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This article lists the United States of America's military dead, wounded, and missing person totals for wars and major deployments.


War or ConflictDateTotal U.S. DeathsWoundedTotal U.S. Dead
& Wounded
MissingSources & Notes
American Revolutionary War1775–17838,00025,00025,00050,000
Northwest Indian War1785–17961,056+1,056+825+1,881+[1][2][3]
First Barbary War1801–180535397464138[6][7][8][9]
Other actions against pirates1800–190036158+[10]194+100+294+[5][11][12][b]
Chesapeake–Leopard Affair18073031821[5]
War of 18121812–18152,26012,740~15,000~4,50520,000~[13]
Marquesas Expedition1813–18144437[7]
Second Barbary War18154134[14]10148[15]
First Seminole War1817–181847473683[16]
First Sumatran Expedition1832221113[5]
Black Hawk War183247258[17][18]30585390[19]
Second Seminole War1835–18423281,2071,535[20]
Mexican–American War1846–18481,73311,55013,2834,15217,435[21]
Cayuse War1847-18564014174115[22]
Rogue River Wars1851-18561906196293489[23]
Yakima War1855-18563223492126[24]
Third Seminole War1855–185826262753[25]
Coeur d'Alene War185836366096[26]
Civil War: total1861–1865214,938400K-500K750,000~ [27][c][28][not specific enough to verify]
Union110,000[29] - 140,414224,097364,511281,881646,392
Dakota War of 1862
(Little Crow's War)
Shimonoseki Straits18634–5[5][35]04–56[5]10[5][35]
Snake Indian War1864–18683030128158[24]
Indian Wars1865–18989191,025[21]
Red Cloud's War1866–1868126126100226[36][37][38]
Korea (Shinmiyangyo)187133912[39]
Modoc War1872–1873565688144[40][41]
Great Sioux War1875–1877314314211525[42][43]
Nez Perce War1877134134157291[44][45]
Bannock War1878120122234[46][47]
Ute War1879150155267[46][48]
Sheepeater Indian War1879111011[46]
Samoan crisis1887-18890626262[49]
Ghost Dance War1890–189135356499[50][51]
Sugar Point
Pillager Band of Chippewa Indians
Spanish–American War18983852,0612,4461,6224,068[21]
Philippine–American War1898–19131,0203,1764,1962,9307,126[21]
Boxer Rebellion1900–190168631312043350[53]
Santo Domingo Affair190410123[5]
United States occupation of Nicaragua1910, 1912-1925, 1927-19339069159290449[54][55]>[56]
Mexican Revolution1914–191912061181319500[57]
Occupation of Haiti1915–19341013814826+184+[5][58]
World War I1917–191853,40263,114116,516204,002320,5183,350[21][d]
North Russia Campaign1918–1920424[59]
American Expeditionary Force Siberia1918–192016016832852+380+[60]
China1918; 1921; 1926–1927; 1930; 193757883[54]
World War II1941–1945291,557113,842405,399670,8461,076,24530,314[21]See Note DA below
Greek Civil War1944-19491566[61]
Chinese Civil War1945–19501415016451215[61]
Berlin Blockade1948–194931[62]
Korean War1950–195333,6862,83036,51692,134128,6504,759Note: 4,759 MIA-See Note E below
U.S.S.R. Cold War1947–1991321244[54]
China Cold War1950–19721616[54]
Vietnam War1955–197547,42410,78558,209153,303211,4542,489[63][21][64]Note as of 20 February 2014 Vietnam MIA Are 1,643[65]
1958 Lebanon crisis19581[66]5[66][67]61+[68]7+[69]
Bay of Pigs Invasion1961444[70]
Dominican Republic1965–1966272047283330[54][61][71]
USS Liberty incident196734171
El Salvador Civil War1980–199222153735[73][74][75][76]
Beirut deployment1982–1984256266169[77]
Persian Gulf escorts1987–19883903931
Invasion of Grenada198318119119[77]
1986 Bombing of Libya198620202[78]
Invasion of Panama19892340324[77]
Gulf War1990–19911491452948491,1430[79][80]
Operation Provide Comfort1991-199611819423[81][82]
NATO bombing of Yugoslavia1999119202+22+0[87]
Afghanistan War2001–present1,7424712,22918,67520,9040[f][88][89]
Iraq War2003–20113,5279614,48832,22236,7102[88]
War on Terror: Afghanistan and Iraq Wars total2001–present5,2811,4326,71750,89757,6142[90]
Operation Inherent Resolve2014-221[91]
Grand Total1775–present848,163433,1621,321,6121,531,0362,717,99338,160

