United States House of Representatives elections, 1960

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United States House of Representatives elections, 1960
United States
1958 ←
November 8, 1960
→ 1962

All 437 seats to the United States House of Representatives
219 seats were needed for a majority
 Majority partyMinority party
 Rayburn-Sam-LOC.jpgCharles A. Halleck.jpg
LeaderSam RayburnCharles Halleck
Leader's seatTexas-4thIndiana-2nd
Last election283 seats153 seats
Seats won262175
Seat changeDecrease 21Increase 22
Popular vote35,112,33228,750,866
SwingDecrease 1.2%Increase 1.2%

Speaker before election

Sam Rayburn

Elected Speaker

Sam Rayburn

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United States House of Representatives elections, 1960
United States
1958 ←
November 8, 1960
→ 1962

All 437 seats to the United States House of Representatives
219 seats were needed for a majority
 Majority partyMinority party
 Rayburn-Sam-LOC.jpgCharles A. Halleck.jpg
LeaderSam RayburnCharles Halleck
Leader's seatTexas-4thIndiana-2nd
Last election283 seats153 seats
Seats won262175
Seat changeDecrease 21Increase 22
Popular vote35,112,33228,750,866
SwingDecrease 1.2%Increase 1.2%

Speaker before election

Sam Rayburn

Elected Speaker

Sam Rayburn

The U.S. House election, 1960 was an election for the United States House of Representatives in 1960 which coincided with the election of President John F. Kennedy and was the first house election to feature all 50 U.S. states. In spite of Kennedy's victory, his Democratic Party actually lost twenty seats to the opposition Republican Party. This may have been a backlash to the major Democratic gains in the previous election. An end to the economic downturn of the middle portion of the decade was also a factor. Nonetheless, the Democrats retained a clear majority in the House.

There were 437 seats: 435 from the reapportionment in accordance with 1950 census, and 1 seat for each of the new states of Alaska and Hawaii.

Notable freshmen included future Senate Majority Leader and presidential candidate Bob Dole (R-Kan.) and future independent presidential candidate John B. Anderson (R-Ill.).

Overall results[edit]

PartiesSeatsPopular Vote
19581960ChangeStrengthVote %Change
 Democratic283262Decrease 2160.0%35,125,03254.8%Decrease 1.2%
 Republican153175Increase 2240.0%28,750,86644.8%Increase 1.2%
 Constitution00SteadySteady61,5060.1%Increase 0.1%
 Independent10Decrease 1Steady1,394<0.1%Decrease 0.1%
 Others00SteadySteady43,6780.1%Decrease 0.1%

Source: Election Statistics - Office of the Clerk

Popular vote
House seats
House seats by party holding plurality in state
  80+% to 100% Democratic
  80+% to 100% Republican
  60+% to 80% Democratic
  60+% to 80% Republican
  Up to 60% Democratic
  Up to 60% Republican
Change in house seats by party
  6+ Democratic gain
  6+ Republican gain
  3-5 Democratic gain
  3-5 Republican gain
  1-2 Democratic gain
  1-2 Republican gain
  no net change

Separate elections[edit]

Date ↑
(linked to elections)
DistrictPredecessorPartyReason for vacancyResultCandidates
March 8, 1960New York 23Isidore DollingerDemocraticResignation upon becoming District Attorney of Bronx County
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Democratic holdJacob H. Gilbert (D) 82.4%
Simon M. Koenig (R) 10.3%
Hector Mathew (L) 7.4%
April 26, 1960Pennsylvania 17Alvin R. BushRepublicanDeath
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Republican holdHerman T. Schneebeli (R) 52.45%
Dean R. Fisher (D) 47.55%
April 26, 1960Pennsylvania 18Richard M. SimpsonRepublicanDeath
Winner subsequently died June 19, 1960, and the seat remained vacant until another special election in November
Republican holdDouglas Elliott (R)61.2%
Robert M. Meyers (D) 38.8%
June 25, 1960North Carolina 12David M. HallDemocraticDeath
Winner was subsequently re-elected in November
Democratic holdRoy A. Taylor (D) 98.6%
Heinz Rollman (R) 1.4%

November elections[edit]


Alabama 1Frank W. BoykinDemocratic1935Re-electedFrank W. Boykin (D) Unopposed
Alabama 2George M. GrantDemocratic1938Re-electedGeorge M. Grant (D) Unopposed
Alabama 3George W. AndrewsDemocratic1944Re-electedGeorge W. Andrews (D) Unopposed
Alabama 4Kenneth A. RobertsDemocratic1950Re-electedKenneth A. Roberts (D) Unopposed
Alabama 5Albert RainsDemocratic1944Re-electedAlbert Rains (D) Unopposed
Alabama 6Armistead I. Selden, Jr.Democratic1952Re-electedArmistead I. Selden, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Alabama 7Carl ElliottDemocratic1948Re-electedCarl Elliott (D) Unopposed
Alabama 8Robert E. Jones, Jr.Democratic1947Re-electedRobert E. Jones, Jr. (D) 79.2%
H. G. Williams (R) 20.8%
Alabama 9George Huddleston, Jr.Democratic1954Re-electedGeorge Huddleston, Jr. (D) 67.3%
William P. Ivey (R) 32.7%


Alaska At-largeRalph Julian RiversDemocratic1958Re-electedRalph Julian Rivers (D) 56.8%
R. L. Rettig (R) 43.2%


Arizona 1John Jacob RhodesRepublican1952Re-electedJohn Jacob Rhodes (R) 59.2%
Richard H. Harless (D) 40.8%
Arizona 2Stewart Lee UdallDemocratic1954Re-electedStewart Lee Udall (D) 55.7%
Mac C. Matheson (R) 44.3%


Arkansas 1Ezekiel C. GathingsDemocratic1938Re-electedEzekiel C. Gathings (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 2Wilbur MillsDemocratic1938Re-electedWilbur Mills (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 3James William TrimbleDemocratic1944Re-electedJames William Trimble (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 4Oren HarrisDemocratic1940Re-electedOren Harris (D) Unopposed
Arkansas 5Dale AlfordDemocratic1958Re-electedDale Alford (D) 82.7%
L. J. Churchill (R) 17.3%
Arkansas 6William F. NorrellDemocratic1938Re-electedWilliam F. Norrell (D) Unopposed


California 1Clement Woodnutt MillerDemocratic1958Re-electedClement Woodnutt Miller (D) 51.6%
Frederick G. Dupuis (R) 48.4%
California 2Harold T. JohnsonDemocratic1958Re-electedHarold T. Johnson (D) 62.7%
Fredric H. Nagel (R) 37.3%
California 3John E. MossDemocratic1952Re-electedJohn E. Moss (D) Unopposed
California 4William S. MailliardRepublican1952Re-electedWilliam S. Mailliard (R) 65.3%
Phillips S. Davies (D) 34.7%
California 5John ShelleyDemocratic1949Re-electedJohn Shelley (D) 83.7%
Nick Verreos (R) 16.3%
California 6John F. Baldwin, Jr.Republican1954Re-electedJohn F. Baldwin, Jr. (R) 58.7%
Douglas R. Page (D) 41.3%
California 7Jeffery CohelanDemocratic1958Re-electedJeffery Cohelan (D) 57.0%
Lewis F. Sherman (R) 43.0%
California 8George Paul MillerDemocratic1944Re-electedGeorge Paul Miller (D) 62.0%
Robert E. Hannon (R) 38.0%
California 9J. Arthur YoungerRepublican1952Re-electedJ. Arthur Younger (R) 59.2%
John D. Kaster (D) 40.8%
California 10Charles S. GubserRepublican1952Re-electedCharles S. Gubser (R) 58.9%
Russell B. Bryan (D) 41.1%
California 11John J. McFallDemocratic1956Re-electedJohn J. McFall (D) 65.4%
Clifford B. Bull (R) 34.6%
California 12Bernice F. SiskDemocratic1954Re-electedBernice F. Sisk (D) Unopposed
California 13Charles M. TeagueRepublican1954Re-electedCharles M. Teague (R) 65.0%
L. Boyd Finch (D) 35.0%
California 14Harlan HagenDemocratic1952Re-electedHarlan Hagen (D) 56.5%
G. Ray Arnett (R) 43.5%
California 15Gordon L. McDonoughRepublican1944Re-electedGordon L. McDonough (R) 51.3%
Norman H. Martell (D) 48.7%
California 16Donald L. JacksonRepublican1946Retired
Republican hold
Alphonzo E. Bell, Jr. (R) 55.4%
Jerry Pacht (D) 44.6%
California 17Cecil R. KingDemocratic1942Re-electedCecil R. King (D) 67.7%
Tom Coffee (R) 32.3%
California 18Craig HosmerRepublican1952Re-electedCraig Hosmer (R) 70.0%
D. Patrick Ahern (D) 30.0%
California 19Chet HolifieldDemocratic1942Re-electedChet Holifield (D) 78.2%
Gordon S. McWilliams (R) 21.8%
California 20H. Allen SmithRepublican1956Re-electedH. Allen Smith (R) 70.1%
Gareth W. Sadler (D) 29.9%
California 21Edgar W. HiestandRepublican1952Re-electedEdgar W. Hiestand (R) 58.4%
Rudd Brown (D) 41.6%
California 22Joseph F. HoltRepublican1952Retired
Democratic gain
James C. Corman (D) 51.1%
Lemoine Blanchard (R) 48.9%
California 23Clyde DoyleDemocratic1948Re-electedClyde Doyle (D) 74.2%
Emmett A. Schwartz (R) 25.8%
California 24Glenard P. LipscombRepublican1953Re-electedGlenard P. Lipscomb (R) 59.7%
Norman Hass (D) 40.3%
California 25George A. KasemDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
John H. Rousselot (R) 53.6%
George A. Kasem (D) 46.4%
California 26James RooseveltDemocratic1954Re-electedJames Roosevelt (D) 73.4%
William E. McIntyre (R) 26.6%
California 27Harry R. SheppardDemocratic1936Re-electedHarry R. Sheppard (D) 66.8%
Robert M. Castle (R) 33.2%
California 28James B. UttRepublican1952Re-electedJames B. Utt (R) 60.9%
Max E. Woods (D) 39.1%
California 29Dalip Singh SaundDemocratic1956Re-electedDalip Singh Saund (D) 57.1%
Charles H. Jameson (R) 42.9%
California 30Bob WilsonRepublican1952Re-electedBob Wilson (R) 59.3%
Walter Wencke (D) 40.7%


