Total Request Live

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Total Request Live
Trl titlecard.jpg
TRL logo used from 2006 to 2008
Also known asTRL
FormatMusic videos
StarringCarson Daly
Damien Fahey
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes2,247
Running time45–48 minutes
Original channelMTV
Original airingSeptember 14, 1998 (1998-09-14) - November 16, 2008 (2008-11-16)
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Total Request Live
Trl titlecard.jpg
TRL logo used from 2006 to 2008
Also known asTRL
FormatMusic videos
StarringCarson Daly
Damien Fahey
Country of originUnited States
No. of episodes2,247
Running time45–48 minutes
Original channelMTV
Original airingSeptember 14, 1998 (1998-09-14) - November 16, 2008 (2008-11-16)
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Total Request Live (commonly known as TRL) is a television series on MTV that featured popular music videos. TRL was MTV's prime outlet for music videos as the network continued to concentrate on reality-based programming. In addition to music videos, TRL featured daily guests. The show was a popular promotion tool used by musicians, actors, and other celebrities to promote their newest works to the show's target teen demographic.

TRL played the top ten most requested videos of the day, as requested by viewers who voted online for their favorite video. The countdown started with the tenth most requested video and ended with the most requested. As of October 22, 2007, TRL's countdown was based on votes, charts, ringtones, download, radio airplay, and streams, meaning that the most user requested video might not have been the number 1 video. The show generally aired Monday through Thursday for one hour, though the scheduling and length of the show fluctuated over the years. Despite the word "Live" in the title of the show, many episodes were actually pre-recorded.

It was announced on September 15, 2008 that TRL would be shut down and replaced with FNMTV.[1] The special three-hour finale aired on November 16, 2008, at 8 p.m.[2]

Until 2010, a local version of TRL was still running in Italy on MTV.



The roots of TRL

The roots of TRL trace back to 1997 when MTV began producing MTV Live (originally hosted by British VJ Toby Amies) from the newly opened MTV studios in Times Square in New York. MTV Live featured celebrity interviews, musical performances, and regular news updates. Though producers downplay the similarities, MTV Live shared several signature elements with Much On Demand, a live show on MuchMusic, a Canadian competitor's channel, including its Good Morning America-styled format of windows displaying onlookers on a metropolitan street. Music videos were not the major focus of the program.

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MTV Networks

During the same time period, MTV aired a countdown show simply called Total Request, hosted by Carson Daly (it should be mentioned that a forerunner to Total Request was Dial MTV, which ran from 1986-1996). Total Request was far more subdued, as Daly introduced music videos from an empty, dimly lit set. As the show progressed and gained more momentum with viewers tuning in, it was soon added to the list of daytime programming during MTV's Summer Share in Seaside Heights, New Jersey. The countdown would prove to be one of the most watched and most interactive shows in recent MTV history, demonstrating that it had potential to become an even larger success by combining with the element of live television.

Carson Daly era

By the fall of 1998, MTV producers decided to merge the real-time aspect of MTV Live and the fan-controlled countdown power of Total Request into Total Request Live, which made its official premiere from the MTV studios on September 14, 1998. The show then grew to become MTV's unofficial flagship program.

The original host of TRL, Carson Daly, brought popularity to the show. The widely known abbreviation of TRL was adopted as the official title of the show in February 1999, after Daly and Dave Holmes began using the abbreviation on-air regularly. Since then, the program has rarely been referred to as its complete title, Total Request Live. The Countdown started off successfully while receiving hundreds of votes for Original Favorite Stars such as Hanson, Aaliyah, Eminem, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, 'N Sync, and Backstreet Boys.

TRL spent its first year developing a cult-type following.[3] In the fall of 1999, a live studio audience was added to the show. By spring 2000, the countdown reached its peak, becoming a very recognizable pop culture icon in its first two years of existence. A weekend edition of the show known as TRL Weekend, with a countdown consisting an average of the week's Top 10, aired for a short time in 2000.

In 2001, the popularity of TRL was at such a level that it spawned a country music spin-off, CMT Most Wanted Live, on sister network CMT, until 2004.

Some evolutionary changes were made to TRL throughout the next couple of years. The show received a new set and on-screen graphics for the debut of the fall 2001 season. A year later, on October 23, 2002, TRL celebrated its 1,000th episode. The #1 video on that day was "Dirrty" by Christina Aguilera. Also throughout the year of 2002, original host Carson Daly would be seen gradually less and less.

