harrington as well as the demise of her former employer and lover. Later married his younger brother, Stefan. Disappeared towards the end of War of Honor after burning down the North Hollow residence.HH4
Salzner-Mentioned in HH9
Samantha (Golden Voice)SKMTreecat. A memory singer of exceptional ability who declined to serve officially, and co-instigator of The People's decision to abandon the concealment masquerade initiated by Sings Truly at the time of the discovery of treecat to human bonding. Adopted RMN Cmdr Harry Tschu (killed). Adopted Hamish Alexander, Earl White Haven. Mate of Nimitz, Treekittens: Jason, Achilles, Andromeda, and Cassandra, with Nimitz.HH6-HH11, HHA3
SampsonDoctorMentioned in HH9
Ronald Sands-Spymaster of Masada One of the youngest Deacons ever in the Church of the Faithful on Masada.HH2
Regina SandermanSS?Citizen MajorHH8
SandersonGRpersonal aide to Reverend SullivanMentioned in HH7
Walter SandersonRHInterior Secretary.HH10, HH11

Sanford to Schubert[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
SanfordRMNHMS MinotaurHH9
de SangroSSCitizen Captain (SS)HH7
Russell SankoRMNLt. (RMN) Prince Adrian '​s com officer.HH8
SanmicheliRMNOne of Honor's Sanganami Island studentsHH9
Santerro-Mentioned in HH10
Elvis SantinoRMNAdmiral. Asst. Tactical officer and OCTO (officer candidate training officer) aboard War Maiden during HH's snotty cruise. Replacement for Vice Admiral Hennesy at Seaford 9. Killed in battle.HH8, HHA3
Dominica SantosRMNLt. Commander. Chief Engineer and Damage Control Officer aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56). Killed in battle.
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 8: ...Dark hair...
Ruth SarkozyRMNSurgeon Lieutenant ; formerly HMS Vigilant's ship's surgeon before Battle of Monica, then replaced/assisted Hexapuma's surgeon Surgeon Commander Lajos Orban during his recovery from injuries.SI2, Ch. 5
Mark SarnowRMNAdmiral. Convinced Alizon to join the Manticore Alliance. Commanding Officer of Hancock Station during station's construction. Squadron commander at Hancock Station. Commander at Sidemore Station.
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 6: "...His complexion was darker than she'd expected, a darkness emphasized by his green eyes, chestnut hair, and the pronounced eyebrows, several shades darker than his hair or mustache, which met in a straight line above the bridge of his high-arched nose... ...His tenor voice was gentler than his strong-jawed face, almost soft"....
HH3, HH4, HH11
Victoria SaundersRMNCaptain, Hercules's commanding officer.
(auburn-haired... fifteen T-years older than Terekhov... Sphinxian accent)
SI2, Ch. 6
Tian SchoeningerIANCommander. Operations officer to RabenstrangeHH6
Frank SchubertRMNCommander. The officer in charge of Wayfarer '​s overhaulHH6

Schumacher to Shemais[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Schumacher-the system CO over al-SalilHH10
SeifertPNPeoples Commissioner (for Capt Waters) (on PNS Falchion)HH6
Elijah SennettSKMchief of security, Hauptman CartelMentioned in HH10
SewellRMNCPOMentioned in HH6
Allen SewellGSNCommander GNS (Grayson; astrogator, GNS Terrible)HH5
James ShackletonGRTrue name for Anthony Baird, conspirator on Grayson.HH9
Ellen ShalusPNCitizen Vice Admiral (PNS)HH8
Terrence ShawRMNCaptain; Cortez's chief of staffSI2, Ch. 8
Gary SheltonRMNLAC Cutthroat '​s com officer Killed in battle.HH9
Ellen Shemais-Colonel, head of Queen Elizabeth's personal security force.HH9, HH10

Sherman to Silvetti[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Rayna Sherman-Admiral pirate, CO of President Warnecke (Warnecke's pirate navy) based at SidemoreHH6
Azadeh ShirafkinMEPurser, Jessyk Combine freighter Marianne.SI1
Loretta ShoupeRMNCaptain, Royal Manticoran Navy. Chief of staff for Rear Admiral Augustus Khumalo.SI1; SI2, Ch. 6
Elizabeth ShowforthRMNhangs out with Steilman. Plotted desertion. Killed during battle.HH6
Eliza ShumateSSCitizen Captain (SS)HH9
Aaron SidemoreGRCouncilman Grayson Minister of JusticeHH5
SigourneyPNCitizen Commissioner (PRH/PN)HH5
Joseph SilvettiRMNLt. (RMN) Commanding officer of Damage Control Center HMS WayfarerHH6

