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This page describes the qualifying procedure for the UEFA Euro 2008.


Qualification coefficients were used to rank the teams according to their results in both UEFA Euro 2004 and FIFA World Cup 2006 qualifying stages. Only the group matches, and not any additional playoffs, counted towards the coefficients, also determining which pot a national team was put in. Some points to note:

The draw took place on 27 January 2006 in Montreux, Switzerland.[1]

PotTeamCoefficient ratingPotTeamCoefficient rating
1 Greece11.9505 Hungary1.389
 Netherlands2.550 Finland1.300
 Portugal2.500 Estonia1.250
 England2.500 Wales1.167
 Czech Republic2.450 Lithuania1.111
 France2.444 Albania1.050
 Sweden2.278 Iceland0.944
2 Germany2.2506 Georgia0.850
 Croatia2.222 Macedonia0.750
 Italy2.222 Belarus0.722
 Turkey2.100 Armenia0.700
 Poland2.056 Northern Ireland0.667
 Spain2.056 Cyprus0.667
 Romania1.950 Moldova0.611
3 Serbia1.8897 Liechtenstein0.450
 Russia1.850 Azerbaijan0.389
 Denmark1.850 Andorra0.250
 Norway1.778 Malta0.222
 Bulgaria1.778 Faroe Islands0.111
 Ukraine1.750 Kazakhstan0.083
 Slovakia1.650 Luxembourg0.000
4 Bosnia and Herzegovina1.611 San Marino0.000
 Republic of Ireland1.556

1 Greece were first seeded, as European champions

 Austria (1.333) and   Switzerland (1.833) were already assured of places at Euro 2008 as host nations.


If two or more teams are equal on points on completion of the group matches, the following criteria are applied to determine the rankings

  1. Higher number of points obtained in the group matches played among the teams in question
  2. Superior goal difference from the group matches played among the teams in question
  3. Higher number of goals scored in the group matches played among the teams in question
  4. Higher number of goals scored away from home in the group matches played among the teams in question
  5. If, after applying criteria 1) to 4) to several teams, two or more teams still have an equal ranking, the criteria 1) to 4) will be reapplied to determine the ranking of these teams. If this procedure does not lead to a decision, criteria 6) and 7) will apply.
  6. Results of all group matches: 1. Superior goal difference 2. Higher number of goals scored 3. Higher number of goals scored away from home 4. Fair play conduct
  7. Drawing of lots


Below is a table containing all seven qualifying groups. Teams that secured a place in the final tournament are highlighted in green. The order of teams is by final group position. For the first time, UEFA named the qualifying groups alphabetically rather than numerically.

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup DGroup EGroup FGroup G
 Czech Republic
 Faroe Islands
 Bosnia and Herzegovina
 Republic of Ireland
 San Marino
 Northern Ireland


The qualifying process started in August 2006. Austria and Switzerland were granted places in the tournament finals as host nations.

The qualifying format had been changed compared to the previous tournament. The winners and runners-up from seven groups will automatically qualify for the Championship, with the hosts filling the other two slots in the 16-team tournament. The move means there will no longer be play-offs between teams finishing in second place in the groups. Six of the qualifying groups contain seven teams, and the other, eight.

As the official successor of the previous football association, Serbia inherited the position originally allotted to Serbia and Montenegro in Group A prior to the dissolution of the state union. Montenegro were granted UEFA membership after qualifying had started and thus were not able to participate in this European Championship.


Group A[edit]

Armenia Canc.*0–10–00–11–01–10–0
Azerbaijan Canc.*0–11–01–11–30–21–6
Belgium 3–03–00–00–00–11–23–2
Finland 1–02–12–02–10–01–10–2
Kazakhstan 1–21–12–20–20–11–22–1
Poland 1–05–02–01–33–12–11–1
Portugal 1–03–04–00–03–02–21–1
Serbia 3–01–01–00–01–02–21–1

(*) Armenia and Azerbaijan played only 12 matches due to UEFA's decision to cancel the two fixtures between these countries, with no points awarded to either team for the cancelled matches[2]