Jimmy Fallon who had routinely spoofed Daly on Saturday Night Live, appeared in character as Daly in similar dress to the clothing Daly was known to wear when hosting. When Daly himself walked on set, Fallon was caught off guard and in keeping with the humor, both Daly and Fallon were wearing matching clothing. Daly appreciated the joke in good fun.

Post-Carson Daly era

In 2002, the next generation of TRL was ushered in as Carson Daly officially stepped down as host. He left the show to host his own talk show, NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly, which premiered a year earlier. Following Daly stepping down, a revolving door of VJs hosted TRL, including Damien Fahey, Hilarie Burton, Vanessa Minnillo, Quddus, La La Vasquez, and Susie Castillo. Some of these VJs made their debut on the show in earlier years, so they already had the opportunity to host the show on days in which Carson Daly was not present.

Some changes were made to TRL's voting process in 2005. The show previously allowed anyone to vote online multiple times, but as part of these changes, only registered members on could vote online. Additionally, a limit of one vote per day was added. Then, on July 10, 2006, MTV announced that votes would no longer be taken by phone, ending the legacy of the "DIAL MTV" phone number, which had been in use for voting on MTV since the premiere of the countdown show Dial MTV in the mid-1980s.

In September 2006, TRL reached its eighth anniversary, and it continues to be the longest-running live program that MTV has ever produced. It is also the third longest-running program of all time in the network's history, following behind The Real World, which has aired for the past 14 years, and 120 Minutes, which aired for 17 years. Around this time, TRL began airing officially on just four days a week (Monday through Thursday), as opposed to all five weekdays.

On November 2, 2006, TRL debuted what was billed as the first ever hip-hop public service announcement on global warming. The three-minute piece, titled "Trees," warned about deforestation and the dangers of global warming. The video corresponded with MTV's social campaign, Break the Addiction, as part of think MTV.

The hosts of TRL in 2008 were Damien Fahey and Lyndsey Rodrigues. Additionally, Stephen Colletti, former cast member on Laguna Beach, has appeared on TRL as host numerous times. The rest of the VJs are or have been working on separate projects. La La Vasquez went on to go work on her debut rap album[citation needed]. Former VJ Hilarie Burton left TRL sometime between 2003 and 2004 after joining the cast of The WB/CW's One Tree Hill playing Peyton Sawyer. Quddus hosted from 2001-2006. He left to move to Califiornia to be a host of TV One Access.[4]

On May 22, 2007, TRL celebrated its 2000th episode, showing highlights from the past 2000 episodes, and a special countdown of ten of the most successful videos to ever appear on the show. Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" topped the special countdown.

The end of TRL

In 2007, rumors began circulating stating that the ratings-challenged music video countdown show was to be canceled. In early 2007, an average of 373,000 viewers regularly watched the program.[5] New York Daily News were one of the first to publish this rumor. In February 2007, MTV said the rumor was unfounded and claimed TRL will continue to air for the foreseeable future.

The producers of TRL experimented with web-based viewer interaction throughout the 2006–2007 season, showing viral videos, allowing viewers to send feedback on a video via internet forums and webcams, along with a heavy emphasis on MTV's since discontinued Overdrive video portal. However, MTV still secretly planned to cancel the show and replace one with even more emphasis on viewer interaction, named YouRL (a homophone of URL.)[6]

Consequently, in July 2007, it was reported that YouRL was not received well by test audiences and that the concept of YouRL has been abandoned for the time being. Total Request Live proceeded with a new season as usual on September 4, marking the tenth season of the show.[7]

On September 15, 2008 it was announced that TRL would be shut down. The final regular weekday episode aired on November 13, 2008 with guest Seth Green and The All-American Rejects. The Rejects spent the entire episode assisting in the tear down of the set which was a theme for the episode. At the end of the episode, Lindsey and Damien cooperatively added the last step in the demolition process by shutting down all the lights. Preceding was a montage of cast and crew members saying their goodbyes by waving to the camera.

