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For the American football player, see Tracy Johnson (American football).

Tracy Johnson is an American singer-songwriter. Her music fits into the pop rock genre, and she is signed to Snowfire Records, an indie label. Johnson grew up in Minnetonka, Minnesota and began songwriting when she was a child as her singing made her baby sister stop crying.[1] She now lives in San Diego.Her song, "The Good Life" was popular on the charts in Turkey, after it was included on a compilation album sent to radio stations all over Europe.[1]

Johnson released a full-length album, Dreams in Cold Weather, in the US in May 2007. The same album was released in Japan in March 2008.[1] Johnson's songs have been featured on MTV's The Real World Denver, Laguna Beach and The Real World Challenge Fresh Meat. Three songs off the album were featured in Commercials for the CW's New 90210 and the song "Does it really matter" was used in a promo of The CW's Nikita and the song "December" from the album was selected for placement in the feature film Winter of Frozen Dreams, starring Thora Birch and released in 2008.[2] She has also been nominated for the LA Music Awards in the past,[3] and Dreams in Cold Weather was nominated for Best Pop Album in the San Diego Music Awards 2007.[1]

In March 2008, Johnson released the single "The Art of Dreaming" Which was produced by Dave Sale .[1]


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