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U.S. Route 70 marker

U.S. Route 70
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Length:488 mi[1] (785 km)
Existed:1927 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 25 / US 70 / SR 9 at the TN line near Hot Springs

I‑26 / I‑240 in Asheville
I‑77 in Statesville
I‑74 / US 311 in High Point
I‑73 / I‑85 / US 421 in Greensboro
I‑40 / I‑85 Bus. in Greensboro
I‑540 near Raleigh
I‑440 / US 1 in Raleigh
I‑95 near Selma

I‑795 in Goldsboro
East end:School Drive in Atlantic
Counties:Madison, Buncombe, McDowell, Burke, Catawba, Iredell, Rowan, Davidson, Randolph, Guilford, Alamance, Orange, Durham, Wake, Johnston, Wayne, Lenoir, Jones, Craven, Carteret
Highway system
NC 69NC 71
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This article is about the section of U.S. Route 70 in North Carolina. For the entire route, see U.S. Route 70.

U.S. Route 70 marker

U.S. Route 70
Route information
Maintained by NCDOT
Length:488 mi[1] (785 km)
Existed:1927 – present
Major junctions
West end: US 25 / US 70 / SR 9 at the TN line near Hot Springs

I‑26 / I‑240 in Asheville
I‑77 in Statesville
I‑74 / US 311 in High Point
I‑73 / I‑85 / US 421 in Greensboro
I‑40 / I‑85 Bus. in Greensboro
I‑540 near Raleigh
I‑440 / US 1 in Raleigh
I‑95 near Selma

I‑795 in Goldsboro
East end:School Drive in Atlantic
Counties:Madison, Buncombe, McDowell, Burke, Catawba, Iredell, Rowan, Davidson, Randolph, Guilford, Alamance, Orange, Durham, Wake, Johnston, Wayne, Lenoir, Jones, Craven, Carteret
Highway system
NC 69NC 71

U.S. Route 70 traverses approximately 488 miles (785 km) across North Carolina; from the Tennessee state line, near Hot Springs, to the community of Atlantic, along the Pamlico Sound coastline.[1][2]

Route description[edit]

U.S. 70 enters North Carolina on a two-lane road, also signed as U.S. Route 25. The duplex is signed along a divided highway from Marshall to U.S. Route 19 north of Asheville where it splits off from U.S. 25. From here, U.S. 70 parallels Interstate 40. From the town of Ridgecrest at the top of the Blue Ridge, U.S. 70 merges with I-40. It splits from I-40 again at the bottom of the grade at Old Fort, then passing through the towns of Marion, Nebo, Morganton, Hickory, Conover, Statesville and Salisbury, where it changes course and heads northeast.

U.S. 70 parallels Interstate 85 to High Point, sharing a divided highway with U.S. Route 29. The two roads separate in Greensboro, and U.S. Route 70 joins Wendover Avenue out of the city and continues east along the Interstate 40 corridor. Halfway to the Research Triangle, US 70 passes through the major retail district for Burlington. It then becomes a two lane road until it reaches Durham where U.S 70 turns southeast as a divided highway. The road passes straight through downtown Raleigh, before heading back east and away from Interstate 40.

A divided highway from Raleigh to the Atlantic Coastal Plain, U.S. 70 traverses Eastern North Carolina in an east by southeasterly direction. As of 2008, the Clayton Bypass carries US 70 around Clayton, North Carolina. It is signed along as bypass roads around Smithfield (through Selma) and Goldsboro and a freeway around New Bern and is a divided highway again through the Croatan National Forest and Havelock, passing Atlantic Beach in Carteret County, the eastern terminus of NC 24. From here, U.S. 70 maintains a two-lane road with a widened shoulder, to the town of Sealevel and the southern terminus of NC 12. The last few miles of U.S. 70 are signed along a road from Sealevel to its eastern terminus in the town of Atlantic.


