Tulip Festival

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Tulip Festival in Woodburn, Oregon. 2007

Tulip Festivals are held in several cities around the world, including a number in North America — most often cities with Dutch heritage — such as Albany (New York); Ottawa (Ontario); Gatineau (Quebec); Montreal (Quebec); Holland (Michigan); Lehi (Utah); Orange City (Iowa); Pella (Iowa); Mount Vernon (Washington); and Woodburn (Oregon), and in other countries such as Australia[1] India[2] and England. The tulips are considered a welcome harbinger of spring, and a tulip festival permits residents to see them at their best advantage. The festivals are also popular tourist attractions. The tulips are displayed throughout the cities. In certain years the peak of tulips does not coincide with the actual festival due to climatic conditions.



The tulip-festivals are being held in honour of the Dutch-American immigrants who brought the (then highly expensive) tulips to the Americas.



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