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Undead is a paranormal romance book series by MaryJanice Davidson about Betsy Taylor. Betsy Taylor loses her job and is killed in the same day (her thirtieth birthday), only to awake undead in a funeral home. After attempting to kill herself multiple times, she realizes that she is a vampire - not only a vampire, but queen of the vampires.[1]

Book listing[edit]

  1. Undead and Unwed (Berkley, 2004)
  2. Undead and Unemployed (Berkley, 2004)
  3. Undead and Unappreciated (Berkley, 2005)
  4. Undead and Unreturnable (Berkley, 2005)
  5. Undead and Unpopular (Berkley, 2006)
  6. Undead and Uneasy (Berkley, 2007)
  7. Undead and Unworthy (Berkley, 2008)
  8. Undead and Unwelcome (Berkley, 2009)
  9. Undead and Unfinished (Berkley 6 July 2010)
  10. Undead and Undermined (Berkley July 2011)
  11. Undead and Unstable (Berkley June 2012)[2]
  12. Undead and Unsure (Berkley August 2013)

The first four volumes have been reprinted as Betsy the Vampire Queen. Volumes 5 - 7 have been reprinted as Betsy Bride of the Vampire and also includes Dead and Loving It (short stories).[3]

Short stories:

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