US 29/US 70/NC 150, along WilCox Way towards Spencer

Clayton Bypass[edit]

The Clayton Bypass is a four-lane highway opened on June 9, 2008, in Johnston County, North Carolina, United States, that carries mainline US 70 around the city of Clayton, North Carolina. It connects Interstate 40 near the southeastern corner of Wake County to US 70 just northwest of Smithfield. It is intended to reduce congestion on US 70 in the vicinity of Clayton, cutting an estimated 15 minutes of travel time for drivers traveling between Raleigh and the eastern part of the state,[3][4] but concerns have been expressed that it will increase congestion on a heavily traveled stretch of Interstate 40 in southeastern Wake County.[5]


The bypass was first planned in 1991, but several setbacks, including controversy over building a bridge through territory of an endangered mussel, held up beginning the project until 2005. Originally scheduled for completion in June 2009,[6] a severe drought in the area through most of 2007 and into the spring of 2008 allowed construction to proceed more rapidly than anticipated, and the highway was opened June 9, 2008.[4]


The western end of the bypass connects to I-40 approximately four miles southeast of the current I-40/US 70 interchange. The eastern end connects to the US 70 bypass and business routes northwest of Smithfield, North Carolina. The combination results in an effectively continuous business route passing through Clayton and Smithfield and an effectively continuous bypass passing south of Clayton and north of Smithfield (and east of the community of Cleveland). Drivers are thus able to bypass Clayton, Smithfield, or both.

The Clayton Bypass is a limited access freeway of two lanes in each direction, with interchanges at I-40, NC 42, Ranch Road, and US 70 between Clayton and Smithfield, North Carolina. To complete the bypass and connect with US 70 Business, the US 70 bypass actually overlaps with I-40 for four miles (6 km) in southeastern Wake County southeast of Garner.

Electronic signs provide traffic information and estimates of travel time, a first in the area,[5] and cameras and pavement sensors provide traffic engineers real-time information about the number of vehicles and their speeds.


A multi-county project called the "Super 70 Corridor" is currently in various stages of construction and planning in the following counties: Wake, Johnston, Wayne, Lenoir, Jones, Craven, and Carteret. Goal is to make US 70 from Raleigh to Morehead City into a limited-access freeway. The project also organizes all various projects in an order that is agreed to the counties involved.[7][8]

Projects currently involved:

Junction list[edit]

