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Town Hill is a mountain range located in Allegany County, Maryland and Bedford and Fulton Counties in Pennsylvania. Its southern end is 2.25 miles northwest of Kiefer in Allegany County. It trends northeasterly, and ends about 1.5 miles south of the town of Emmaville in Fulton County. Its highest elevation is 2000 feet.

Interstate 70 crosses Town Hill at a narrow angle to the mountain, following the ridge for four to five miles as it slowly climbs one side and descends the other.

Part of Buchanan State Forest lies on Town Hill in Fulton County.


Town Hill is held up by the Mississippian Pocono Formation, which dips to the northwest. The Mississippian-Devonian Rockwell Formation and Devonian Catskill Formation are exposed on the southeast flank of the mountain below the Pocono. Rays Hill, to the east, and Town Hill form a syncline.[1]


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Coordinates: 39°43′29″N 78°22′44″W / 39.72472°N 78.37889°W / 39.72472; -78.37889 (Town Hill)