Colorado 1Byron G. RogersDemocratic1950Re-electedByron G. Rogers (D) 60.0%
Robert D. Rolander (R) 40.0%
Colorado 2Byron L. JohnsonDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Peter H. Dominick (R) 57.6%
Byron L. Johnson (D) 42.4%
Colorado 3John ChenowethRepublican1950Re-electedJohn Chenoweth (R) 52.0%
Franklin R. Stewart (D) 48.0%
Colorado 4Wayne N. AspinallDemocratic1948Re-electedWayne N. Aspinall (D) 68.5%
Charles P. Casteel (R) 31.5%


Connecticut 1Emilio Q. DaddarioDemocratic1958Re-electedEmilio Q. Daddario (D) 58.5%
Thomas F. Brennan (R) 41.5%
Connecticut 2Chester BowlesDemocratic1958Retired
Republican gain
Horace Seely-Brown, Jr. (R) 50.1%
William L. St. Onge (D) 49.9%
Connecticut 3Robert GiaimoDemocratic1958Re-electedRobert Giaimo (D) 54.9%
Albert W. Cretella (R) 45.1%
Connecticut 4Donald J. IrwinDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Abner W. Sibal (R) 51.3%
Donald J. Irwin (D) 48.0%
Jasper McLevy (Soc-Lab) 0.8%
Connecticut 5John S. MonaganDemocratic1958Re-electedJohn S. Monagan (D) 55.1%
James T. Patterson (R) 44.9%
Connecticut At-largeFrank KowalskiDemocratic1958Re-electedFrank Kowalski (D) 54.0%
Antoni N. Sadlak (R) 46.0%


Delaware At-largeHarris B. McDowell, Jr.Democratic1958Re-electedHarris B. McDowell, Jr. (D) 50.5%
James T. McKinstry (R) 49.5%


Florida 1William C. CramerRepublican1954Re-electedWilliam C. Cramer (R) 58.4%
James M. McEwen (D) 41.6%
Florida 2Charles Edward BennettDemocratic1948Re-electedCharles Edward Bennett (D) 82.5%
J. Edward Musser (R) 17.5%
Florida 3Robert L. F. SikesDemocratic1940Re-electedRobert L. F. Sikes (D) Unopposed
Florida 4Dante FascellDemocratic1954Re-electedDante Fascell (D) 70.5%
Hugh M. Tartaglia (R) 29.5%
Florida 5Albert S. Herlong, Jr.Democratic1948Re-electedAlbert S. Herlong, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Florida 6Paul RogersDemocratic1954Re-electedPaul Rogers (D) 62.0%
John D. Kruse (R) 38.0%
Florida 7James A. HaleyDemocratic1952Re-electedJames A. Haley (D) 61.4%
Henry S. Batholomew (R) 38.6%
Florida 8Donald Ray MatthewsDemocratic1952Re-electedDonald Ray Matthews (D) Unopposed


Georgia 1Prince Hulon Preston, Jr.Democratic1946Lost renomination
Democratic hold
George Elliott Hagan (D) Unopposed
Georgia 2J. L. PilcherDemocratic1953Re-electedJ. L. Pilcher (D) Unopposed
Georgia 3Tic ForresterDemocratic1950Re-electedTic Forrester (D) Unopposed
Georgia 4John James Flynt, Jr.Democratic1954Re-electedJohn James Flynt, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Georgia 5James C. DavisDemocratic1946Re-electedJames C. Davis (D) Unopposed
Georgia 6Carl VinsonDemocratic1914Re-electedCarl Vinson (D) Unopposed
Georgia 7Harlan Erwin MitchellDemocratic1958Retired to run for Georgia State Senate
Democratic hold
John W. Davis (D) 74.2%
E. Ralph Ivey (R) 25.8%
Georgia 8Iris Faircloth BlitchDemocratic1954Re-electedIris Faircloth Blitch (D) Unopposed
Georgia 9Phillip M. LandrumDemocratic1952Re-electedPhillip M. Landrum (D) Unopposed
Georgia 10Paul BrownDemocratic1933Retired
Democratic hold
Robert Grier Stephens, Jr. (D) Unopposed


Hawaii At-largeDaniel InouyeDemocratic1959Re-electedDaniel Inouye (D) 74.4%
Frederick Titcomb (R) 25.6%


Idaho 1Gracie PfostDemocratic1952Re-electedGracie Pfost (D) 60.4%
Thomas A. Leupp (R) 39.6%
Idaho 2Hamer H. BudgeRepublican1950Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Ralph R. Harding (D) 51.2%
Hamer H. Budge (R) 48.8%


Illinois 1William L. DawsonDemocratic1942Re-electedWilliam L. Dawson (D) 77.8%
Genoa S. Washington (R) 22.2%
Illinois 2Barratt O'HaraDemocratic1952Re-electedBarratt O'Hara (D) 66.6%
Bernard E. Epton (R) 33.4%
Illinois 3William T. MurphyDemocratic1958Re-electedWilliam T. Murphy (D) 59.1%
Emmet F. Byrne (R) 40.9%
Illinois 4Ed DerwinskiRepublican1958Re-electedEd Derwinski (R) 55.9%
Frank J. Sulewski (D) 44.1%
Illinois 5John C. KluczynskiDemocratic1950Re-electedJohn C. Kluczynski (D) 71.2%
Edward J. Tomek (R) 28.8%
Illinois 6Thomas J. O'BrienDemocratic1942Re-electedThomas J. O'Brien (D) 71.7%
Frank S. Estes (R) 28.3%
Illinois 7Roland V. LibonatiDemocratic1957Re-electedRoland V. Libonati (D) 80.5%
Lawrence J. Blasi (R) 19.5%
Illinois 8Dan RostenkowskiDemocratic1958Re-electedDan Rostenkowski (D) 67.2%
Henry Klinger, Jr. (R) 32.8%
Illinois 9Sidney R. YatesDemocratic1948Re-electedSidney R. Yates (D) 60.0%
Chester E. Emanuelson (R) 40.0%
Illinois 10Harold R. CollierRepublican1956Re-electedHarold R. Collier (R) 57.1%
Edward V. Hanrahan (D) 42.9%
Illinois 11Roman C. PucinskiDemocratic1958Re-electedRoman C. Pucinski (D) 54.0%
Timothy P. Sheehan (R) 46.0%
Illinois 12Charles A. BoyleDemocratic1954Died in office
Democratic hold
Edward Rowan Finnegan (D) 50.8%
Theodore P. Fields (R) 49.2%
Illinois 13Marguerite S. ChurchRepublican1950Re-electedMarguerite S. Church (R) 66.0%
Tyler Thompson (D) 34.0%
Illinois 14Elmer J. HoffmanRepublican1958Re-electedElmer J. Hoffman (R) 63.8%
Hayes Beall (D) 36.2%
Illinois 15Noah M. MasonRepublican1936Re-electedNoah M. Mason (R) 50.5%
Dorothy G. O'Brien (D) 49.5%
Illinois 16Leo E. AllenRepublican1932Retired
Republican hold
John B. Anderson (R) 62.3%
Edwin M. Nelson (D) 37.7%
Illinois 17Leslie C. ArendsRepublican1934Re-electedLeslie C. Arends (R) 61.3%
William T. Larkin (D) 38.7%
Illinois 18Robert H. MichelRepublican1956Re-electedRobert H. Michel (R) 59.3%
Richard A. Estep (D) 40.7%
Illinois 19Robert B. ChiperfieldRepublican1938Re-electedRobert B. Chiperfield (R) 50.6%
John C. Watson (D) 49.4%
Illinois 20Edna O. SimpsonRepublican1958Retired
Republican hold
Paul Findley (R) 55.6%
Montgomery B. Carrott (D) 44.4%
Illinois 21Peter F. Mack, Jr.Democratic1948Re-electedPeter F. Mack, Jr. (D) 54.7%
J. Waldo Ackerman, Jr. (R) 45.3%
Illinois 22William L. SpringerRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam L. Springer (R) 61.4%
James T. Nally (D) 38.6%
Illinois 23George E. ShipleyDemocratic1958Re-electedGeorge E. Shipley (D) 51.6%
Frank H. Walker (R) 48.4%
Illinois 24Melvin PriceDemocratic1944Re-electedMelvin Price (D) 72.2%
Phyllis Schlafly (R) 27.8%
Illinois 25Kenneth J. GrayDemocratic1954Re-electedKenneth J. Gray (D) 57.9%
Gordon E. Kerr (R) 42.1%


