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User Introduction

Asiant X13 (a.k.a. Zeon Gundam) was born in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea, and currently resides in Napier, New Zealand. He is currently the holder of the 'Chess Champion of Taradale High School Cup' and has recently gained a prize award (0.3 percentile) for the Australian Maths Competition.

Balls of Titanium

Among his school friends, he is referred to as 'Millitant Yellow Guy', a rip-off from the character in the TV series 'Balls of Steel', 'Millitant Black Guy'. His friends are also respectively entitled to a rip-off name from that particular TV show, such as 'Lanky Gay Following (from Big Gay Following)', 'Teg (from Neg)' and 'Verry Inappropriate (from Mr Inappropriate)'. The consortium members share their footage once every month, and at the end of each meeting vote on who should win the hugely coveted 'Balls of Titanium Cup'. Their acts, similar to their aliases, are also rip-offs of the acts that appear in the real show. In one instance the Millitant Yellow Guy (yours truly) enters a chemist's and gives a description of yellow fever as to make the medically trained individual say those specifically designated words. When he succeeds, he acts furious and enters a heated argument with the unfortunate chemist about how she is 'developing a fever specifically to wipe out yellow people'.


Zeon Gundam has been playing his violin since the age of 4.

Asiant X13
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