Simmons, G to Snellgrave[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Gaston SimmonsCommodore, Jameston System Navy, former prisoner of Hades.HH8
Simões, HerlanderMesanmathematician & theoretical astrophysicist, Gamma Center project leader, becomes one of the main secondary characters in WS02. (wife Harriet & daughter Francesca 'Frankie')WS02, Ch. 6+
SimondsGRSteadholder during Grayson Civil War.HH5
Matthew Simonds-He was the younger brother of the Masadan head of state, Thomas Simonds, and an elder of the Church of Humanity Unchained. He held the rank of Sword of the Faithful (commander-in-chief) of the Masadan military, and led Masada's assaults on Grayson. He died in a space battle with Honor Harrington.HH2
Thomas Simonds-Chief Elder of the Church of Humanity Unchained and head of state on Masada.
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 17: "...rheumy old eyes flat as a snake’s"...
Tobias Simonds-father of Matthew and Thomas Simonds.HH2
Holden SingerRMNLieutenant. HMS Enchanter tac officerHH7
SingleterryRMNLieutenant. RHNS HecateHH10
SlatteryRMNCorporal (RMN)HH6
Sam "Scooter" SmithRMNPO HMS Minotaur. LAC Cutthroats electronics warfare specialistHH8, HH9
SnellgravePNCitizen CaptainMentioned in HH8

Sorbanne to Steiner[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Dame Madeleine SorbanneRMNVice Admiral of the Red. Senior officer on Clairmont StationHH7
SorrensonSSCitizen Captain. CO of PNS Morrigan.HH8
Spangen, VegarMayaOravil Barregos' "...personal security chief for decades and the governor trusted him implicitly.... ...the tall, red-haired bodyguard"...WS02, Ch. 1
Abraham Spencer-Chairman of CCFAHH10
Barbara Stackowitz-Lt. Commander Stackowitz tac branch officer reputed to be a missile geniusHH8
John StackpoleRMNBattlecruiser Squadron Eighty-One's operations officer (Battle of Solon); Lieutenant CommanderSI2, Ch. 1
Stephen Stahler-HD program hostHH10
Ludwig StantonRMNVice Admiral of the Red. HMS MajesticHH5
Sandra StauntonRHSecretary of BiosciencesHH10
Randy SteilmanRMNpower tech, 3rd class worked in Impeller One aboard Wayfarer. Bully. Plotted desertion. Killed during battle.HH6
Hieronymus Stein___Hieronymus Stein was the Erewhonese leader of the Renaissance Association, until he was assassinated.WS01, WS02
Jessica Stein___Daughter of Hieronymus Stein. Believed to have acquiesced to the assassination of her father.WS01, WS02
Kirios SteinbachRMNLt. LAC HMS Cutthroat '​s executive officerHH9
Ceilia SteinerPNCitizen Major. HadesHH8

Stellingetti to Stokes[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Marie StellingettiPNCitizen Captain PNS KerebinHH6
Al StennisRMNHMS Wayfarer hangs out with Steilman. Plotted desertion.HH6
StephanopoulosPNCitizen AdmiralMentioned in HH9
Stephens, BrentMaya
senior industrial planner to (Solarian) Maya Sector Governor Oravil Barregos.
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 2): ...on the large size, seven centimeters taller than Rozsak's own hundred and seventy-five centimeters, with blond hair and brown eyes. He was also a direct descendent of the first wave of Mayan colonists...
Stephenson-Lt. Lowell Space Navy POW on HadesHH8
Xiaohu Pausch von SternhafenIANGraf Admiral. Anti-Manticoran chauvinist—CO of (IAN) station in SilesiaHH10
StevensPNCitizen Captain PNS PoignardHH9
Henry StevensRMNLieutenant.HH10
Courtney StillmanRMNCommander RMN Capt. MacGuire's Exec on the Gudrid.
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 7: "...was considerably taller than he was. She might be ten or twelve centimeters short of Honor's height, but that still made her seem to tower over her CO. They were an odd-looking pair, and not just because of the altitude differential. Stillman was dark-skinned, with eyes an even darker brown than Honor's, and she wore her close-cropped black hair at least as short as Honor had worn hers up until four years ago. She also seemed to have absolutely no sense of humor, yet she and MacGuire obviously got along together well"....
Allen StokesRMNAdmiral (Manticore Astro Control) Junction officerHH10

Stone to Sukowski[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Angus StoneGRtrue name for Brian Kennedy conspirator on GraysonHH9
Anson StoneGRconspirator on Grayson (Brother to Angus Stone?)HH9
Maxwell (Max) Artois StromboliRMNLieutenant (Senior Grade). from Manticore, serves as an astrogator aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56 (probably not also CA-286)).
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 4: ...fleshy, dark-browed, and physically powerful...
Harold StylesRMNRear Admiral. Senior (RMN) POW officer on RH/PRH prison planet Hades until arrival of Admiral Harrington. Allowed to resign rather than face court-martial after return to the SKM.
HH8, Ch. 26+: They'd had him for over eight T-years, since the day they'd destroyed his entire picket squadron in the Yalta System in one of the probing attacks with which they had opened the present war.
HH9, near end of Ch. 8: His voice turned darker with the last words, and Honor understood perfectly. Rear Admiral Harold Styles had been allowed to resign his commission rather than face trial on the charges of insubordination and cowardice she'd laid against him, but not everyone felt that was sufficient punishment.
HH8, Ch. 26+; HH9, Ch. 8
Lois SuchonRMNSurgeon Commander. Doctor aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56). Because of her annoyance in carrying out her duties concerning the health of the crew aboard HMS Fearless—she falls in bad favor with Honor..
Desc. from On Basilisk Station, Ch. 4: ...thin-faced, petulant...
Harold Captain SukowskiRMNHauptman Lines freighter Bonaventure—Cmdr (RMN)R—captured by a Warnecke pirate ship, rescued by PNS xxx, recovered by Wayfarer; provided intelligence about Warnecke's naval strength and plans.HH6