Indiana 1Ray J. MaddenDemocratic1942Re-electedRay J. Madden (D) 64.7%
Philip P. Parker (R) 35.1%
Vernon N. Sherer (Proh) 0.2%
Indiana 2Charles A. HalleckRepublican1935Re-electedCharles A. Halleck (R) 57.5%
George H. Bowers (D) 42.2%
Earl F. Dodds (Proh) 0.3%
Indiana 3John BrademasDemocratic1958Re-electedJohn Brademas (D) 52.4%
F. Jay Nimtz (R) 47.6%
Indiana 4E. Ross AdairRepublican1950Re-electedE. Ross Adair (R) 58.2%
Byron McCammon (D) 41.8%
Indiana 5J. Edward RoushDemocratic1958Re-electedJ. Edward Roush (D) 50.0%
George O. Chambers (R) 50.0%
Indiana 6Fred WamplerDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Richard L. Roudebush (R) 52.0%
Fred Wampler (D) 48.0%
Indiana 7William G. BrayRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam G. Bray (R) 60.1%
Thomas C. Cravens (D) 39.9%
Indiana 8Winfield K. DentonDemocratic1954Re-electedWinfield K. Denton (D) 53.2%
Alvan V. Burch (R) 46.6%
J. C. Kelly (Proh) 0.2%
Indiana 9Earl HoganDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Earl Wilson (R) 50.6%
Earl Hogan (D) 49.4%
Indiana 10Randall S. HarmonDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Ralph Harvey (R) 57.1%
Randall S. Harmon (D) 42.9%
Indiana 11Joseph W. BarrDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Donald Cogley Bruce (R) 53.7%
Joseph W. Barr (D) 46.2%
Frank N. Williams (Proh) 0.1%


Iowa 1Fred SchwengelRepublican1954Re-electedFred Schwengel (R) 60.9%
Walter J. Guenther (D) 39.1%
Iowa 2Leonard G. WolfDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
James E. Bromwell (R) 52.6%
Leonard G. Wolf (D) 47.4%
Iowa 3H. R. GrossRepublican1948Re-electedH. R. Gross (R) 56.3%
Michael Micich (D) 43.7%
Iowa 4John Henry KylRepublican1959Re-electedJohn Henry Kyl (R) 56.6%
C. Edwin Gilmour (D) 43.4%
Iowa 5Neal SmithDemocratic1958Re-electedNeal Smith (D) 53.0%
Floyd M. Burgeson (R) 47.0%
Iowa 6Merwin CoadDemocratic1956Re-electedMerwin Coad (D) 53.6%
Curtis G. Riehm (R) 46.4%
Iowa 7Ben F. JensenRepublican1938Re-electedBen F. Jensen (R) 55.8%
Duane Orton (D) 44.2%
Iowa 8Charles B. HoevenRepublican1942Re-electedCharles B. Hoeven (R) 57.5%
Donald E. O'Brien (D) 42.5%


Kansas 1William H. AveryRepublican1954Re-electedWilliam H. Avery (R) 63.1%
Marshall G. Gardiner (D) 36.9%
Kansas 2Newell A. GeorgeDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Robert Fred Ellsworth (R) 52.3%
Newell A. George (D) 47.7%
Kansas 3Denver D. HargisDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Walter L. McVey, Jr. (R) 51.2%
Denver D. Hargis (D) 48.8%
Kansas 4Edward Herbert ReesRepublican1936Retired
Republican hold
Garner E. Shriver (R) 55.2%
William I. Robinson (D) 44.8%
Kansas 5James Floyd BreedingDemocratic1956Re-electedJames Floyd Breeding (D) 55.5%
Joe W. Hunter (R) 44.5%
Kansas 6Wint SmithRepublican1946Retired
Republican hold
Bob Dole (R) 59.3%
William A. Davis (D) 40.7%


Kentucky 1Frank StubblefieldDemocratic1958Re-electedFrank Stubblefield (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 2William Huston NatcherDemocratic1953Re-electedWilliam Huston Natcher (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 3Frank W. BurkeDemocratic1958Re-electedFrank W. Burke (D) 50.3%
Henry R. Heyburn (R) 49.7%
Kentucky 4Frank ChelfDemocratic1944Re-electedFrank Chelf (D) Unopposed
Kentucky 5Brent SpenceDemocratic1930Re-electedBrent Spence (D) 55.4%
Jule Appel (R) 44.6%
Kentucky 6John C. WattsDemocratic1951Re-electedJohn C. Watts (D) 54.7%
Howard A. Dickey (R) 45.3%
Kentucky 7Carl D. PerkinsDemocratic1948Re-electedCarl D. Perkins (D) 56.1%
Herbert Rowland (R) 43.9%
Kentucky 8Eugene SilerRepublican1954Re-electedEugene Siler (R) 71.8%
Donald R. Shepherd (D) 28.2%


Louisiana 1F. Edward HebertDemocratic1940Re-electedF. Edward Hebert (D) 82.1%
Norman W. Prendergast (R) 17.9%
Louisiana 2Hale BoggsDemocratic1946Re-electedHale Boggs (D) 78.0%
Elliott Ross Buckley (R) 22.0% (cousin of William F. Buckley, Jr.)
Louisiana 3Edwin E. WillisDemocratic1948Re-electedEdwin E. Willis (D) 83.6%
Floyd J. Duplantis (R) 16.4%
Louisiana 4Overton BrooksDemocratic1936Re-electedOverton Brooks (D) 74.9%
Fred Charles McClanahan, Jr. (R) 25.1%
Louisiana 5Otto PassmanDemocratic1946Re-electedOtto Passman (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 6James H. MorrisonDemocratic1942Re-electedJames H. Morrison (D) 85.6%
Charles H. Dillemuth (R) 14.4%
Louisiana 7T. Ashton ThompsonDemocratic1952Re-electedT. Ashton Thompson (D) Unopposed
Louisiana 8Harold B. McSweenDemocratic1958Re-electedHarold B. McSween (D) Unopposed


Maine 1James C. OliverDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Peter A. Garland (R) 53.8%
James C. Oliver (D) 46.2%
Maine 2Frank M. CoffinDemocratic1956Retired to run for Governor
Republican gain
Stanley R. Tupper (R) 53.4%
John C. Donovan (D) 46.6%
Maine 3Clifford McIntireRepublican1951Re-electedClifford McIntire (R) 64.1%
David G. Roberts (D) 35.9%


Maryland 1Thomas F. JohnsonDemocratic1958Re-electedThomas F. Johnson (D) 53.6%
Edward T. Miller (R) 46.4%
Maryland 2Daniel BrewsterDemocratic1958Re-electedDaniel Brewster (D) 58.6%
Fife Symington (R) 41.4%
Maryland 3Edward GarmatzDemocratic1947Re-electedEdward Garmatz (D) 80.3%
Robert J. Gerstung (R) 19.7%
Maryland 4George Hyde FallonDemocratic1944Re-electedGeorge Hyde Fallon (D) 65.5%
Melvin R. Kenney (R) 34.5%
Maryland 5Richard E. LankfordDemocratic1954Re-electedRichard E. Lankford (D) 62.2%
Carlyle J. Lancaster (R) 37.8%
Maryland 6John R. FoleyDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Charles Mathias, Jr. (R) 52.0%
John R. Foley (D) 48.0%
Maryland 7Samuel FriedelDemocratic1952Re-electedSamuel Friedel (D) 64.5%
David M. Blum (R) 35.5%