Notes on the tie-breaking situation:

Group B[edit]

 Faroe Islands120012443−390
 Faroe IslandsFranceGeorgia (country)ItalyLithuaniaScotlandUkraine
Faroe Islands 0–60–61–20–10–20–2
France 5–01–03–12–00–12–0
Georgia 3–10–31–30–22–01–1
Italy 3–10–02–01–12–02–0
Lithuania 2–10–11–00–21–22–0
Scotland 6–01–02–11–23–13–1
Ukraine 5–02–23–21–21–02–0

Group C[edit]

 Bosnia and Herzegovina124171622−613
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaGreeceHungaryMaltaMoldovaNorwayTurkey
Bosnia and Herzegovina 0–41–31–00–10–23–2
Greece 3–22–05–02–11–01–4
Hungary 1–01–22–02–01–40–1
Malta 2–50–12–12–31–42–2
Moldova 2–20–13–01–10–11–1
Norway 1–22–24–04–02–01–2
Turkey 1–00–13–02–05–02–2

Notes on the tie-breaking situation:

Group D[edit]

 Czech Republic12921275+2229
 Republic of Ireland124531714+317
 San Marino120012257−550
 CyprusCzech RepublicGermanyRepublic of IrelandSan MarinoSlovakiaWales
Cyprus 0–21–15–23–01–33–1
Czech Republic 1–01–21–07–03–12–1
Germany 4–00–31–06–02–10–0
Republic of Ireland 1–11–10–05–01–01–0
San Marino 0–10–30–131–20–51–2
Slovakia 6–10–31–42–27–02–5
Wales 3–10–00–22–23–01–5

Group E[edit]

 AndorraCroatiaEnglandEstoniaRepublic of MacedoniaIsraelRussia
Andorra 0–60–30–20–30–20–1
Croatia 7–02–02–02–11–00–0
England 5–02–33–00–03–03–0
Estonia 2–10–10–30–10–10–2
Macedonia 3–02–00–11–11–20–2
Israel 4–13–40–04–01–02–1
Russia 4–00–02–12–03–01–1

Notes on the tie-breaking situation:

Group F[edit]

 Northern Ireland126241714+320
 DenmarkIcelandLatviaLiechtensteinNorthern IrelandSpainSweden
Denmark 3–03–14–00–01–30–3*
Iceland 0–22–41–12–11–11–2
Latvia 0–24–04–11–00–20–1
Liechtenstein 0–43–01–01–40–20–3
Northern Ireland 2–10–31–03–13–22–1
Spain 2–11–02–04–01–03–0
Sweden 0–05–02–13–11–12–0

(*) The abandoned match between Denmark and Sweden was a 3–0 win awarded to Sweden, after a UEFA hearing on 8 June 2007[3][4]

Notes on the tie-breaking situation:

Group G[edit]

Albania 2–41–12–00–10–20–0
Belarus 2–20–20–12–11–34–2
Bulgaria 0–02–13–01–11–03–0
Luxembourg 0–31–20–10–10–20–3
Netherlands 2–13–02–01–00–02–0
Romania 6–13–12–23–01–02–0
Slovenia 0–01–00–22–00–11–2

Notes on the tie-breaking situation:

Top goalscorers[edit]

ScorerGoalsMins playedNationClub
David Healy131075' Northern IrelandEngland Leeds United/Fulham
Eduardo101061' CroatiaEngland Arsenal
Euzebiusz Smolarek9824' PolandSpain Racing Santander
Lukas Podolski8660' GermanyGermany Bayern Munich
Jon Dahl Tomasson8989' DenmarkSpain Villarreal
Cristiano Ronaldo81153' PortugalEngland Manchester United
Steffen Iversen7669' NorwayNorway Rosenborg
Mladen Petrić7677' CroatiaGermany Borussia Dortmund
Nikola Žigić7867' SerbiaSpain Valencia
David Villa7896' SpainSpain Valencia

Source: UEFA

Qualified nations[edit]

Host nationsQualifiers
  1.  Austria
  2.   Switzerland


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