Wars ranked by total number of U.S. military deaths[edit]

RankWarYearsDeathsDeaths per DayUS Population in First Year of WarDeaths per Population
1American Civil War1861–1865625,00042031,443,0001.988% (1860)
2World War II1941–1945405,399297133,402,0000.307% (1940)
3World War I1917–1918116,516279103,268,0000.110% (1920)
4Vietnam War1961–197558,20911179,323,175 (1960)0.030% (1970)
5Korean War1950–195336,51645151,325,0000.020% (1950)
6American Revolutionary War1775–178325,000112,500,0000.899% (1780)
7War of 18121812–181515,000158,000,0000.207% (1810)
8Mexican–American War1846–184813,2832921,406,0000.057% (1850)
9War on Terror2001–present6,7171.57294,043,0000.002% (2010)
10Philippine–American War1899–19024,1963.872,129,0010.006% (1900)

"Deaths per day" is the total number of U.S. military killed, divided by the number of days between the dates of the commencement and end of hostilities. "Deaths per population" is the total number of U.S. military deaths, divided by the U.S. population of the year indicated.

Total American Deaths by War
American Civil War
World War II
World War I
Korean War
American Revolutionary War
War of 1812
Mexican American War
War on terror* present
Philippine–American War

Wars ranked by U.S. combat deaths[edit]

1World War II1941–1945291,557
2American Civil War1861–1865212,938
3World War I1917–191853,402
4Vietnam War1955–197547,424
5Korean War1950–195333,746
6American Revolutionary War1775–17838,000
7War on Terror2001–present5,281 [92]
8War of 18121812–18152,260
9Mexican–American War1846–18481,733
10Northwest Indian War1785–17951,221+
American Combat Deaths by War
World War II
American Civil War
World War I
Korean War
American Revolutionary War
War on terror*
War of 1812
Mexican American War
Northwest Indian War


a. ^ Revolutionary War: All figures from the Revolutionary War are rounded estimates. Commonly cited casualty figures provided by the Department of Defense are 4,435 killed and 6,188 wounded, although the original government report that generated these numbers warned that the totals were incomplete and far too low.[93] Nevertheless, the numbers are often repeated without this warning, such as on the United States Department of Veteran Affairs website.[94] In 1974, historian Howard Peckham and a team of researchers came up with a total of 6,824 killed in action and 8,445 wounded. Because of incomplete records, Peckham estimated that this new total number of killed in action was still about 1,000 too low.[95] Military historian John Shy subsequently estimated the total killed in action at 8,000, and argued that the number of wounded was probably far higher, about 25,000.[96] The "other" deaths are primarily from disease, including prisoners who died on British prison ships.

b. ^ Other Actions Against Pirates: Includes actions fought in the West Indies, the Greek Isles, off of Louisiana, China and Vietnam. Other deaths resulted from disease and accidents.

c. ^ Civil War: All Union casualty figures, and Confederate killed in action, from The Oxford Companion to American Military History except where noted (NPS figures).[21] estimate of total Confederate dead from James M. McPherson, Battle Cry of Freedom (Oxford University Press, 1988), 854. Newer estimates place the total death toll at 650,000 to 850,000. See: Guy Gugliotta, "New Estimate Raises Civil War Death Toll", New York Times, April 2, 2012. Retrieved November 19, 2013.
CA. ^ Civil War April 2, 2012 Doctor David Hacker after extensive research offered new casualty rates higher by 20%; his work has been accepted by the academic community and is represented here.