Sullivan, L to Sydon[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Leonard SullivanGSNCaptain, CO of Grayson OneHH9
Jeremiah SullivanGR(spiritual head of the Church of Humanity Unchained)
Frederick SullyHSGDied in pinnace crash at Harrington space portHH5
Prime Minister Allen SummervaleSKMPrime Minister of SKM, Duke of Cromarty. Leader of the Centerist political party—and of the coalition under Roger III and the first years of Elizabeth III's reign—which built up the (RMN) and prepared for war with RH. A politician of great ability and integrity who held that coalition together while building an anti-RH Alliance and conducting the first years of the war. Assassinated by Masadans.
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 11: "...tall and slim, like all the Summervales, and, despite prolong, his hair was silver and his handsome face deeply lined"...
The Hon. Denver SummervaleSKMEmployed in a plot on Medusa by Haven. Professional duelist. Former Captain in RMMC—cashiered for conduct unbecoming. Hired by Lord Pavel Young to kill Paul Tankersley (succeeded) and Honor Harrington (failed). Shot by Honor Harrington in a formal duel. Distant cousin of Allen Summervale.HH1, HH4
Jared SuttonGSNLieutenant. HH's flag lieutenant. Killed during assassination attempt.HH5
Earl of Sydon-(husband of Lady Zidaru?)HH9


Takahashi to Templeton, G[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Ernest TakahashiRMNOn HMS Minotaur, modified flight simulator in school, earning a reputationHH8
Takano, Haruka-lieutenant, Biological Survey Corps, "...he'd have been described as the unit's intelligence officer in another armed force"..., ____________ See also Hugh Arai, Marti Garner.
Appearance (WS02, Ch. 9) " eyes, very dark skin, features which seemed more south Asian than anything else—and the complete absence of even a trace of an epicanthic fold".
TalbotPN?Citizen CommanderHH8
Ernest Talbot-Werewolf '​s communications officerHH10
Paul TankersleyRMNDistant relative of the Michelle Henke, formerly XO for Captain Pavel Young. A BuShips yard specialist after his tour aboard Warlock with Young. Became HH's first love, designed and had built the first treecat vac suit (for Nimitz), killed at Pavel Young's order by Denver Summervale in a duel.
Desc. from HH3, Ch. 6: "...He was short, the crown of his head just topping Honor's shoulder, but solid and chunky, and his dark hair, longer than current fashion decreed, was drawn back in a neat ponytail under his black beret. His cuffs bore the same four gold rings as her own, but his collar carried the four gold pips of a junior grade captain, not the single planet of a captain of the list,... ...Tankersley's voice was deeper than she remembered, rumbling about in his chest"...
HH1, HH3, HH4.
Justin TascoRMNCaptain, CO of HMS Hadrian and flag captain to Admiral Elvis SantinoHH8
William Tatnall-Commander, Niall MacDonnell's execHH10
Yoshiro TatsumiRMNconvicted drug user, RMN. SBA Saved Ginger Lewis's lifeHH6
Austin Vincent TaylorGR(conspirator/saboteur, Grayson Sky Domes Ltd.) Burdette steaderHH5
Abraham TempletonMasadaMember of the Church of Humanity Unchained (Defiant). Killed on the Wages of SinCoS
Gideon TempletonMasadaMember of the Church of Humanity Unchained. Ruth Winton's half brother. Led an attempt to kidnap Ruth Winton.CoS

Tennard, J to Theodore[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Jeremiah TennardHSGCorporal, Harrington Steadholders Guard, Faith's personal armsmanHH9, HH11
Michael TennardRMNRear Admiral of the GreenHH8
Aivars Aleksovitch TerekhovRMNCaptain, Royal Manticoran Navy. CO, HMS Hexapuma.SI1; SI2, Ch. 5
Sinead Patricia O'Daley TerekhovSKMWife of Captain Aivars Terekhov.SI1
Madison ThaddeusPNIntelligence officer. Citizen Lieutenant, sister Sabrina Thaddeus was hung by People's CourtsHH8, HH9
Tharwan-Commodore, head of RecDiv (Marsh)HH10
Rochelle ThatcherRMNHMS Harvest Joy LieutenantHH10
ThayerRMNAdmiral, formerly commanded space port VulcanMentioned in HH2 & HH6
Thomas TheismanPN(PNS Conquistador books 2 and 5) Current Secretary of War, Republic of HavenHH2, HH3, HH5, HH7-HH11

Therret to Thurgood[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Brigham TherretSSCitizen Colonel, stationed at DanakHH8
Luke ThieleRMNPO 3/c, Cutthroat's assistant engineerHH9
ThomasSSCitizen ChiefHH7
ThomasRMNEnsign, LAC squadronHH8
ThomasRMNMaster at ArmsHH6
ThomasonGMCColonel, a grayson, loyal to Benjamin MayhewHH9
Susan ThornSKMHH's cook at Harrington Steading.HH9
Prestwick ThornegraveSSCitizen Major General, PNS FarneseHH8, HH9
Angela ThurgoodRMNCommander, Parnassus Exec, sat beside Alice
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 7: "...Blondes weren't all that rare in the Star Kingdom, but they weren't especially common, either. Yet it seemed to be a tradition that whenever Honor saw Truman, her senior subordinate—male or female—would be one of them".