MadisonState line0.00.0 US 25 north / US 70 west / SR 9 westContinuation into Tennessee
Hot Springs5.89.3 NC 209 south (Lance Avenue) – Lake Junaluska
Hurricane11.017.7 NC 208 north – Greeneville
Walnut16.526.6 NC 213 west – WalnutWest end of NC 213 overlap
US 25 Bus. south / US 70 Bus. south (Main Street) – Marshall
 22.335.9 NC 213 east (Hayes Run Road) – Mars HillEast end of NC 213 overlap
 23.537.8 NC 251 south (Tillery Branch Road)
US 25 Bus. north / US 70 Bus. north (Ivy River Road) – Marshall
BuncombeWeaverville32.051.5 I‑26 west / US 19 north / US 23 north – Mars Hill, Johnson CityWest end of I-26 overlap, north end of US 19/23 overlap
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 26 (exits 19 to 26) and Interstate 240 (exits 4A to 5B).
BuncombeAsheville41.566.8 I‑240 eastEast end of I-240 overlap
41.867.3 NC 694 north (Town Mountain Road)To Blue Ridge Parkway
42.668.6 I‑240 / Chunns Cove Road
43.469.8 US 74A east (South Tunnel Road)East end of US 74A overlap
43.670.2 I‑240Three-level diamond interchange
45.573.2 NC 81 west (Swannanoa River Road)
46.174.2Blue Ridge Parkway
Black Mountain55.889.8 NC 9 (Montreat Road/Broadway Avenue) – Montreat, Bat Cave
56.590.9 I‑40 west – AshevilleWest end of I-40 overlap, eastbound exit and westbound entrance
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 40 (exits 65 to 72).
McDowellOld Fort63.5102.2 I‑40 east – Hickory, StatesvilleEast end of I-40 overlap, eastbound entrance and westbound exit
 73.0117.5 NC 80 north (Lake Tahoma Road)To Mount Mitchell State Park
Marion74.8120.4 US 221 / NC 226 – Spruce Pine, Newland
US 221 Bus. north (Main Street) – Spruce Pine, Newland
North end of US 221 Business overlap
US 221 Bus. south (Main Street) – Rutherfordton
South end of US 221 Business overlap
Nebo82.2132.3 NC 126 eastTo Lake James State Park
US 64 east / US 70 Bus. east (Union Street)
East end of US 64 overlap
US 64 west / US 64 Bus. east (Burkemont Avenue) – Rutherfordton
West end of US 64 overlap
98.4158.4 NC 18 (Sterling Street) – Shelby
US 70 Bus. west (Union Street)
Drexel104.0167.4 NC 114 (Drexel Road)
US 321 / US 321 Bus. – Lenoir, Boone, Lincolnton, Gastonia
North end of US 321 Business overlap
119.5192.3 NC 127Downtown Hickory
121.5195.5Lenoir Rhyne Boulevard
US 321 Bus. south to NC 16 Bus. – Newton
South end of US 321 Business overlap
127.8205.7 NC 16 – Denver
Catawba134.5216.5 NC 10 – Newton
IredellStatesville145.8234.6 US 64 / NC 90 – Taylorsville
148.0238.2 US 21 / NC 115 (Shelton Avenue) – Troutman
149.2240.1 I‑77 – Charlotte, Elkin
Rowan 162.4261.4 NC 801 south – MooresvilleSouth end of NC 801 overlap
 164.0263.9 NC 801 north – CooleemeeNorth end of NC 801 overlap
Salisbury170.0273.6 US 601 north (Jake Alexander Boulevard) – MocksvilleNorth end of US 601 overlap
172.5277.6 NC 150 (Mooresville Road) – Mooresville
173.5279.2 US 29 south (Main Street) / US 601 south (Jake Alexander Boulevard) – China Grovesouth end of US 29/601 overlap
174.3280.5 NC 150 west (Mooresville Road)south end of US 29/601 overlap
175.5282.4Innes Street
Davidson 183.0294.5 I‑85 south / US 52 south / NC 150 north – Salisbury, Charlottesouth end of I-85 and US 52 overlap, north end of NC 150 overlap
Interchange closed because of reconstruction of Wil-Cox Bridge and new interchange; temp route via Andrews Street[15][16]
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 85 (exits 83 to 87).
Davidson 187.5301.8 I‑85 south – Salisbury, CharlotteWestbound exit and eastbound entrance; south end of I-85 Business overlap
 188.0302.684 NC 47 east to I‑85 north – LinwoodTo Davidson County Airport
 188.8303.885Green Needles Road
Lexington190.0305.886Salisbury Road – Downtown Lexington
191.0307.487 US 52 north – Winston-SalemNorth end of US 52 overlap; Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
