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Venus 2000 (formerly known as Venus II) is a sexual stimulation tool for men.[1][2][3][4] The device was marketed as Venus II from October 1993 to April 1998 and since then as the Venus 2000. It is a hands free masturbation aid with controllable stroking action. The machine works with or without an erection.[5] The creator of Venus also makes a machine for women: the Sybian.[6]


With the assistance of Val, a Russian engineer, the Venus II was invented by Rick Gellert, President of 3S Corp. Gellert has previously written:[7]

You may wonder how I came up with a unique product like this at all. It seems male desire for sexual activity ranges from needing an orgasm once in many weeks to wanting several in a day. Because my personal needs were greater than my loving wife's schedule would allow, I resorted to masturbation. Because using your hand can become very tiring and blase, I constantly experimented with new and different ways to have the ultimate orgasm.
I tried all of the "toys" available in adult stores and catalogs and then started experimenting with many other materials and methods. I tried all sorts of closed cell foam, soft gels, silicone, lubricated chamois and then to vacuums and water jets. I began experimenting with machines that would produce a stroke at varying speeds and after hundreds of variations, I developed a product unique enough so that I was awarded patent #5501650.
My design utilizes a part that is ultra light and allows it to stroke in any position – up, down or sideways. The rubber liner is flexible and has a very natural feel. Venus II allows you to control the length and speed of the stroke, which stimulates you to ecstasy. I absolutely guarantee it will give you sensations and results like none you've ever had before.[7]

Abco Research Associates has manufactured and marketed the Sybian, for women, since 1987. Rick and Val presented their new device to Abco in 1993, and Abco helped them launch and market it. As a result, Abco became the primary marketer of the Venus II.[7] In April 1997, Abco purchased Venus II's patent along with all manufacturing and marketing rights. This led to the launch of an improved version, Venus 2000.[7]


The Venus 2000 has a gearmotor which drives a reciprocating diaphragm. Air moves to and from the outer chamber of the receiver by a connecting hose. The amount of air in the system, or lack of it, is adjustable and determines the stroke length. Most men can adjust it to move the full length of the shaft. To use it, one simply puts some lubricant in the receiver and place the head of one's penis to the opening. The Venus 2000 will draw the penis in when it is turned on. The user can then set the stroke length and the stroke speed to his personal preference.[8]



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