Thurman to Tobias[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Amanda Thurman-LieutenantHH8
ThurmondRMNCaptain, Rafael Cardones' COLACHH10
ThurstonRMMCLieutenant, deceased. Iris Babcock's first CO. The first known victim of Denver Summervale.HH4
Alexander ThurstonPNCitizen Vice Admiral, CO of Task Force 14 aboard PNS Conquistador. KIA at the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin.HH5
Francis TiboltRHNCommander, chief of staff for RHN Task Force ElevenHH10
Hanson TimmonsSSCitizen Lieutenant, cell guard, SSHH7
Jane TimmonsRMNCaptain; CO, HMS AndromedaSI2, Ch. 7
President Jacomina TinkhofTCSystem President, Rembrandt System.SI1
TinsdaleGSNCommander, Grayson light cruiser Nathan; helmsmanHH6
Eric TobinGRGrand Swordmaster, GraysonHH5
TobiasRMNChief, HMS Harvest JoyHH10

Tobin to Trajan, Wi[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
TobinGRBrother Tobin, the Mueller Steading chaplainHH9
TogoSKMTreecat in Nimitz's immigrant clanHH7, HH9
TomkinsPNCitizen GeneralHH8
TompkinsGRCouncilman before the Mayhew Restoration.HH2
Aleksandra TonkovicTCFormer Planetary President of Kornati, Split System. Split System's senior delegate to the Talbott Constitutional Convention. Leader of the Liberal Constitutional Party in the Convention. Resigned the office of President after she was impeached for withholding knowledge of an SKM imposed deadline on the convention from her own government.SI1
Tor; Countess of theSee Catherine Montaigne (NOT spelled: 'Maintaigne'.)
Lester TourvilleRHCitizen Rear Admiral Lester TourvilleHH7-HH11 & SI2, Ch 4
Adam TowsonGSNCommanderHH9
TrailmanGSNRear Admiral, CO of BatDiv Twelve of the First Battle Squadron under the command of Honor Harrington. KIA at the Fourth Battle of YeltsinHH5
Walter TrajanRHHH10
Wilhelm TrajanRHthe FIS directorHH11, WS01

Tremaine to Truman[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Prescott David TremaineRMN'Scotty' (Ops Officer, HH6) (Electronics Officer, HH7) (Commander, HH8) Ensign Tremaine was HMS Fearless '​s (On Basilisk Station) boat bay control officer. Taken under PO Harkness' wing at that time. Specialist in small boat operations, became one of first squadron leaders for the new LACs and LAC carriers under Admiral Truman.HH1, HH2, HH4, HH6-HH11
Linda TrenisRHVice Admiral, director of RN Bureau of Planning (the equivalent of Second Space Lord). "would have made formidable interrogators" & "the Republic of Haven's senior command staff had a depressingly high level of general competence". (SI2)HH11, SI2, Ch. 4
Dennis TrescaSSCitizen Brigadier, Warden of Hades prison planet, sadistic thug who likes to play correspondence chess when not torturing or killing prisoners.HH7, HH8, HH9
Trevellyn-Admiral, Falsely pronounced dead by CPS/SS of PRHHH8
Mirdula Trikoupis-Wife of Aristides, senior member of Manticoran Foreign Office, and permanent staffHH9
Aristides TrikoupisGSNRear Admiral, aboard GNS Isaiah MacKenzieHH9
Gilbert TroubridgeGSNMaster Chief Coxswain (GSN, cutter/pinnace pilot), died in crash at Harrington space portHH5
TruittRMNRear Admiral TruittHH8
Truitt-Commander in Warnecke's pirate navyHH6
Dame Alice TrumanRMNVice Admiral, Dame Honorable. Honor's second in command in First Yeltsin, later assigned to organize and develop operational doctrine for the SKM LAC carriers and new LACs
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 7: "...golden blonde and green-eyed, still the same sturdily built woman"...
HH2, HH4, HH6, HH8-HH11

Truscot to Tyler[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
TruscotRMNCaptain, HMS Majestic chief of staffHH5
Harold ('Harry') TschuRMNEngineering, Commander. aboard Wayfarer. Bonded with Samantha. Killed aboard Wayfarer in combat.HH6
Jeff TullinghamRHHH10
Avram TurnerPRHCitizen Secretary of the TreasuryHH9, HH10
TurnerPNCitizen CaptainHH7
TurnerRMNLieutenant, astrogator aboard HMS LaFroyeHH10
Arlo TurnerRMNCommodore, aide to Henke when she was in the Hospital.
...a heavyset, fair-haired man in his mid-fifties, ...from the planet of Manticore itself. ...from the City of Landing, the Star Kingdom' capital, ...he was one of the more efficient administrators she'd ever worked with, and she had no doubt he was a competent tactician, too...
SI2, Ch. 3
Marisa TurnerSKMCountess of New Kiev and Chancellor of the Exchequer for the High Ridge Cabinet; see New KievHH1, HH8, HH9, HH10
Sensei Robert TyeSOLSensei of Neue-Stil Handgemenge, one of the two or three most respected martial arts masters anywhere. Teaches on Terra and became friends with Helen Zilwiki and Anton Zilwiki in the years before the Peep-Manpower War Incident.HHA3
"Franny" TylerPNCitizen Commander, Citizen Admiral Giscard's staff astrogatorHH9
President Robert TylerMOPresident, Republic of Monica.SI1


