United States third party and independent presidential candidates, 2016

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United States third party and independent presidential candidates, 2016
United States
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United States third party and independent presidential candidates, 2016
United States
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This article contains lists of official and potential third party and independent candidates associated with the 2016 United States presidential election.

"Third party" is a term commonly used in the United States to refer to political parties other than the two major parties, the Democratic Party and Republican Party. An independent candidate is one who runs for office with no formal party affiliation.


The following individuals have formally announced that they are running for the President of the United States in 2016 and/or have filed as a candidate for such with the Federal Election Commission (FEC).


Terry Jones
pastor for Dove World Outreach Center, from Florida
(FEC Filing)
Pastor Terry Jones before the March.jpgJones filed as a 2016 candidate in July 2013.[1][2]

Potential candidates[edit]

The individuals listed below have been identified by reliable sources as potential 2016 presidential candidates. As of July 2014 they have done one or more of the following: expressed an intention to run, expressed an interest in running, and/or been the focus of media speculation in at least two reliable sources within the past six months. They are listed alphabetically by surname.

Green Party[edit]


The following people have been the focus of presidential speculation in multiple media reports during the 2016 election cycle, but such speculation has ostensibly ceased for a period of six months or longer.


Publicly expressed interest[edit]


Individuals listed in this section have been the focus of media speculation as being possible 2016 presidential candidates and have unequivocally ruled out a presidential bid in 2016.

Libertarian Party[edit]

Publicly expressed interest[edit]

Peace and Freedom Party[edit]

Further information: Peace and Freedom Party

Publicly expressed interest[edit]

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