Massachusetts 1Silvio ConteRepublican1958Re-electedSilvio Conte (R) 68.5%
William H. Burns (D) 31.2%
Arthur J. Green (Proh) 0.3%
Massachusetts 2Edward BolandDemocratic1952Re-electedEdward Boland (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 3Philip PhilbinDemocratic1942Re-electedPhilip Philbin (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 4Harold DonohueDemocratic1946Re-electedHarold Donohue (D) 64.5%
Robert N. Scola (R) 35.5%
Massachusetts 5Edith Nourse RogersRepublican1925Died in office
Republican hold
Frank B. Morse (R) 54.5%
William C. Madden (D) 45.5%
Massachusetts 6William H. BatesRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam H. Bates (R) 65.9%
Mary Kennedy (D) 34.1%
Massachusetts 7Thomas J. LaneDemocratic1941Re-electedThomas J. Lane (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 8Torbert H. MacDonaldDemocratic1954Re-electedTorbert H. MacDonald (D) 65.9%
Ward Collins Cramer (R) 34.1%
Massachusetts 9Hastings KeithRepublican1958Re-electedHastings Keith (R) 55.7%
Edward F. Harrington (D) 44.3%
Massachusetts 10Laurence CurtisRepublican1952Re-electedLaurence Curtis (R) 58.2%
Joseph J. Mulhern, Jr. (D) 41.8%
Massachusetts 11Tip O'NeillDemocratic1952Re-electedTip O'Neill (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 12John William McCormackDemocratic1928Re-electedJohn William McCormack (D) Unopposed
Massachusetts 13James A. BurkeDemocratic1958Re-electedJames A. Burke (D) 58.5%
Charles J. Gabriel (R) 41.5%
Massachusetts 14Joseph William Martin, Jr.Republican1924Re-electedJoseph William Martin, Jr. (R) 60.3%
Edward F. Doolan (D) 39.7%


Michigan 1Thaddeus M. MachrowiczDemocratic1950Re-electedThaddeus M. Machrowicz (D) 88.4%
Walter Czarnecki (R) 11.3%
Peter Stayanoff (Soc-Lab) 0.1%
Adam Kempa (Ind Amer) 0.09%
Carroll Ambler (Proh) 0.05%
Michigan 2George MeaderRepublican1950Re-electedGeorge Meader (R) 59.6%
Thomas P. Payne (D) 40.2%
Verdon R. Dunckel (Proh) 0.09%
Edmund T. Taylor (Soc-Lab) 0.04%
Ray W. Graham (Ind Amer) 0.04%
Michigan 3August E. JohansenRepublican1954Re-electedAugust E. Johansen (R) 60.5%
Samuel I. Clark (D) 39.2%
Floyd R. Latta (Proh) 0.2%
Michigan 4Clare E. HoffmanRepublican1934Re-electedClare E. Hoffman (R) 62.3%
Edward Burns (D) 37.5%
Jerry Johncock (Proh) 0.2%
Michigan 5Gerald FordRepublican1948Re-electedGerald Ford (R) 66.8%
William G. Reamon (D) 33.1%
LeRoy A. Robert (Proh) 0.06%
Donald Teets (Soc-Lab) 0.03%
Michigan 6Charles E. ChamberlainRepublican1956Re-electedCharles E. Chamberlain (R) 56.6%
Jerome F. O'Rourke (D) 43.3%
Paul H. Kyburz (Proh) 0.09%
Michigan 7James G. O'HaraDemocratic1958Re-electedJames G. O'Hara (D) 53.3%
Robert J. McIntosh (R) 46.6%
Clarence E. Smith (Proh) 0.05%
Mary Mills (Soc-Lab) 0.05%
Raymond E. Watrous (Ind Amer) 0.03%
Michigan 8Alvin Morell BentleyRepublican1952Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
R. James Harvey (R) 62.2%
Mary M. Harden (D) 37.6%
Herald F. DeWeese (Proh) 0.1%
Michigan 9Robert P. GriffinRepublican1956Re-electedRobert P. Griffin (R) 59.6%
Donald G. Jennings (D) 40.3%
Carl E. Ruble (Proh) 0.07%
Michigan 10Elford Albin CederbergRepublican1952Re-electedElford Albin Cederberg (R) 62.1%
Daniel E. Reed (D) 37.8%
Mildred Montgomery (Proh) 0.09%
Michigan 11Victor A. KnoxRepublican1952Re-electedVictor A. Knox (R) 54.8%
Prentiss M. Brown, Jr. (D) 45.1%
Elving Thorpe (Proh) 0.05%
Michigan 12John B. BennettRepublican1946Re-electedJohn B. Bennett (R) 60.8%
Robert C. McCarthy (D) 39.1%
Halmer Dahlgren (Proh) 0.05%
Michigan 13Charles DiggsDemocratic1954Re-electedCharles Diggs (D) 71.4%
Robert B. Blackwell (R) 28.2%
Cleve C. Hull (Ind Amer) 0.1%
Peter Goonis (Soc-Lab) 0.1%
John T. Wiandt (Tax Cut) 0.09%
Vernon Good (Proh) 0.07%
Michigan 14Louis C. RabautDemocratic1948Re-electedLouis C. Rabaut (D) 62.7%
Lois V. Nair (R) 37.1%
C. B. Smith (Tax Cut) 0.09%
William Sablich (Soc-Lab) 0.07%
Eugene Hopusch (Proh) 0.03%
Michigan 15John D. Dingell, Jr.Democratic1955Re-electedJohn D. Dingell, Jr. (D) 79.4%
Robert J. Robbins (R) 20.3%
Hiram J. Coffman (Proh) 0.1%
Joseph Koss (Soc-Lab) 0.08%
Curt Engstrom (Ind Amer) 0.06%
Michigan 16John Lesinski, Sr.Democratic1932Re-electedJohn Lesinski, Sr. (D) 66.0%
Lee H. Clark (R) 33.8%
James C. Horvath (Soc-Lab) 0.09%
Paul D. Gariepy (Ind Amer) 0.05%
Lucy Larkin (Proh) 0.04%
Michigan 17Martha W. GriffithsDemocratic1954Re-electedMartha W. Griffiths (D) 57.6%
Richard E. Morell (R) 42.2%
William Walbridge (Soc-Lab) 0.07%
J. Byron Stover (Ind Amer) 0.05%
Sadie Grass (Tax Cut) 0.03%
Richard Zeller (Proh) 0.03%
Michigan 18William BroomfieldRepublican1956Re-electedWilliam Broomfield (R) 55.8%
James Kellis (D) 44.0%
Fred Mayers (Soc-Lab) 0.06%
Hugh J. Thomas (Ind Amer) 0.04%
Phyllis G. Kile (Proh) 0.03%


Minnesota 1Al QuieRepublican1958Re-electedAl Quie (R) 60.5%
George Shepherd (DFL) 39.5%
Minnesota 2Ancher NelsenRepublican1958Re-electedAncher Nelsen (R) 57.2%
Russel Schwandt (DFL) 42.8%
Minnesota 3Roy W. WierDemocratic1948Lost re-election
Republican gain
Clark MacGregor (R) 52.5%
Roy W. Wier (DFL) 47.5%
Minnesota 4Joseph KarthDemocratic1958Re-electedJoseph Karth (DFL) 61.0%
Joseph J. Mitchell (R) 39.0%
Minnesota 5Walter JuddRepublican1942Re-electedWalter Judd (R) 60.9%
George J. Matthews (DFL) 39.1%
Minnesota 6Fred MarshallDemocratic1948Re-electedFred Marshall (DFL) 59.6%
Frank L. King (R) 40.4%
Minnesota 7H. Carl AndersenRepublican1938Re-electedH. Carl Andersen (R) 52.5%
Gordon E. Duenow (DFL) 47.5%
Minnesota 8John BlatnikDemocratic1946Re-electedJohn Blatnik (DFL) 69.5%
Jerry H. Ketola (R) 30.5%
Minnesota 9Odin LangenRepublican1958Re-electedOdin Langen (R) 52.2%
Coya Knutson (DFL) 47.8%


Mississippi 1Thomas AbernethyDemocratic1942Re-electedThomas Abernethy (D) 93.6%
Edward W. Scott (R) 6.4%
Mississippi 2Jamie L. WhittenDemocratic1941Re-electedJamie L. Whitten (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 3Frank E. SmithDemocratic1950Re-electedFrank E. Smith (D) 92.7%
W. A. Clark (R) 7.3%
Mississippi 4John Bell WilliamsDemocratic1946Re-electedJohn Bell Williams (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 5W. Arthur WinsteadDemocratic1942Re-electedW. Arthur Winstead (D) Unopposed
Mississippi 6William M. ColmerDemocratic1932Re-electedWilliam M. Colmer (D) Unopposed


Missouri 1Frank M. KarstenDemocratic1946Re-electedFrank M. Karsten (D) 70.8%
Sam J. Kallaos (R) 29.2%
Missouri 2Thomas B. CurtisRepublican1950Re-electedThomas B. Curtis (R) 56.7%
Richard L. Carp (D) 43.3%
Missouri 3Leonor SullivanDemocratic1952Re-electedLeonor Sullivan (D) 73.3%
Morton L. Schwartz (R) 26.7%
Missouri 4William J. RandallDemocratic1959Re-electedWilliam J. Randall (D) 54.0%
Kenneth K. Lowe (R) 46.0%
Missouri 5Richard BollingDemocratic1948Re-electedRichard Bolling (D) 61.0%
Clinton H. Gates (R) 39.0%
Missouri 6William Raleigh Hull, Jr.Democratic1954Re-electedWilliam Raleigh Hull, Jr. (D) 54.6%
Ethan H. Campbell (R) 45.4%
Missouri 7Charles Harrison BrownDemocratic1956Lost re-election
Republican gain
Durward Gorham Hall (R) 54.9%
Charles Harrison Brown (D) 45.1%
Missouri 8A. S. J. CarnahanDemocratic1948Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Richard Howard Ichord, Jr. (D) 58.0%
Curtis J. Tindel (R) 42.0%
Missouri 9Clarence CannonDemocratic1922Re-electedClarence Cannon (D) 59.8%
Anthony C. Schroeder (R) 40.2%
Missouri 10Paul C. JonesDemocratic1948Re-electedPaul C. Jones (D) Unopposed
Missouri 11Morgan M. MoulderDemocratic1948Re-electedMorgan M. Moulder (D) 50.1%
Robert A. Bartel (R) 49.9%