Ukovski to Usher, Kevin[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
UkovskiRMNRear AdmiralMentioned in HH7
Uller-Lieutenant CommanderHH8
Neville UnderwoodACSNumber three man on the fourth watch at Basilisk Astro-Control.HH8
Hermelinda UrizarRMNSergeant-Major, Royal Manticoran Marines. Company sergeant-major, HMS Hexapuma.SI1
Gene UsherRMNCommander. CO HMS Hawkwing, a destroyer which was HH's first hyper-capable command. Ship destroyed in action in Silesia while 'informally' (though under orders) accompanying a small convoy carrying Klaus Hauptmann. Wayfarer happened by in time to attempt a decoy operation during which she was destroyed.HH6
Kevin UsherRHCommitted Aprilist opponent of the Legislaturalist regime, close associate of Eloise Pritchart while in the Aprilists, active and effective participant in the Pierre coup, joined the PRH Marines when Saint-Just made it clear the Aprilist program would not be followed, served on Terra while drinking heavily and maintaining a covert opposition to the PRH regime. Became aware of an opportunity to strike a blow against Mesa/Manpower Inc, save a kidnapped girl, and take on the worst of StateSec on Terra. With Jeremy X of the Ballroom, and a raw SS officer named Cachat, planned and executed the complete destruction of Manpower's Terran HQ. After the Theisman coup, became head of the revived RH's FIS. Married Ginny (ex-manpower slave) while on Terra. Extremely skilled black ops operator, at the top of the list, according to RMN Captain Zilwiki (inactive). General, head of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency)HH3, HH10, HH11, HHA3, HHA4, WS01


Vale to Venizelos[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Vale-Lieutenant, System Command CentralHH6
Jim ValentinePNCommander, PN, Chief Engineer on PNS Salidan. Invented practice of towing LACs.HH2
Ineka VaandragerTCFormer Chairwoman of the Rembrandt Trade Union (RTU). Hand picked and later removed by Bernardus Van Dort.SI1
Bernardus Van DortTCFounder, majority shareholder, and former chairman of the Rembrandt Trade Union (RTU). Was principally responsible for the plebiscite issuing a request for annexation into the Star Kingdom of Manticore for the Talbott Cluster. Was tapped by Baroness Medusa to assist Captain Aivars Terekhov on board the HMS Hexapuma as a diplomat/negotiator, during which time the two men forged a close working relationship.
(Height- shorter than two meters, but still considerably taller than Michelle {Henke}.
He was also fair-haired and blue-eyed, and his Standard English had a distinctly different accent from Alquezar's.)
SI1; SI2, Ch. 5
Paul Van ScheldtTCIntroduced Lieutenant Archer to Helga Boltitz. Joachim Alquezar’s appointment secretary.
(suave, dark-haired Rembrandter... ...youthful appearance, was at least ten or fifteen T-years older than Gervais)
SI2, Ch. 15
Van Slyke, StephenRMNCommodore, CO of Heavy Cruiser Squadron Seventeen under Admiral Mark Sarnow's Hancock task groupHH3, Ch. 22
Andreas VenizelosRMNThe slim Venizelos served under Honor Harrington as Lieutenant and tac officer aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56) and as Lieutenant Commander and XO aboard HMS Fearless (CA 286). Was later promoted to Commander and given command of the light cruiser HMS Apollo, and eventually become HH's chief of staff when she assumed command of Battlecruiser Squadron 18 of Admiral White Haven's Eighth Fleet. Captured aboard HMS Prince Adrian and died helping Honor escape from Tepes.HH1, HH2, HH4, HH7, HHA4

Verrochio to Vorland[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Lorcan VerrochioOFSCommissioner, Office of Frontier Security, Solarian League. OFS administrator for the Madras Sector which borders on the Talbott Cluster. Authorized OFS involvement in the Mesan plot to derail the SKM annexation of the cluster.SI1
VestichovPNCitizen CommanderMentioned in HH8
Henri VladovichPNCitizen Captain, Tepes '​s captainHH7
Jack Vojonovic-LieutenantHH10
Dame Erica VonderhoffRMNGeneral. Commanding Officer, Fleet Marine Force, (COFMF).Mentioned in HH4 & HH6
Michael VorlandGSNLieutenant Commander. Staff chaplainHH7


Walker to Waters[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Enrico WalkerRMNSurgeon Lieutenant. HMS Prince Adrian '​s doctorHH7
Sir Sheridan Wallace-Heads the Manticoran "New Men" political partyMentioned in HH7, HH9, HH10, HHA2, HHA1 & HHA3
Lord Waltham-Duke WalthamMentioned in HH9
Aubrey Wanderman-Electronics Technician First-Class, gravitics specialist. Now Senior Chief Petty Officer, RMN, Engineering, HMS Hexapuma under Commander (and friend) Ginger Lewis
Desc. from HH6, Ch. 8: "...almost as young as prolong made him look. He was brown-haired and slim, with the wiry, half-finished look of his youth, and he'd dropped out of Mannheim University's physics program half-way through his freshman form to enlist"...
HH6, SI1
James Wanderman-Aubrey Wanderman's fatherMentioned in HH6
Watanapongse, JiriMaya
Lieutenant Commander, Rozsak's staff intelligence officerWS02, Ch. 2
(probably WS01 as well)
Annabelle WardRMNLieutenant. Tactical officer aboard the HMMS Artemis (armed passenger liner).HH6
Adrienne WarshawskiFamous scientist, inventor of the Warshawski sail.
Andre WarneckeSILCrazy revolutionary in Silesian space who runs a pirate navyHH6
Craig WarnerRMNVice Admiral, Commandant of HephaestusHH1
Jerome WatersPNCitizen Captain, PNS FalchionHH6

