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Treasure Island Media (also known as TIM) is an American gay pornography studio founded in 1998 by director Paul Morris and based in San Francisco. The studio specializes in bareback films and along with the studio Hot Desert Knights was the first company to produce bareback films as part of an underground "bareback re-emergence" in gay porn in the late '90s.[1] The studio is named after Morris's favorite childhood book, Treasure Island.[2] In addition to the original San Francisco office, TIM has production offices in New York, London and Ft. Lauderdale.[3][citation needed]



In a 2011 interview, Morris said he started Treasure Island Media because he "was interested in preserving the integrity of pornography and the honest representation of male sexual behavior. When I started producing porn, the genre had become depressingly corrupt, representing only a small subset of sexual behaviors [...] I wanted to capture the kind of sex that has meaning for me and I wanted to do so as accurately and honestly as possible. I also wanted to document the men. I wasn't interested in what they looked like, I was interested in what they understood regarding the complex behavioral language of sex among men."[4] He added, "Most recently, I've been motivated to produce pornography to directly address the appalling phenomenon of the HIV 'closet'."[4]

Sales & Popularity

According to XBiz, TIM's best selling video to date is 2004’s Dawson's 20 Load Weekend, which stars Dawson [1], its most well-known performer who was named "Most Interesting Person" In Gay Porn 2008 by Mark Adams VidioView.

In July 2008, their first international video filmed in London, England by Max Sohl, “UK Beef Bangers”, went to Number 1 on the JRL Gay DVD Rental Charts.

In September 2008, Paul Morris' "Fearless" debuted at Number 1 on the JRL Gay DVD Rental Charts, and simultaneously secured the #1 spot on the European Gay DVD Sales Charts - the only time a non-European studio has ever conquered the top position.

Controversy and criticism

In 2004, Titan Media banned its performers from signing with Treasure Island Media.[5]

In July 2009, Treasure Island Media sent out a press release announcing they had been banned from attending or participating in Folsom Street Fair, Folsom North, Dore Alley, Gay Erotic Expo [2] and International Mr. Leather.[6]

Awards & Nominations

From 2001 to 2004, Treasure Island Media was the recipient of multiple “Bareback Video Awards” more commonly known as “The Spoogies” (now defunct) including six in 2001 (Best Overall Action, Best 1-on-1 and Best Top for “Plowed”); two in 2003 (Best Scene in “Riding Billy Wild” and Best Sequence in “Fucking Crazy”); and 9 Spoogies in 2004 (including Video of the Year, Most Original Concept, Best Gang Scene, Best Orgy, Best New Performer and Hottest Ass for “Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend” [3] and Best Amateur Production, Best Scene, Best Sequence for “Plantin’ Seed”).

In 2006, TIM was named “Studio of the Year” at the VOD (Video on Demand) Awards and in 2007, Dawson was named “Performer of the Year”.

In October 2007, TIM won the prize for Best US Studio at the David Awards in Berlin. This caused controversy as TIM produces bareback films, causing Titan Media founder and CEO, Bruce Cam, to decline his award.[4] [5] [6]

In 2008, the company received the most Golden Dickie Awards of any adult company from Rad Video, including Best Studio, Best Movie (What I Can't See 2), Best Director (Paul Morris), Best Performer Top (Jesse O'Toole) and Best Specialty/Fetish Movie (Damon Blows America 8 – Los Angeles).

Legal woes

In December 2010, the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration fined Treasure Island Media $21,000 for exposing employees (i. e. the models) to "semen and other potentially infectious materials".[7]

On February 9, 2013 the AIDS Healthcare Foundation announced the foundation submission of numerous health and safety complaints to the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration on eleven recent Treasure Island Media productions. Most if not all of those productions were not produced in California there for are beyond Cal/Osha's purview.

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