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This is a list of films with gory death scenes, i.e. a list of films in which characters die graphically violent and/or gory deaths, often depicted using special effects. While standards for gore differ, films on this list depict on-screen human deaths with graphic detail, rather than off-screen and implied, depicting loss of blood and body parts (flesh, limbs, internal organs) in large quantity and other types of sadistic deaths.

Death by bisection or dismemberment (excluding decapitation)[edit]

 13 Ghosts (film), Sleazy lawyer is sliced in half, vertically, by glass panels and body parts slide down glass on opposite sides. 

Death by burning or other extreme heat exposure[edit]

Death by chainsaw or other saw-bladed machine[edit]

Death by chopping or grinding[edit]

Death by contact with a caustic or otherwise deadly substance[edit]

Death by contact with a molten substance[edit]

Death by crushing[edit]

Death by decapitation[edit]

Death from decompression or over-pressure[edit]

Death by desiccation and/or disintegration[edit]

Death by dismemberment with delayed separation[edit]

Death by excessive and/or graphic gunfire[edit]

Death by exploding head[edit]

Death from explosion[edit]

Death by fluid extraction[edit]

Death by freezing[edit]

Death from impact with a blunt object/bludgeoning[edit]

Death by impalement[edit]

Death by ingestion[edit]

Death from ocular trauma[edit]

Death by strangulation or asphyxiation[edit]

Death by sword/knife (or any other bladed weapon)[edit]

Death by violent organ removal[edit]

Deaths by other means[edit]

These are deaths that do not necessarily fit into the above categories, and are usually deaths that involve mysterious methods (not through means available in real life).


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