d. ^ World War I figures include expeditions in North Russia and Siberia. See also World War I casualties

da.^ World War II Note: as of March 31, 1946 there were an estimated 286,959 dead of whom 246,492 were identified; of 40,467 who were unidentified 18,641 were located {10,986 reposed in military cemeteries and 7,655 in isolated graves} and 21,826 were reported not located. As of April 6, 1946 there were 539 American Military Cemeteries which contained 241,500 dead.[97] Note the American Battle Monuments Commission database for the World War II reports that that in 18 ABMC Cemeteries total of 93,238 buried and 78,979 missing and that "The World War II database on this web site contains the names of those buried at our cemeteries, or listed as Missing in Action, buried or lost at sea. It does not contain the names of the 233,174 Americans returned to the United States for burial..." Similarly, the ABMC Records do not cover inter-War deaths such as the Port Chicago disaster in which 320 died. As of November 2, 2011 Total of US World War II casualties {Military and Civilian} not recovered is 73,692; by February 15, 2014 the total of US World War II Casualties {Military and Civilian} not recovered is 73,637; total of US World War II Casualties buried at sea are 6,061.

e. ^ Korean War: Note:[21] gives Dead as 33,746 and Wounded as 103, 284 and MIA as 8,177. The POW/MIA gives the figures listed here: for example: The total "Battle Dead" of 33,686 is broken down into 23,637 KIA; 2,484 DOW: 4,759 MIA; 2,806 {POWS}. 2,830 are given as non-battle deaths; wounded 103,284 is given as the Number of incidences of wounded-including individual personnel wounded multiple times ;likewise 17,730 are listed separately as having died elsewhere Worldwide during Korean War. The American Battle Monuments Commission database for the Korean War reports that "The Department of Defense reports that 54,246 American service men and women lost their lives during the Korean War. This includes all losses world wide. Since the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. honors all U.S. Military who lost their lives during the War, we have tried to obtain the names of those who died in other areas besides Korea during the period June 27, 1950 to July 27, 1954, one year after the Korean Armistice...". {For a breakdown of Worldwide casualties of 54,246 see The Korean War educator at [98] gives figures as In-theatre/non theater} After their retreat in 1950, dead Marines and soldiers were buried at a temporary gravesite near Hungnam, North Korea. During "Operation Glory" which occurred from July to November 1954 the dead of each side were exchanged; remains of 4,167 US soldiers/Marines were exchanged for 13,528 North Korean/Chinese dead.[99] After "Operation Glory" 416 Korean War "unknowns" were buried in the Punchbowl Cemetery. According to a DPMO white paper [100] 1,394 names were also transmitted during "Operation Glory" from the Chinese and North Koreans {of whom 858 names proved to be correct}; of the 4,167 returned remains were found to be 4,219 individuals of whom 2,944 were found to be Americans of whom all but 416 were identified by name. Of 239 Korean War unaccounted for: 186 not associated with Punchbowl unknowns {176 were identified and of the remaining 10 cases 4 were non-Americans of Asiatic descent; one was British; 3 were identified and 2 cases unconfirmed}; Of 10 Korean War "Punchbowl Unknowns" 6 were identified. The W.A. Johnson listing of 496 POWs-including 25 Civilians [101]-who died in North Korea can be found here-[102] and here[103]

According to report of June 24, 2008 at [104]

Update on report of July 6, 2010 at [105]

Update of report of October 26, 2011 at [106]

Update of report as of December 21, 2011: Listed as MIA: 7,973 at [107] As of January 20, 2014:Listed as MIA: 7,891. [108]

ea. ^ Cold War – Korea and Vietnam and Middle East-additional US Casualties:

f. ^ Iraq War. See also Casualties of the conflict in Iraq since 2003. Sources: .[111]

g. ^ Afghanistan. Casualties include those that occurred in Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Guantanamo Bay (Cuba), Jordan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Philippines, Seychelles, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkey, and Yemen.

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