Webster to Wexler[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Sir James Bowie WebsterRMNAdmiral of the Green (RMN, traditionalist). Served as First Space Lord during the first Janáček Admiralty; CO of Home Fleet during the Mourncreek Admiralty; was the Star Kingdom's ambassador to Old Earth by HH11. Assassinated presumably by Haven, but in fact was killed as part of a Mesa plot to cause a breakdown in peace negotiations. He has the trademark 'Webster chin'.HH1, HH3, HH4, HH6, HH11
Samuel Houston WebsterRMNCaptain (Junior Grade). Scheherazade '​s CO. (RMN) served with HH in Basilisk, Hancock. Started out as a lieutenant communications officer aboard the HMS Fearless (CL-56). He is the third cousin of Duke of New Texas and the grandnephew of the First Space Lord James Webster. Prior to the Second Havenite War, he was promoted to Rear Admiral in command of the Sixteenth Battle Squadron.
Desc. from HH?, Ch. ?: "...A cheerful young and overly tall (almost lanky) redhead, Samuel has the trademark Webster craggly chin and a homely face".... Desc. from HH6, Ch. 7: "...the tall, gangling redhead... ...He had the distinctive "Webster Chin" that marked him as a scion of one of the RMN's more powerful naval dynasties; fortunately, he also had the ability to deserve the advantages that chin brought with it"....
HH1, HH3, HH6, HH10
Travis Webster-Mentioned in HH7
WeintraubRMNChief, worked with Ginger LewisHH6
WeirRMNEnsign, Fusion Two Damage Control, WayfarerHH6
Shilan WeissIANKapitän LeutnantHH10
Wellerman-ColonelMentioned in HH8
Stephen WestmanTCOrganizer and leader of the Montana Independence Movement aimed at halting the SKM's annexation of the Talbott Cluster. Was singular in his efforts to avoid casualties. Ended his guerrilla movement when it was discovered that his weapons supplier, "Firebrand", was operating on the behalf of Mesa.SI1
Alberto WexlerTCPersonal assistant to Pontifex Planetary President George Adolfsson.SI1

White to Wilson[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
WhitePNCitizen Colonel. The system's senior StateSec officer of Lois, the sole inhabited planet of the Clarke SystemHH8
(Earl of White Haven)-See Hamish Alexander or #Akimoto to Allman-
Anthony WhiteheadHSGSenior CorporalHH5
Robert WhitmanHSGHH's security team following Eddy Howard's deathHH7
WicklowPNCitizen Commander, Achmeds assistant engineer, survivor of PNS AchmedHH6
Miguel WilliamsSKMBartender at Dempsey's on HMSS WeylandMentioned in HH9
Williams-Captain, Masadan Navy; commander of Blackbird Base. Hanged by the Graysons for war crimes.HH2
Alfred WillisGSNLieutenant (Junior Grade), tac officer on GNS IntrepidHH9
WilsonRMNElectronics Mate Second Class (chief) (under command of Ginger Lewis)HH6

Winton-Henke, Anson to Wright[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Anson Winton-HenkeSKMMentioned in HH9
Winton, King Roger IIISKMFather and predecessor of Queen Elizabeth III; Prince Roger's grandfather.
Ariel (Winton)SKMTreecat. Bonded to Queen Elizabeth III.HH4, HH9, HH10, HH11, HHA2, HHA4, WS01
Prince Roger WintonSKMCrown Prince Roger, son of Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth III of ManticoreSKMElizabeth Adrienne Samantha Annette Winton, Queen of Manticore
Princess Joanna WintonSKMPrincess Joanna, daughter of Queen Elizabeth
Prince Michael WintonSKMPrince Michael, son of King Roger III, brother of Queen Elizabeth. He also served as an Office in the Royal Manticore Navy, Michael's early career included rescue of a group of runaway Masadan wives. He would form a relationship with one of them, named Judith. His relationship with her would slowly blossom into marriage. However, before their came to grips with their feelings for one another, Judith's daughter Ruth would get kidnapped by a rival Manticore family wanting him to marry their daughter instead. After Ruth's recovery, they would soon marry.HHA3, HHA4
Princess Ruth WintonSKMPrincess Ruth, stepdaughter of Prince Michael Winston, stepniece of Queen Elizabeth. She also the daughter of exMasada wife Judith Winston. At age 2, she would get kidnapped by a rival political family trying secure a marriage to Prince Michael. She shortly after, she would be adopted by Prince Michael after he her marries his mother. She would get involved in anti-slave moment which would ultimately lead to liberation of the world of Torch from Mesa.HHA4, HHA5, WS01, HH11
Frederick James Winton-TravisMThe Honorable; CEO and majority stockholder of the Apex Industrial Group "card-carrying member of the Conservative Association"SI2, Ch. 9
Prince Justin Zyrr-WintonSKMPrince Consort of the Star Kingdom of Manticore, husband to Queen Elizabeth III of ManticoreHH9, HH11, HHA2, HHA4
Wise, RichardMaya
heads Barregos' civilian intelligence operationsWS02, Ch. 2
Dr. Richard 'TJ' WixSKMRMAIAHH10
Wodoslawski, AgatáSolarianpermanent senior undersecretary for Treasury (back on Old Earth). One of a quintet of permanent bureaucrats who actually control the Solarian government's actions.
(See also Innokentiy Arsenovich Kolokoltsov, Nathan MacArtney, Omosupe Quartermain and Malachai Abruzzi)
SI2, Ch. 47
WS02, Ch. 1
Carolyn WolcottRMNEnsign, served her first tour of duty with Honor Harrington on HMS Fearless (CA-286). Would again serve under HH as assistant tac officer aboard HMAMC Wayfarer at the rank of Lieutenant, but was killed in battle against PNS Achmed
Desc. from HH2, Ch. 31: "...chestnut hair"...
HH2, HH6
Tobias WrightRMNLieutenant Commander, Royal Manticoran Navy. Astrogator, HMS Hexapuma.SI1