192.0309.0Old US 64
192.7310.1 US 64 west – MocksvilleWest end of US 64 overlap
193.5311.4 NC 8 (Winston Road) – Lexington, Winston-Salem
194.0312.2 US 64 east – AsheboroEast end of US 64 overlap
Thomasville201.5324.3Lexington Avenue – ThomasvilleEastbound exit and westbound entrance
204.0328.3 NC 109 (Salem Street) – Thomasville, Winston-Salem
205.5330.7 NC 68 (National Highway) – Thomasville, West High PointTo Piedmont Triad International Airport
RandolphHigh Point207.0333.1Old Thomasville Road – High Point
Guilford207.5333.9Prospect Street
208.5335.5West Green Drive
209.3336.8Surrett Drive
210.0338.0Main Street – High Point
211.0339.6 I‑74 / US 311 / Brentwood Street – Winston-Salem, AsheboroBrentwood Street has a separate exit northbound
212.0341.2Baker Road
213.5343.6Kivett Drive – East High Point
Greensboro216.0347.6Vickery Chapel Road / Guildford College Road – Jamestown
217.0349.2 I‑85 south – Salisbury, CharlotteSouth end of I-85 overlap
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 85 (exits 118 to 120A).
GuilfordGreensboro219.0352.433 I‑85 south – Salisbury, Charlotte
No image wide.svgNo image wide.svgTo plate blue.svg
I‑73 north / US 421 north to I‑40 west / Groometown Road – Winston-Salem
North end of I-85 overlap; southbound exit and northbound entrance
I-73/US421/Groometown Road access southbound only
220.0354.134Holden Road
221.0355.735A US 220 south – Asheboro
221.2356.035BNo image wide.svgTo plate blue.svg
US 220 north to I‑40 west Coliseum Area
No westbound exit
221.8357.035CRehobeth Church Road / Vandalia Road
223.0358.936 I‑40 west / Randleman Road – Winston-SalemWest end of I-40 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 40 (exits 219 to 223).
GuilfordGreensboro225.0362.1 I‑40 east / I‑85 Bus. north – Burlington, Durham, RaleighEast end of I-40 and north end of I-85 Business overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
225.8363.4Florida StreetEastbound exit and entrance only
226.5364.5Lee StreetTwo exits signed east and west
227.2365.6Market StreetTo North Carolina A&T State University
227.6366.3Sullivan StreetEastbound exit and entrance only
227.8366.6Bessemer Street
228.0366.9 US 29 north / US 220 north (Wendover Avenue) – ReidsvilleNorth end of US 29/220 overlap, two exits signed east and west
229.5369.3Huffine Mill Road
232.0373.4No image wide.svgTo plate blue.svgTo plate blue.svg
I‑840 to I‑40 to I‑85
Whitsett240.0386.2 NC 100 east – Gibsonville
240.2386.6 NC 61 – Gibsonville
AlamanceBurlington246.0395.9 NC 54 east (Chapel Hill Road) / NC 62 south (Alamance Road) – AlamanceSouth end of NC 62 overlap
247.8398.8 NC 87 / NC 100 (Webb Avenue)
248.2399.4 NC 62 north (Rauhunt Street) – YanceyvilleNorth end of NC 62 overlap
Haw River252.8406.8 NC 49 – Graham
Mebane257.5414.4 NC 119 (Second Street/Fifth Street)Brief .2 miles (0.32 km) concurrency
Orange 265.0426.5To plate blue.svgTo plate blue.svg
To I‑40 to I‑85 (U.S. 70 Connector) – Greensboro
South end of NC 86 Truck overlap; westbound exit and eastbound entrance
US 70 Bus. east (Revere Road)
267.2430.0 NC 86 (Churton Street) to NC 57 – Yanceyville, RoxboroNorth end of NC 86 Truck overlap
US 70 Bus. west – Hillsborough
I‑85 south / US 70 Bus. east – Greensboro, Durham
South end of I-85 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 85 (exits 170 to 178).
DurhamDurham282.0453.8285 I‑85 north / US 15 north – Sanford, PetersburgNorth end of I-85/US 15 overlap
283.0455.4286Cheek Road
284.0457.1 NC 98 (Holloway Street) – Durham, Wake Forest
US 70 Bus. west (Miami Boulevard) – Durham
Westbound exit and Eastbound entrance
WakeRaleigh292.0469.9292No image wide.svgTo plate blue.svgTo plate wide.svg
I‑540 to I‑40 to US 1 – Wake Forest, RDU Airport
292.5470.7293Lumley Road / Westgate Road