Montana 1Lee MetcalfDemocratic1952Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Democratic hold
Arnold Olsen (D) 53.3%
George P. Sarsfield (R) 46.7%
Montana 2LeRoy H. AndersonDemocratic1956Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
James Franklin Battin (R) 50.9%
Leo Graybill, Jr. (D) 49.1%


Nebraska 1Phillip Hart WeaverRepublican1954Re-electedPhillip Hart Weaver (R) 55.5%
Gerald T. Whelan (D) 44.5%
Nebraska 2Glenn CunninghamRepublican1956Re-electedGlenn Cunningham (R) 66.6%
Joseph V. Benesch (D) 33.4%
Nebraska 3Lawrence BrockDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Ralph F. Beermann (R) 51.3%
Lawrence Brock (D) 48.7%
Nebraska 4Donald Francis McGinleyDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
David T. Martin (R) 51.1%
Donald Francis McGinley (D) 48.9%


Nevada At-largeWalter S. Baring, Jr.Democratic1956Re-electedWalter S. Baring, Jr. (D) 57.5%
George W. Malone (R) 42.5%

New Hampshire[edit]

New Hampshire 1Chester Earl MerrowRepublican1942Re-electedChester Earl Merrow (R) 56.5%
Romeo J. Champagne (D) 43.5%
New Hampshire 2Perkins BassRepublican1954Re-electedPerkins Bass (R) 60.3%
Stuart V. Nims (D) 39.7%

New Jersey[edit]

New Jersey 1William T. CahillRepublican1958Re-electedWilliam T. Cahill (R) 57.6%
John A. Healey (D) 42.2%
Julius Levin (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
New Jersey 2Milton W. GlennRepublican1957Re-electedMilton W. Glenn (R) 56.5%
John A. Miller (D) 43.2%
Morris Karp (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
New Jersey 3James C. AuchinclossRepublican1942Re-electedJames C. Auchincloss (R) 53.1%
Katharine E. White (D) 46.9%
New Jersey 4Frank ThompsonDemocratic1954Re-electedFrank Thompson (D) 60.2%
A. Jerome Moore (R) 39.6%
Howard G. Frank (Conservative) 0.1%
Bernardo S. Doganiero (Soc-Lab) 0.10%
New Jersey 5Peter Frelinghuysen, Jr.Republican1952Re-electedPeter Frelinghuysen, Jr. (R) 58.6%
Jerome H. Taub (D) 41.3%
Delmar Calwhite (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
New Jersey 6Florence P. DwyerRepublican1956Re-electedFlorence P. Dwyer (R) 57.7%
Jack B. Dunn (D) 41.4%
John H. Wisner, Jr. (Conservative) 0.7%
Alexander Kudlik (Soc-Lab) 0.1%
New Jersey 7William B. WidnallRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam B. Widnall (R) 63.7%
James Dobbins (D) 36.0%
Robert A. Kretzer (Conservative) 0.3%
New Jersey 8Gordon CanfieldRepublican1940Retired
Democratic gain
Charles S. Joelson (D) 52.0%
Walter P. Kennedy (R) 43.8%
Ronald G. Timm (Conservative) 4.0%
Harry Santhouse (Soc-Lab) 0.2%
New Jersey 9Frank C. Osmers, Jr.Republican1951Re-electedFrank C. Osmers, Jr. (R) 58.1%
Vincent T. McKenna (D) 41.6%
Arthur A. Wacker (Conservative) 0.3%
New Jersey 10Peter W. Rodino, Jr.Democratic1948Re-electedPeter W. Rodino, Jr. (D) 65.3%
Alphonse A. Miele (R) 33.3%
Frank J. DeGeorge (Conservative) 1.5%
New Jersey 11Hugh Joseph AddonizioDemocratic1948Re-electedHugh Joseph Addonizio (D) 61.4%
Frank A. Palmieri (R) 36.2%
Josephine Underwood (Conservative) 2.1%
Julian E. Whitney (I) 0.2%
New Jersey 12George M. WallhauserRepublican1958Re-electedGeorge M. Wallhauser (R) 50.2%
Robert R. Peacock (D) 47.7%
Tony Marsella (Soc-Lab) 1.6%
Harold Poeschel (Conservative) 0.5%
New Jersey 13Cornelius Edward GallagherDemocratic1958Re-electedCornelius Edward Gallagher (D) 68.3%
Samuel F. Kanis (R) 31.7%
New Jersey 14Dominick V. DanielsDemocratic1958Re-electedDominick V. Daniels (D) 57.3%
Frank A. Musto (R) 41.7%
Patrick J. Loori (I) 1.0%

New Mexico[edit]

New Mexico At-largeJoseph M. MontoyaDemocratic1957Re-electedJoseph M. Montoya (D) 29.5%
Thomas G. Morris (D) 28.8%
John D. Robb (R) 20.7%
Edward V. Balcomb (R) 20.7%
Helen Galloway (Proh) 0.1%
L. F. Ingram (Proh) 0.1%
New Mexico At-largeThomas G. MorrisDemocratic1958Re-elected

New York[edit]