X, Isaac to X, Jeremy[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Isaac XSee Isaac Douglas
Jeremy XKTCurrent leader of the Audubon Ballroom, a terrorist organization fighting genetic slavery. Escaped Manpower slave. Eventually serves as one of the founders, and the first Secretary of War, of the Kingdom of Torch.HH10, WS01, HHA3


Yammata to Yanakov, Rachel[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Hiro YammataRMNSensor Technician First Class, Sensor technician aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56).HH1
YanaKTFormer "Scrag" and one of Lieutenant Thandi Palane's "Amazons".WS01
YanakovGSNCommander. Staff logistics officer assigned to Admiral White Haven while commanding Eighth Fleet.HH8
YanakovGRGeneral, Grayson Planetary Security Commander of the Office of Planetary Security of the Protectorate of Grayson.HH9
Anna YanakovGSNHigh Admiral Yanakov's third wife.HH2
Esther YanakovGRHigh Admiral Yanakov's second wife.HH2
Bernard YanakovGSNHigh Admiral, Commander of the Grayson Space Navy and fifth cousin of Protector Benjamin IX. Led the combined Grayson-Manticoran fleet that tried to stand up to the Masadan invasion force. Died on the bridge of GNS Austin Grayson with Admiral Courvosier.HH2
Dietmar YanakovGRHistorical figure on Grayson; during the Protectorship of Thomas II, he smuggled one of the wives (pregnant at the time) of the Protector's late brother out of palace.HH8
Hugh YanakovGRCaptain of the original colony ship that landed on Grayson. One of the planet's five original Steadholders and founder of the Steading of Yanakov.HH2
Judah YanakovGSNAdmiral. Grayson admiral and commander of the GSN contingent assigned to Eighth Fleet. As Rear Admiral, led the First Battle Squadron's BatDiv Thirteen during the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin. On board 'the Harrington' when HH was returned to Grayson at beginning of HH9.HH5; HH8; HH9, Ch. 2+
Rachel YanakovGRHigh Admiral Yanakov's first wife.HH2

Yang, Rachel to Yestremensky[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Rachel YangPNCitizen Commodore Co-commander (with Citizen General Thornegrave) of the joint Navy-StateSec force sent to Cerberus III.HH8
Arthur YardHSGArmsman, Harrington Steadholder's Guard Armsman occasionally assigned to Honor Harrington's personal security detail.HH5
YazovSSCitizen Colonel, StateSec. State Security officer who defects to Citizen Admiral McQueen's side during her attempted coup.HHA3
Frances YearginRMNCommodore. Commander of the Allied picket at the Adler System. Died with almost all her entire command during a sneak attack led by Citizen Rear Admiral Tourville. Described as arrogant, contemptuous of the People's Navy and ultimately overconfident.HH7
Paul YearmanPNCitizen Rear Admiral. Co-commander (with Citizen General Chernock) of the Havenite task group destroyed at the Battle of Cerberus.HH8
YerenskyRMNCommander, Admiral White Haven's staff astrogator.HH8
Andrew YerenskyRMNCommodore. Manticoran officer assigned to the Weapons Development Board.HH1
Jonathan YerenskyGSNCaptain. Commanding officer of the GSN superdreadnought Benjamin the Great and Admiral White Haven's flag captain during Operation Buttercup.HH9
YestachenkoRMMCMajor. Commander of the Marine contingent aboard the heavy cruiser HMS Prince Adrian.HH4
Leslie YestremenskyRMNAdmiral, Manticoran ACS Senior officer of the Manticoran Astro Control Service.HH8

