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TypeAutomotive Pricing and Information Website
Founder(s)Scott Painter, Founder &Chief Executive Officer
HeadquartersSanta Monica, California
Key people
ProductsPricing and information for new and used cars
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TypeAutomotive Pricing and Information Website
Founder(s)Scott Painter, Founder &Chief Executive Officer
HeadquartersSanta Monica, California
Key people
ProductsPricing and information for new and used cars

TrueCar, Inc. is an automotive pricing and information website for new and used car buyers and dealers. TrueCar is designed to provide a transparent car buying experience for auto dealers and consumers. In 2012, TrueCar was recognized as one of L.A. County’s 10 fastest growing private companies by the LA Business Journal, and named to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 for companies in North America.[1] News outlets, including CNN, Bloomberg, Newsweek, JD Power & Associates, Wall Street Journal, New York Times and U.S. News & World Report, have referenced TrueCar in reports and articles.[2][3][4][5][6][7]

TrueCar’s national network includes 7,000 automobile dealers across the United States, the company, headquartered in Santa Monica, California,[8] has helped its dealer-partners sell over 600,000 vehicles to date[9] and shoppers used TrueCar’s no-haggle pricing service in 2011 to buy 235,640 new and used vehicles.[10] It had a hand in 2 percent of sales in the nearly 13-million-car auto market in the U.S. in 2011[11] and the company claims it has saved people $1 billion so far, with the average consumer saving $4,154 off the car’s suggested retail price (MSRP).[11]

Early History[edit source | edit]

Before launching TrueCar, founder and Chief Executive Officer Scott Painter created several successful automotive ventures, including, and[12] Painter, along with co-founders Tom Taira, Bernie Brenner and Jim Nguyen, originally developed a business model through, a leading online car-buying program, whereby dealerships paid a fee for each vehicle sold through[12] TrueCar enhanced’s services by gathering data from multiple sources to compile new vehicle prices for consumers,[13][14] and by 2009, TrueCar had partnerships with several high-profile businesses and organizations, including Capital One Auto Finance and the American Automobile Association (AAA).[12]

Venture Capital Investments[edit source | edit]

In its 2008 Series A round of venture funding, TrueCar raised $2.8 million from Zag’s original investors.[13][15][16] It received $8.1 million in Series B investments from Capital One and Anthem Venture Partners[17] and TrueCar raised another $35.5 million in 2010.[15] In September 2011, TrueCar raised $200 million in funding from USAA, GRP Partners, Keating Capital, Silicon Valley Bank and Capricorn Investment Group.[15][18] As of 2012, TrueCar raised nearly $250 million in financing.[15]

Growth[edit source | edit]

TrueCar turned a profit in 2009.[18] In 2010, named one of the “20 best web sites” to help individuals make better financial decisions.[19] The ranking was based on TrueCar’s ability to show car consumers what other car buyers paid for the same make and model in their area. CNN also highlighted TrueCar’s graphical representation of the data that consumers receive on its website.[19] Additionally, TrueCar ranked 11th on the L.A. Business (LAB) annual list of the 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Los Angeles,[20] and Inc. Magazine ranked TrueCar on its 2010 list of Fastest Growing Companies in America.[21]

In January 2011, TrueCar released, the industry’s first used vehicle index that analyzes the entire used car market and shows how the market prices cars.[6] The website provides consumers with prices based on actual market data.[6][22]

After TrueCar raised $200 million in debt and equity financing in August 2011, it agreed to purchase ALG – a company that provides information on the future residual values of vehicles – for an estimated $83 million.[23] TrueCar later hired Larry Dominique, former vice president of product planning at Nissan, to run its ALG business and work with auto manufacturers.[24] Additional 2011 deals included the acquisition of News Corp-backed in May and[25] the September purchase of CarPerks, an employee car-buying program operator.

In late 2011, TrueCar launched a television advertising campaign with commercials promoting its services.[26][27] Shortly thereafter, TrueCar faced backlash from the automotive industry[28] and several state agencies and regulators notified TrueCar that its practices could be noncompliant with some state laws.[29][30] In response to those notices, TrueCar worked closely with state regulators to overhaul its pricing structure.[26] It moved from a pay-per-sale model to a subscription model for dealers in some states.[31] It also hired industry veterans Pat Watson and Ken Potter to improve its relationships with automobile associations and dealers.[8] And to further strengthen its relationships with dealers, TrueCar formed a National Dealer Council,[32][33] with 20 members representing 281 franchise dealerships.[32]

Founder/CEO Painter ultimately restructured the business (in 2012) to focus on providing price transparency by tracking and publishing data based on actual car sales.[34] Additionally, TrueCar produced a new – much less controversial – advertising campaign[34] that kicked off in November.

Partnerships[edit source | edit]

TrueCar launched the world's first all-female racing team (in 2012) with support from Penske Media Corporation and Dragon Racing,[35][36] sponsoring women in six popular racing series, including IndyCar, Mazda MX-5 Cup, Star Mazda, USF2000, World Challenge and Rally America.[36][37] In June 2012, The Virgin Group announced its partnership in support of TrueCar's "Women Empowered" initiative.[35]

TrueCar manages auto-buying programs for major U.S. brands, including USAA, Consumer Reports, AAA, American Express and Pentagon Federal Credit Union.[38] TrueCar and Yahoo! formed a partnership in January 2012.[10] Under the deal, internet users searching for vehicles on were directed to TrueCar dealers.[10] The relationship became non-exclusive in July 2012.[10] has rebuilt it (dealer) franchise roster to 5,200, including 35 of the 50 largest dealership groups nationally[10] and gets over 1,000,000 unique visits to its website each month.[39]

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