New York 1Stuyvesant WainwrightRepublican1952Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Otis G. Pike (D) 50.4%
Stuyvesant Wainwright (R) 49.6%
New York 2Steven Boghos DerounianRepublican1952Re-electedSteven Boghos Derounian (R) 61.0%
John J. Drury (D) 39.0%
New York 3Frank J. BeckerRepublican1952Re-electedFrank J. Becker (R) 54.1%
Julius J. Rosen (D) 45.9%
New York 4Seymour HalpernRepublican1958Re-electedSeymour Halpern (R) 55.1%
Bernard A. Helfat (D) 44.9%
New York 5Albert H. BoschRepublican1952Retired to run for judge of Queens County court
Democratic gain
Joseph P. Addabbo (D) 54.2%
George Archinal (R) 45.8%
New York 6Lester HoltzmanDemocratic1952Re-electedLester Holtzman (D) 65.6%
Vincent L. Pitaro (R) 34.4%
New York 7James J. DelaneyDemocratic1948Re-electedJames J. Delaney (D) 60.7%
Edward V. Lisoski (R) 39.3%
New York 8Victor AnfusoDemocratic1954Re-electedVictor Anfuso (D) 72.9%
Leon F. Nadrowski (R) 27.1%
New York 9Eugene James KeoghDemocratic1936Re-electedEugene James Keogh (D) 72.3%
Herman Sanders (R) 27.7%
New York 10Edna F. KellyDemocratic1949Re-electedEdna F. Kelly (D) 76.6%
Jerome P. Schneider (R) 23.4%
New York 11Emanuel CellerDemocratic1922Re-electedEmanuel Celler (D) 81.6%
Seymour Besunder (R) 18.4%
New York 12Francis E. DornRepublican1952Lost re-election
Democratic gain
Hugh L. Carey (D) 50.4%
Francis E. Dorn (R) 49.6%
New York 13Abraham J. MulterDemocratic1947Re-electedAbraham J. Multer (D) 75.4%
Joseph A. DeMarco (R) 24.6%
New York 14John J. RooneyDemocratic1944Re-electedJohn J. Rooney (D) 70.6%
Carlo G. Colavito (R) 29.4%
New York 15John H. RayRepublican1952Re-electedJohn H. Ray (R) 48.7%
John M. Murphy (D) 47.2%
Timothy W. Costello (Liberal) 4.1%
New York 16Adam Clayton Powell, Jr.Democratic1944Re-electedAdam Clayton Powell, Jr. (D) 71.6%
Joseph A. Bailey (R) 17.6%
Arthur O. Boyer (Liberal) 10.9%
New York 17John LindsayRepublican1958Re-electedJohn Lindsay (R) 60.2%
William J. Vanden Heuvel (D) 39.8%
New York 18Alfred E. SantangeloDemocratic1956Re-electedAlfred E. Santangelo (D) 58.3%
Charles Muzzicato (R) 33.5%
Faustino Louis Garcia (Liberal) 8.2%
New York 19Leonard FarbsteinDemocratic1956Re-electedLeonard Farbstein (D) 72.4%
Thomas P. O'Callaghan (R) 27.6%
New York 20Ludwig TellerDemocratic1956Lost renomination
Defeated as Liberal
Democratic hold
William Fitts Ryan (D) 55.7%
Morris Aarons (R) 30.3%
Ludwig Teller (Liberal) 14.0%
New York 21Herbert ZelenkoDemocratic1954Re-electedHerbert Zelenko (D) 74.6%
Thomas H. Bartzos (R) 25.4%
New York 22James C. HealeyDemocratic1956Re-electedJames C. Healey (D) 65.0%
Dominick A. Fusco (R) 20.6%
David I. Wells (Liberal) 14.4%
New York 23Jacob H. GilbertDemocraticMarch 8, 1960
Re-electedJacob H. Gilbert (D) 70.6%
Benjamin Thornley (R) 17.5%
Nicholas B. Gyory (Liberal) 12.0%
New York 24Charles A. BuckleyDemocratic1934Re-electedCharles A. Buckley (D) 56.6%
Michael R. Cappelli (R) 27.4%
Murray Koenig (Liberal) 16.0%
New York 25Paul A. FinoRepublican1952Re-electedPaul A. Fino (R) 59.8%
Eugene L. Sugarman (D) 35.5%
Bernard Tobacman (Liberal) 4.7%
New York 26Edwin B. DooleyRepublican1956Re-electedEdwin B. Dooley (R) 52.6%
Phil E. Gilbert, Jr. (D) 47.4%
New York 27Robert R. BarryRepublican1958Re-electedRobert R. Barry (R) 56.3%
John R. Harold (D) 40.3%
Hermoine P. Mokray (Liberal) 3.3%
New York 28Katharine St. GeorgeRepublican1946Re-electedKatharine St. George (R) 58.7%
James E. Truex (D) 41.3%
New York 29J. Ernest WhartonRepublican1950Re-electedJ. Ernest Wharton (R) 56.7%
Gore Vidal (D) 43.3%
New York 30Leo W. O'BrienDemocratic1952Re-electedLeo W. O'Brien (D) 62.9%
Irving I. Waxman (R) 37.1%
New York 31Dean P. TaylorRepublican1942Retired
Republican hold
Carleton J. King (R) 60.4%
Louis E. Wolfe (D) 39.6%
New York 32Samuel S. StrattonDemocratic1958Re-electedSamuel S. Stratton (D) 62.3%
W. Clyde Wright (R) 37.7%
New York 33Clarence E. KilburnRepublican1940Re-electedClarence E. Kilburn (R) 61.9%
Edward J. Gosier (D) 35.9%
Winfred Harberson (Liberal) 2.3%
New York 34Alexander PirnieRepublican1958Re-electedAlexander Pirnie (R) 55.3%
Edwin L. Slusarczyk (D) 44.7%
New York 35R. Walter RiehlmanRepublican1946Re-electedR. Walter Riehlman (R) 53.8%
Jerome M. Wilson (D) 44.6%
Gerard J. Felter (Liberal) 1.6%
New York 36John TaberRepublican1922Re-electedJohn Taber (R) 52.6%
Francis J. Souhan (D) 47.4%
New York 37Howard W. RobisonRepublican1958Re-electedHoward W. Robison (R) 63.4%
Joseph V. Julian (D) 36.6%
New York 38Jessica M. WeisRepublican1958Re-electedJessica M. Weis (R) 57.6%
Arthur B. Curran, Jr. (D) 42.4%
New York 39Harold C. OstertagRepublican1950Re-electedHarold C. Ostertag (R) 59.7%
Henry R. Dutcher, Jr. (D) 40.3%
New York 40William E. MillerRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam E. Miller (R) 53.6%
Mariano A. Lucca (D) 43.5%
Albert J. Taylor (Liberal) 2.9%
New York 41Thaddeus J. DulskiDemocratic1958Re-electedThaddeus J. Dulski (D) 56.2%
Ralph J. Radwan (R) 43.8%
New York 42John R. PillionRepublican1952Re-electedJohn R. Pillion (R) 55.4%
Charles J. McCabe (D) 42.4%
James A. Peck (Liberal) 2.3%
New York 43Charles GoodellRepublican1959Re-electedCharles Goodell (R) 62.8%
T. Joseph Lynch (D) 34.7%
Elmer Olson (Liberal) 2.5%

North Carolina[edit]

North Carolina 1Herbert Covington BonnerDemocratic1940Re-electedHerbert Covington Bonner (D) 86.5%
Zeno O. Ratcliff (R) 13.5%
North Carolina 2Lawrence H. FountainDemocratic1952Re-electedLawrence H. Fountain (D) 87.8%
L. Paul Goodling (R) 12.2%
North Carolina 3Graham Arthur BardenDemocratic1934Retired
Democratic hold
David N. Henderson (D) 71.2%
Jack D. Brinson (R) 28.8%
North Carolina 4Harold D. CooleyDemocratic1934Re-electedHarold D. Cooley (D) 66.6%
Elam Reaumuel Temple, Jr. (R) 33.4%
North Carolina 5Ralph James ScottDemocratic1956Re-electedRalph James Scott (D) 57.6%
Russell F. Biggam (R) 42.4%
North Carolina 6Carl T. DurhamDemocratic1938Retired
Democratic hold
Horace R. Kornegay (D) 59.6%
Holland L. Robb (R) 40.4%
North Carolina 7Alton LennonDemocratic1956Re-electedAlton Lennon (D) 76.5%
Joel C. Clifton (R) 23.5%
North Carolina 8Alvin Paul KitchinDemocratic1956Re-electedAlvin Paul Kitchin (D) 56.3%
A. M. Snipes (R) 43.7%
North Carolina 9Hugh Quincy AlexanderDemocratic1952Re-electedHugh Quincy Alexander (D) 53.1%
W. S. Bogle (R) 46.9%
North Carolina 10Charles R. JonasRepublican1952Re-electedCharles R. Jonas (R) 58.6%
David Clark (D) 41.4%
North Carolina 11Basil Lee WhitenerDemocratic1956Re-electedBasil Lee Whitener (D) 61.1%
Kelly Dixon (R) 38.9%
North Carolina 12Roy A. TaylorDemocraticJune 25, 1960
Re-electedRoy A. Taylor (D) 52.0%
Heinz Rollman (R) 48.0%

North Dakota[edit]

North Dakota At-largeDon L. ShortRepublican1958Re-electedDon L. Short (R) 27.5%
Hjalmar Carl Nygaard (R) 25.8%
Raymond Vendsel (D) 24.5%
Anson J. Anderson (D) 22.2%
North Dakota At-largeQuentin N. BurdickDemocratic1958Resigned when elected to U. S. Senate
Republican gain


Ohio 1Gordon H. SchererRepublican1952Re-electedGordon H. Scherer (R) 58.9%
W. Ted Osborne (D) 41.1%
Ohio 2William E. HessRepublican1950Retired
Republican hold
Donald D. Clancy (R) 57.4%
H. A. Sand (D) 42.6%
Ohio 3Paul F. SchenckRepublican1951Re-electedPaul F. Schenck (R) 62.0%
R. William Patterson (D) 38.0%
Ohio 4William Moore McCullochRepublican1947Re-electedWilliam Moore McCulloch (R) 65.4%
Joseph J. Murphy (D) 34.6%
Ohio 5Del LattaRepublican1958Re-electedDel Latta (R) 67.3%
Tom T. McRitchie (D) 32.7%
Ohio 6James G. PolkDemocratic1948Died in office
Republican gain
Bill Harsha (R) 55.2%
Franklin E. Smith (D) 44.8%
Ohio 7Clarence J. BrownRepublican1938Re-electedClarence J. Brown (R) 65.4%
Joseph A. Sullivan (D) 34.6%
Ohio 8Jackson Edward BettsRepublican1950Re-electedJackson Edward Betts (R) 67.7%
Virgil M. Gase (D) 32.3%
Ohio 9Thomas L. AshleyDemocratic1954Re-electedThomas L. Ashley (D) 56.9%
Howard C. Cook (R) 43.1%
Ohio 10Walter H. MoellerDemocratic1958Re-electedWalter H. Moeller (D) 52.5%
Oakley C. Collins (R) 47.5%
Ohio 11Robert E. CookDemocratic1958Re-electedRobert E. Cook (D) 51.0%
David S. Dennison, Jr. (R) 49.0%
Ohio 12Samuel L. DevineRepublican1958Re-electedSamuel L. Devine (R) 60.7%
Richard E. Liming (D) 39.3%
Ohio 13A. David Baumhart, Jr.Republican1954Retired
Republican hold
Charles Adams Mosher (R) 51.4%
J. William McCray (D) 48.6%
Ohio 14William H. AyresRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam H. Ayres (R) 61.5%
John H. Mihaly (D) 38.5%
Ohio 15John E. HendersonRepublican1954Retired
Republican hold
Tom Van Horn Moorehead (R) 51.2%
Herbert U. Smith (D) 48.8%
Ohio 16Frank T. BowRepublican1950Re-electedFrank T. Bow (R) 62.5%
John G. Freedom (D) 37.5%
Ohio 17Robert W. LeveringDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
John M. Ashbrook (R) 53.0%
Robert W. Levering (D) 47.0%
Ohio 18Wayne L. HaysDemocratic1948Re-electedWayne L. Hays (D) 65.6%
Walter J. Hunston (R) 34.4%
Ohio 19Michael J. KirwanDemocratic1936Re-electedMichael J. Kirwan (D) 68.9%
Paul E. Stevens (R) 31.1%
Ohio 20Michael A. FeighanDemocratic1942Re-electedMichael A. Feighan (D) 67.8%
Leonard G. Richter (R) 32.2%
Ohio 21Charles VanikDemocratic1954Re-electedCharles Vanik (D) 73.0%
William O. Walker (R) 27.0%
Ohio 22Frances P. BoltonRepublican1940Re-electedFrances P. Bolton (R) 56.9%
Chat Paterson (D) 43.1%
Ohio 23William Edwin Minshall, Jr.Republican1954Re-electedWilliam Edwin Minshall, Jr. (R) 67.3%
Daniel Winston (D) 32.7%