299.0481.2 NC 50 north – CreedmoorNorth end of NC 50 overlap
300.0482.8No image wide.svgNo image wide.svgTo plate wide.svg
I‑440 / US 1 to US 64 – Sanford, Rocky Mount, Wake Forest, Wilson
303.0487.6 US 401 north (Capital Boulevard) – Wake Forest, LouisburgNorth end of US 401 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance
303.6488.6Peace Street
305.0490.8Martin Luther King Jr Boulevard / Western Boulevard
306.0492.5 I‑40 / US 64 – Cary, Chapel Hill, Benson
307.0494.1Wilmington Street – Downtown Raleigh
Garner308.0495.7 US 401 south – Fuquay-Varina, FayettevilleSouth end of US 401 overlap; to Wake Tech College
310.0498.9Vandora Springs Road
311.0500.5 NC 50 south (Benson Road) – Garner, BensonSouth end of NC 50 overlap
I‑40 west / US 70 Bus. east – Raleigh, Clayton
West end of I-40 overlap
US 70 overlaps with Interstate 40 (exits 306 to 309).
Wake 317.6511.1318 I‑40 east – Benson, WilmingtonEast end of I-40 overlap
Johnston 320.0515.0320 NC 42 – Clayton
 323.0519.8323Ranch Road
US 70 Bus. – Smithfield
 333.0535.9333Buffalo Road
US 70 Byp. east – Goldsboro
Eastbound exit and westbound entrance
Selma335.0539.1 US 301 / NC 39 north / NC 96 – Smithfield, Selma
335.6540.1 I‑95 – Benson, Wilson
335.9540.6 US 70A east – Pine Level
US 70 Byp. west – Raleigh
Westbound exit and eastbound entrance
US 70 Bus. west – Smithfield
 344.0553.6 US 70A west – Pine Level
Wayne 353.0568.1 NC 581
Goldsboro356.5573.7No image wide.svgTo plate wide.svg
I‑795 to US 117 south – Wilson, Wilmington
US 13 south / US 117 south / US 70 Bus. east – Mount Olive, Goldsboro
South end of US 13/117 overlap
357.5575.3 US 117 north – WilsonNorth end of US 117 overlap; eastbound exit and westbound entrance; to Gov. Charles B. Aycock Birthplace
US 117 Bus. / NC 111 north (William Street) to US 117
North end of NC 111 overlap
359.0577.8Wayne Memorial Drive
360.7580.5Cuyler Best Road / Spence Avenue
361.5581.8 US 13 north (Berkeley Boulevard) – Snow HillNorth end of US 13 overlap; to Seymour Johnson AFB
US 70 Bus. west (Ash Street)
364.0585.8 NC 111 south – BeulavilleSouth end of NC 111 overlap; to Cliffs of the Neuse State Park
LenoirLa Grange372.0598.7 NC 903 – La Grange
Kinston381.7614.3 US 258 north – Snow HillNorth end of US 258 overlap; to North Carolina Global TransPark
US 70 Bus. east / US 258 Bus. south – Kinston
384.5618.8 NC 11 / NC 55 (Old Pink Hill Road) – Pink Hill, Mount Olive
US 258 south / US 70 Bus. west / US 258 Bus. north / NC 58 north – Richlands, Kinston
South end of US 258 overlap, north end of NC 58 overlap
386.0621.2 NC 58 south – TrentonSouth end of US 58 overlap
Jones 393.0632.5Old US Highway 70 – Dover
Craven 402.0647.0 NC 41 west (Trenton Road) – Cove City, Trenton
 408.0656.6Tuscarora-Rhems Road
 411.0661.4409Clark Road
 411.5662.2411 US 17 south – JacksonvilleSouth end of US 17 overlap
 412.8664.3412 NC 43 north – Greenville, Vanceboro
New Bern415.0667.9Glenburnie RoadTo Craven Community College
US 17 Bus. / US 70 Bus. east – Jacksonville
417.7672.2416Country Club Road
US 17 north / US 17 Bus. south / US 70 Bus. west / NC 55 – Bayboro, Washington
Signed as exits 417A (south) and 417B (north)
Havelock435.0700.1 NC 101 east (Fontana Boulevard)
CarteretMorehead City449.0722.6 NC 24 west – Jacksonville
453.0729.0To plate wide.svg
To NC 58 – Atlantic Beach
To Fort Macon State Park
Beaufort458.0737.1 NC 101 west
 467.0751.6Harkers Island Road – Harkers IslandTo Cape Lookout Lighthouse
Smyrna469.0754.8Marshallberg Road – Marshallberg
Sea Level483.0777.3 NC 12 north – Cedar Island
Atlantic488.0785.4School Drive – Cedar IslandEast end of US 70; road ends 2,500 feet (760 m) at Little Port Brook
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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