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UAZ-452 («Bukhanka»("Loaf (of bread)"), "Tabletka"("Pill"), "Golovastik" ("Tadpole") is a family of unique off-road cars produced at the Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant.

Serial production of the UAZ-452 started in 1965. The engine is from the GAZ-21.

UAZ-452 right front
UAZ-452 rear
UAZ-452 right side

The UAZ-452 is a 4x4 off-road heir to the earlier 4x2 UAZ-451. Because of the external similarities with a loaf of bread, the van became known as Буханка («Bukhanka», "loaf") in Russian. The car is produced in several modifications, with the main difference being the body type (e.g. UAZ-3741 "Bukhanka" van, and UAZ 3303 "Golovastik" pickup truck). The body of the van is normally equipped with a single-wing door on the right side and a double-wing door in the rear, although the exact configuration can vary depending on the specific modification.



UAZ-452 of the Soviet Army Road Police

List of current UAZ-452 models[1]


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