Oklahoma 1Page BelcherRepublican1950Re-electedPage Belcher (R) 63.8%
Yates Land (D) 36.2%
Oklahoma 2Ed EdmondsonDemocratic1952Re-electedEd Edmondson (D) 57.0%
Bill Sharp (R) 43.0%
Oklahoma 3Carl AlbertDemocratic1946Re-electedCarl Albert (D) 74.9%
George B. Sherritt (R) 25.1%
Oklahoma 4Tom SteedDemocratic1948Re-electedTom Steed (D) 60.7%
Don H. Crall (R) 39.3%
Oklahoma 5John JarmanDemocratic1950Re-electedJohn Jarman (D) 66.6%
Hobart H. Hobbs (R) 33.4%
Oklahoma 6Toby MorrisDemocratic1956Lost renomination
Democratic hold
Victor Wickersham (D) 50.0%
Clyde Wheeler, Jr. (R) 50.0%


Oregon 1A. Walter NorbladRepublican1946Re-electedA. Walter Norblad (R) 65.1%
Marv Owens (D) 34.9%
Oregon 2Albert C. UllmanDemocratic1956Re-electedAlbert C. Ullman (D) 59.6%
Ronald E. Phair (R) 40.4%
Oregon 3Edith GreenDemocratic1954Re-electedEdith Green (D) 63.9%
Wallace L. Lee (R) 36.1%
Oregon 4Charles O. PorterDemocratic1956Lost re-election
Republican gain
Edwin Russell Durno (R) 51.1%
Charles O. Porter (D) 48.9%


Pennsylvania 1William A. BarrettDemocratic1944Re-electedWilliam A. Barrett (D) 77.0%
Michael Grasso, Jr. (R) 23.0%
Pennsylvania 2Kathryn E. GranahanDemocratic1956Re-electedKathryn E. Granahan (D) 72.3%
Joseph C. Bruno (R) 27.7%
Pennsylvania 3James A. ByrneDemocratic1952Re-electedJames A. Byrne (D) 69.7%
Joseph P. Gorham (R) 30.3%
Pennsylvania 4Robert N.C. Nix, Sr.Democratic1958Re-electedRobert N.C. Nix, Sr. (D) 78.4%
Clarence M. Smith (R) 22.6%
Pennsylvania 5William J. Green, Jr.Democratic1944Re-electedWilliam J. Green, Jr. (D) 61.0%
James W. Gilmour (R) 39.0%
Pennsylvania 6Herman TollDemocratic1958Re-electedHerman Toll (D) 59.6%
David O. Maxwell (R) 40.4%
Pennsylvania 7William H. Milliken, Jr.Republican1958Re-electedWilliam H. Milliken, Jr. (R) 53.0%
Henry Couley (D) 47.0%
Pennsylvania 8Willard S. CurtinRepublican1956Re-electedWillard S. Curtin (R) 56.1%
Donald V. Hock (D) 43.9%
Pennsylvania 9Paul B. DagueRepublican1946Re-electedPaul B. Dague (R) 66.6%
Howard W. Halsey (D) 33.4%
Pennsylvania 10Stanley A. ProkopDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
William W. Scranton (R) 54.8%
Stanley A. Prokop (D) 45.2%
Pennsylvania 11Daniel J. FloodDemocratic1954Re-electedDaniel J. Flood (D) 67.1%
Donald B. Ayers (R) 32.9%
Pennsylvania 12Ivor D. FentonRepublican1938Re-electedIvor D. Fenton (R) 52.4%
William H. Deitman (D) 47.6%
Pennsylvania 13John A. Lafore, Jr.Republican1956Lost renomination
Republican hold
Richard S. Schweiker (R) 61.8%
Warren M. Ballard (D) 38.2%
Pennsylvania 14George M. RhodesDemocratic1948Re-electedGeorge M. Rhodes (D) 53.8%
James H. Mantis (R) 46.2%
Pennsylvania 15Francis E. WalterDemocratic1932Re-electedFrancis E. Walter (D) 55.2%
Woodrow A. Horn (R) 44.8%
Pennsylvania 16Walter M. MummaRepublican1950Re-electedWalter M. Mumma (R) 62.5%
Miles Albright (D) 37.5%
Pennsylvania 17Herman T. SchneebeliRepublicanApril 26, 1960
Re-electedHerman T. Schneebeli (R) 56.7%
Dean R. Fisher (D) 43.3%
Pennsylvania 18VacantDouglas Elliott (R) died June 19, 1960
Republican hold
J. Irving Whalley (R) 62.3%
D. Patrick Ahern (D) 37.7%
Pennsylvania 19James M. QuigleyDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
George A. Goodling (R) 53.2%
James M. Quigley (D) 46.8%
Pennsylvania 20James E. Van ZandtRepublican1946Re-electedJames E. Van Zandt (R) 67.8%
Robert N. Hendershot (D) 32.2%
Pennsylvania 21John H. DentDemocratic1958Re-electedJohn H. Dent (D) 56.0%
William L. Batten (R) 42.3%
Angelo P. Vitello (Independent Anti-Tax) 1.7%
Pennsylvania 22John P. SaylorRepublican1948Re-electedJohn P. Saylor (R) 57.3%
William D. Patton (D) 42.7%
Pennsylvania 23Leon H. GavinRepublican1942Re-electedLeon H. Gavin (R) 62.4%
John H. Cartwright (D) 36.8%
Eugene Kern (Prohibition) 0.8%
Pennsylvania 24Carroll D. KearnsRepublican1946Re-electedCarroll D. Kearns (R) 51.0%
Chester C. Hampton (D) 49.0%
Pennsylvania 25Frank M. ClarkDemocratic1954Re-electedFrank M. Clark (D) 58.1%
Fred A. Obley (R) 41.9%
Pennsylvania 26Thomas E. MorganDemocratic1944Re-electedThomas E. Morgan (D) 63.6%
Bartley P. Osborne (R) 36.4%
Pennsylvania 27James G. FultonRepublican1944Re-electedJames G. Fulton (R) 59.1%
Margaret L. Walgren (D) 40.9%
Pennsylvania 28William S. MoorheadDemocratic1958Re-electedWilliam S. Moorhead (D) 67.8%
Arthur O. Sharron (R) 32.2%
Pennsylvania 29Robert J. CorbettRepublican1944Re-electedRobert J. Corbett (R) 59.2%
Russell M. Douthett (D) 40.8%
Pennsylvania 30Elmer J. HollandDemocratic1956Re-electedElmer J. Holland (D) 68.6%
Jerome M. Meyers (R) 31.4%

Rhode Island[edit]

Rhode Island 1Aime ForandDemocratic1940Retired
Democratic hold
Fernand St. Germain (D) 66.2%
Theophile Martin (R) 33.8%
Rhode Island 2John E. FogartyDemocratic1940Re-electedJohn E. Fogarty (D) 70.4%
Robert L. Gammell (R) 29.6%

South Carolina[edit]

South Carolina 1L. Mendel RiversDemocratic1940Re-electedL. Mendel Rivers (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 2John J. RileyDemocratic1950Re-electedJohn J. Riley (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 3William Jennings Bryan DornDemocratic1950Re-electedWilliam Jennings Bryan Dorn (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 4Robert T. AshmoreDemocratic1953Re-electedRobert T. Ashmore (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 5Robert W. HemphillDemocratic1956Re-electedRobert W. Hemphill (D) Unopposed
South Carolina 6John L. McMillanDemocratic1938Re-electedJohn L. McMillan (D) Unopposed

South Dakota[edit]

South Dakota 1George McGovernDemocratic1956Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican gain
Ben Reifel (R) 54.8%
Ray Fitzgerald (D) 45.2%
South Dakota 2Ellis Yarnal BerryRepublican1950Re-electedEllis Yarnal Berry (R) 59.7%
W. H. Raff (D) 40.3%


Tennessee 1B. Carroll ReeceRepublican1950Re-electedB. Carroll Reece (R) 75.4%
Arthur Bright (D) 24.6%
Tennessee 2Howard Baker, Sr.Republican1950Re-electedHoward Baker, Sr. (R) Unopposed
Tennessee 3James B. Frazier, Jr.Democratic1948Re-electedJames B. Frazier, Jr. (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 4Joe L. EvinsDemocratic1946Re-electedJoe L. Evins (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 5Joseph Carlton LoserDemocratic1956Re-electedJoseph Carlton Loser (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 6Ross BassDemocratic1954Re-electedRoss Bass (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 7Tom J. MurrayDemocratic1942Re-electedTom J. Murray (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 8Fats EverettDemocratic1958Re-electedFats Everett (D) Unopposed
Tennessee 9Clifford DavisDemocratic1940Re-electedClifford Davis (D) Unopposed