Younce to Young, Lord Stefan[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
YounceSSCitizen Major, StateSec Officer at the StateSec garrison on Hades. Tried and convicted for war crimes, but not condemned to death.HH8
YoungPMPeople's Marines. Havenite Marine assigned to MNS Thunder of God. (a.k.a. PNS Saladin)HH2
YoungPNCitizen Commander. Tactical officer aboard PNS Schaumberg.HH8
Lord Dmitri YoungSKMTenth Earl of North Hollow Manticoran peer of the realm and powerful political figure of the Conservative Association. Father of Pavel Young. Dies of a stroke after hearing his son's conviction by a court martial.HH1, HH3, HH4
Edwin YoungRMNRear Admiral. Naval attaché in the Manticoran embassy to the Solarian League on Old Earth. Convicted for violation of the Articles of War for his use of Manpower Inc'.s "services". Stripped of rank and sentenced to decades of incarceration.HHA3, HH10
Lady Georgia Young
(see Sakristos)
SKMFormer senior aide to Pavel and Dimitri Young. Wife of Stefan Young. In WS01, she is identified as the same person as Elaine Komandorski In book 10, she left abruptly.HH4, HH10, WS01
Lord Pavel YoungSKMEleventh Earl of North Hollow. Earl of North Hollow, former Captain in the RMN. Lord. Cashiered out of the Royal Navy for cowardice under fire. Tried to rape Honor Harrington while at Saganami Island Naval Academy, but was never charged due to HH failure to testify against him. Former commanding officer of the heavy cruiser HMS Warlock. Son of Dimitri Young. Killed by Honor Harrington in a duel. Description: Flashy, handsome man, slightly overweight. Short beard, beginnings of a double chin.HH1, HH3, HH4
Lord Stefan YoungSKMTwelfth Earl of North Hollow, former Secretary of Trade of the Star Kingdom under the High Ridge Administration, brother of Pavel Young, married to Georgia SakristosHH4, HH10

Younger to Yviernau[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Eleanor YoungerPRHFirst Deputy Director for Public Information of the People's Republic of Haven.HH8
Gerard YoungerRHRepresentative in the Congress of the Republic of Haven. Cousin of Arnold Giancola.HH10
YoungmanRMNSenior Master Chief Petty Officer. Ran the marina at Saganami Island Naval Academy while Honor Harrington was a midshipwoman.HH4
Janine YountzRMNLieutenant. Officer aboard HMS Fearless (CL-56), later transferred to HMS Madrigal.HH1, HH2
Alfredo YuGSNAdmiral; Captain, PN Currently second-in-command, under nominal commander HH, of the Protector's Own Squadron of the Grayson Space Navy. Formerly a Havenite PN captain assigned as an advisor to the Masadan Navy during their shooting war with Grayson (just prior to the start of the Haven War). Defected to Manticore and later relocated to Grayson where he became a citizen and entered the Grayson Navy. Commanded the superdreadnought GSN Terrible during the Fourth Battle of Yeltsin.HH2, HH5, HH9, HH10
YuanPMCPeople's Marines. Havenite Marine assigned to one of Citizen Major Gricou's assault team during Admiral McQueen's attempted coup.HHA3
Francisca YucelSOLBrigadier General, Solarian Gendarmerie. Senior Solarian Gendarmerie officer assigned to the Madras Sector.SI1
YuranovichPNCommodore. Division Commander in Rear Admiral Edward Pierre's battlecruiser squadron.HH3
Andrieaux YviernauTCChairman of the New Tuscany delegation to the Talbott Constitutional Convention.SI1


Zachary to Zidaru[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Josepha ZacharyRMNCaptain, CO of the exploration ship HMS Harvest Joy which first passed through the Lynx ternimus of the Manticore Wormhole Junction.HH10
Helen ZacharyPNCitizen CaptainHH7
Anna ZahnRMNLieutenant Commander, Sidemore Navy, HMS LaFroye '​s tactical officerHH10
Tim Zahn-Civilian analyst for Fleet Operations, Marsh/Sidemore, husband of AnnaMentioned in HH10
Zelazney-Governor of the Horus system, planet Osiris, Silesian spaceHH10
ZidaruSKMLady Zidaru (wife of Earl Sydon?)HH9

Zilwicki to Zrubek[edit]

CharacterAffiliationDescriptionAppeared in
Anton ZilwickiRMNCaptain. Husband of Helen Zilwicki (died). Ex-Spy, currently on half pay. Father of Helen, Lars, and Berry. (See also: Catherine Montaigne)HH3, HH10, HH11, HHA3, WS01, SI3
Berry ZilwickiKTAdopted daughter of Anton Zilwicki. Queen of TorchHHA3, HH11, WS01.
Lars ZilwickiRMNAdopted son of Anton Zilwicki.[2]HHA3, WS01, WS02.
Helen ZilwickiRMNCaptain. Killed in action at the beginning of the Haven War, recipient of the Parliamentary Medal of Valor. Mother of Helen Zilwicki.HH3
Helen ZilwickiRMNDaughter of Anton and Helen Zilwicki. Ensign. Served her Middie cruise aboard the HMS Hexapuma.HH3, HH10, HHA3, WS01, SI1, SI3
Scott Zrubek-CommodoreHH10


  1. ^ Desc. from HH6, Ch. 1: "...The earl was ninety T-years old, though in a pre-prolong society he would have been taken for no more than a very well preserved forty, and even that would have been only because of the white stranded through his black hair. But there were new lines around his ice-blue eyes..."
  2. ^ Description (WS02, Ch. 3): "...Once he got past puberty, Berry's younger brother Lars had turned into something of a Lothario. The secret of his attraction to young women remained mysterious to Cathy. Lars was a pleasant looking boy, but he wasn't really what you'd call "handsome"."