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Tryo performing 2007.

Tryo is a French language 'unplugged' reggae acoustic band, popular in Europe and in Quebec, with three French guitarists, a percussionist, and a producer: Guizmo, Christophe Mali, Manu Eveno, Daniel "Danielito" Bravo and Bibou.

Tryo are popular in France partly due to their politically charged lyrics, whilst also showing a fun side with a range of humorous songs, especially in live performances.

They take a left wing stance, criticising various French politicians such as Charles Pasqua (named in corruption scandals concerning suburban low cost housing or HLM) and Jean-Marie Le Pen and world leaders (George W. Bush, for example) in their music. The band has a "tolerant" view on cannabis, demonstrated by 'La Main Verte' from the 'Mamagubida' album. Drug references are reduced in their later albums.

They have sold 900,000 albums. They had their 10 year anniversary in 2005, followed by a nationwide tour. Tryo have four studio albums, a double CD live album and two live DVDs.

Christophe Mali released a solo album 'Je vous emmène' in April 2006. Guitarist and songwriter Guizmo is also in the band Pause.

In 2007 the band made a new album "ce que l'on sème" which is very different of "Mamagoubida", "Faut qu'ils s'activent" and "Grain de sable". In this new album there is more piano sound and sometimes wonderfull electric guitar solo or moreover a song with yukulele. The french and european tour was such a success they invited some local popular people where they were in live. For example in Marseille, they invited Papet Jali a singer of the Marseille's band "Massilia sound system". In 2009 an album of the tour was released.

In August 2012 there will be a new album called "Ladilafé"! We can already listen to the song "greenwashing"!










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