Valour Road

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Coordinates: 49°53′30″N 97°11′18″W / 49.89167°N 97.18833°W / 49.89167; -97.18833

The Valour Road Memorial at Sargent Avenue and Valour Road

Valour Road is a street in the West End of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It was originally called Pine Street. In 1925, it was renamed as Valour Road in recognition of the courage of three young men who all lived on the 700 block of the street and all served in the First World War.[1] Corporal Leo Clarke, Sergeant-Major Frederick William Hall, and Lieutenant Robert Shankland each received the Victoria Cross for acts of bravery during the war.

The inscription on the Victoria Cross is "For Valour".

A one-minute "Heritage Minute", titled "Valour Road", recounting the heroic actions of these three men, remains a common sight on Canadian television.

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