Texas 1Wright PatmanDemocratic1928Re-electedWright Patman (D) Unopposed
Texas 2Jack BrooksDemocratic1952Re-electedJack Brooks (D) 69.7%
Fred S. Naumann (R) 29.9%
Robert E. Allen (Const) 0.4%
Texas 3Lindley BeckworthDemocratic1956Re-electedLindley Beckworth (D) Unopposed
Texas 4Sam RayburnDemocratic1912Re-electedSam Rayburn (D) Unopposed
Texas 5Bruce R. AlgerRepublican1954Re-electedBruce R. Alger (R) 57.3%
Joe Pool (D) 42.7%
Texas 6Olin E. TeagueDemocratic1946Re-electedOlin E. Teague (D) Unopposed
Texas 7John DowdyDemocratic1952Re-electedJohn Dowdy (D) Unopposed
Texas 8Albert Richard ThomasDemocratic1936Re-electedAlbert Richard Thomas (D) 68.6%
Anthony J. P. Farris (R) 21.9%
Robert E. Nesmith (Const) 9.5%
Texas 9Clark W. ThompsonDemocratic1947Re-electedClark W. Thompson (D) 94.0%
Paul D. Rogers (Const) 6.0%
Texas 10Homer ThornberryDemocratic1948Re-electedHomer Thornberry (D) 98.1%
Roy R. Brown (Const) 1.9%
Texas 11William R. PoageDemocratic1936Re-electedWilliam R. Poage (D) Unopposed
Texas 12Jim WrightDemocratic1954Re-electedJim Wright (D) Unopposed
Texas 13Frank N. IkardDemocratic1951Re-electedFrank N. Ikard (D) Unopposed
Texas 14John Andrew YoungDemocratic1956Re-electedJohn Andrew Young (D) Unopposed
Texas 15Joe M. KilgoreDemocratic1954Re-electedJoe M. Kilgore (D) Unopposed
Texas 16J. T. RutherfordDemocratic1954Re-electedJ. T. Rutherford (D) 58.9%
Dorothy Wyvell (Const) 23.1%
Ford Chapman (R) 18.0%
Texas 17Omar BurlesonDemocratic1946Re-electedOmar Burleson (D) 77.8%
Max V. Mossholder (R) 22.2%
Texas 18Walter E. RogersDemocratic1950Re-electedWalter E. Rogers (D) Unopposed
Texas 19George H. MahonDemocratic1934Re-electedGeorge H. Mahon (D) 85.7%
John R. Anderson (D) 14.3%
Texas 20Paul J. KildayDemocratic1938Re-electedPaul J. Kilday (D) Unopposed
Texas 21O. C. FisherDemocratic1942Re-electedO. C. Fisher (D) Unopposed
Texas 22Robert R. CaseyDemocratic1958Re-electedRobert R. Casey (D) 58.3%
James Carter Noonan (R) 39.2%
D. F. Vancleve (Const) 2.5%


Utah 1Henry Aldous DixonRepublican1954Retired
Democratic gain
M. Blaine Peterson (D) 50.0%
A. Walter Stevenson (R) 50.0%
Utah 2David S. KingDemocratic1958Re-electedDavid S. King (D) 50.8%
Sherman P. Lloyd (R) 49.2%


Vermont At-largeWilliam H. MeyerDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Robert Stafford (R) 57.2%
William H. Meyer (D) 42.8%


Virginia 1Thomas N. DowningDemocratic1958Re-electedThomas N. Downing (D) 82.5%
Richard A. May (R) 17.5%
Virginia 2Porter Hardy, Jr.Democratic1946Re-electedPorter Hardy, Jr. (D) 75.9%
Louis B. Fine (R) 24.1%
Virginia 3J. Vaughan GaryDemocratic1945Re-electedJ. Vaughan Gary (D) 78.0%
T. Coleman Andrews (W/I) 22.0%
Virginia 4Watkins Moorman AbbittDemocratic1948Re-electedWatkins Moorman Abbitt (D) Unopposed
Virginia 5William M. TuckDemocratic1953Re-electedWilliam M. Tuck (D) Unopposed
Virginia 6Richard Harding PoffRepublican1952Re-electedRichard Harding Poff (R) 82.6%
J. B. Brayman (Social-Democrat) 17.4%
Virginia 7Burr HarrisonDemocratic1946Re-electedBurr Harrison (D) Unopposed
Virginia 8Howard W. SmithDemocratic1930Re-electedHoward W. Smith (D) 76.1%
Lawrence M. Traylor (R) 23.9%
Virginia 9William Pat JenningsDemocratic1954Re-electedWilliam Pat Jennings (D) 58.0%
E. Summers Sheffey (R) 42.0%
Virginia 10Joel T. BroyhillRepublican1952Re-electedJoel T. Broyhill (R) 55.0%
Ralph Kaul (D) 45.0%


Washington 1Thomas PellyRepublican1952Re-electedThomas Pelly (R) 70.2%
Carl V. Holman (D) 29.8%
Washington 2Jack WestlandRepublican1952Re-electedJack Westland (R) 60.2%
Payson Peterson (D) 39.8%
Washington 3Russell V. MackRepublican1947Died in office
Democratic gain
Julia Butler Hansen (D) 53.4%
Dale M. Nordquist (R) 46.6%
Washington 4Catherine Dean MayRepublican1958Re-electedCatherine Dean May (R) 58.8%
Roy Mundy (D) 41.2%
Washington 5Walt HoranRepublican1942Re-electedWalt Horan (R) 59.4%
Bernard J. Gallagher (D) 40.6%
Washington 6Thor C. TollefsonRepublican1946Re-electedThor C. Tollefson (R) 56.4%
John G. McCutcheon (D) 43.6%
Washington 7Donald H. MagnusonDemocratic1952Re-electedDonald H. Magnuson (D) 50.0%
John Stender (R) 50.0%

West Virginia[edit]

West Virginia 1Arch A. Moore, Jr.Republican1956Re-electedArch A. Moore, Jr. (R) 60.3%
Steven D. Narick (D) 39.7%
West Virginia 2Harley O. StaggersDemocratic1948Re-electedHarley O. Staggers (D) 60.3%
Charles J. Whiston (R) 39.7%
West Virginia 3Cleveland M. BaileyDemocratic1948Re-electedCleveland M. Bailey (D) 59.8%
James M. Knowles, Jr. (R) 40.2%
West Virginia 4Ken HechlerDemocratic1958Re-electedKen Hechler (D) 53.2%
Clyde Pinson (R) 46.8%
West Virginia 5Elizabeth KeeDemocratic1951Re-electedElizabeth Kee (D) 69.5%
L. M. LaFollette (R) 30.5%
West Virginia 6John M. Slack, Jr.Democratic1958Re-electedJohn M. Slack, Jr. (D) 61.8%
George W. King (R) 38.2%


Wisconsin 1Gerald T. FlynnDemocratic1958Lost re-election
Republican gain
Henry C. Schadeberg (R) 52.7%
Gerald T. Flynn (D) 47.3%
Wisconsin 2Robert W. KastenmeierDemocratic1958Re-electedRobert W. Kastenmeier (D) 53.4%
Donald Edgar Tewes (R) 46.6%
Wisconsin 3Gardner R. WithrowRepublican1948Retired
Republican hold
Vernon Wallace Thomson (R) 54.6%
Norman M. Clapp (D) 45.4%
Wisconsin 4Clement J. ZablockiDemocratic1948Re-electedClement J. Zablocki (D) 71.7%
Samuel P. Murray (R) 28.3%
Wisconsin 5Henry S. ReussDemocratic1954Re-electedHenry S. Reuss (D) 57.7%
Kirby Hendee (R) 42.3%
Wisconsin 6William Van PeltRepublican1950Re-electedWilliam Van Pelt (R) 55.8%
James Megellas (D) 44.2%
Wisconsin 7Melvin R. LairdRepublican1952Re-electedMelvin R. Laird (R) 67.1%
Kenneth Traeger (D) 32.9%
Wisconsin 8John W. ByrnesRepublican1944Re-electedJohn W. Byrnes (R) 58.8%
Milo Singler (D) 41.2%
Wisconsin 9Lester JohnsonDemocratic1953Re-electedLester Johnson (D) 56.5%
Perry M. Hull (R) 43.5%
Wisconsin 10Alvin E. O'KonskiRepublican1942Re-electedAlvin E. O'Konski (R) 95.3%
John B. Chapple (W/I) 4.7%


Wyoming At-largeEdwin Keith ThomsonRepublican1954Retired to run for U.S. Senate
Republican hold
William H. Harrison (R) 52.3%
Hepburn T. Armstrong (D) 47.7%

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