A three hour special marking the end of the show aired on November 16, 2008.[1] Several artists made appearances, including Ludacris, Snoop Dogg, Nelly, Beyoncé Knowles, 50 Cent, Fall Out Boy, Backstreet Boys, Justin Timberlake, Kid Rock, JC Chasez, Christina Aguilera, Travis Barker, Taylor Swift, Hilary Duff, Eminem, and Korn's Jonathan Davis.[8] Former host Carson Daly told Joyce Eng of TV Guide in an interview that the rise of the Internet's role in mass media influenced the change of the series.[9]

The last music video to be played on TRL (during the final episode) was "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears, being the video that made number one on the countdown as the most iconic videos of all time.

Final top 10

TRL chose the top ten most iconic videos and aired them as their final countdown.[10]

11999Britney Spears"...Baby One More Time"Nigel Dick
22000Eminem"The Real Slim Shady"Dr. Dre/Philip Atwell
31999Backstreet Boys"I Want It That Way"Wayne Isham
42000'N Sync"Bye Bye Bye"Wayne Isham
52002Christina Aguilera"Dirrty"David LaChapelle
61999Kid Rock"Bawitdaba"Dave Meyers
72003Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z"Crazy in Love"Jake Nava
82004Usher featuring Ludacris & Lil' Jon"Yeah!"Mr. X
91999Blink-182"What's My Age Again"Marcos Siega/Brandon PeQueen
102003Outkast"Hey Ya!"Bryan Barber

Retirement Home

Pre-Limitmid-September 1998early January 1999
65-Day Limitmid-January 1999late February 2002
50-Day Limitearly March 2002late September 2006
40-Day LimitKnownearly October 2006mid-September 2007
Assumedlate September 2007mid-October 2007
35-Day LimitAssumedlate October 2007early January 2008
Knownmid-January 2008mid-September 2008
Post-Limitmid-September 2008mid-November 2008
Officialofficially retired; (not) technically retired; numbered
Honorarysemi-officially retired; not technically retired; personally retired by artist and/or replaced by artist's new video
Unofficialnot officially retired; technically retired
#Artist NamesVideo TitlesDaysPositionsDateStatus
N/AN'Sync"Tearin' Up My Heart"125# 2November 19, 1998Honorary
1Korn"Got The Life"72# 2January 12, 1999Official
2Limp Bizkit"Faith"64# 4February 24, 1999Official
3Backstreet Boys"All I Have To Give"65# 1March 3, 1999Official
4The Offspring"Pretty Fly (For A White Guy)"67# 7March 5, 1999Official
5N'Sync"(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time On You"123# 1March 17, 1999Official
6Britney Spears"...Baby One More Time"64# 1March 24, 1999Official
7Eminem"My Name Is"65# 6April 26, 1999Official
898°"The Hardest Thing"66# 4May 10, 1999Official
9Korn"Freak On A Leash"65# 4May 11, 1999Official
10N'Sync"I Drive Myself Crazy"115# 1July 1, 1999Official
11Kid Rock"Bawitdaba"64# 5July 12, 1999Official
12Backstreet Boys"I Want It That Way"65# 1August 5, 1999Official
13Britney Spears"Sometimes"66# 2August 9, 1999Official
14Limp Bizkit"Nookie"65# 4August 26, 1999Official
N/ATom Green"The Bum Bum Song ('Lonely Swedish')"5# 1August 27, 1999Honorary
1598°"I Do (Cherish You)"66# 7October 4, 1999Official
16Christina Aguilera"Genie In A Bottle"65# 7October 7, 1999Official
17Kid Rock"Cowboy"65# 5November 2, 1999Official
18Gloria Estefan"Music Of My Heart"71# 2November 11, 1999Official
19Britney Spears"(You Drive Me) Crazy"73# 2November 23, 1999Official
"(You Drive Me) Crazy (The Stop! Remix)"
20Mariah Carey"Heartbreaker"65# 6November 26, 1999Official
"Heartbreaker (The Remix)"
21Backstreet Boys"Larger Than Life"77# 1December 13, 1999Official
22Blink-182"All The Small Things"65# 4December 21, 1999Official
23Limp Bizkit"Re-Arranged"34# 3October 30, 1999Official
"In ToGether Now"55# 8January 18, 2000
24Juvenile"Back That Thang Up"55# 8February 16, 2000Official
25Korn"Falling Away From Me"70# 3February 16, 2000Official
26Christina Aguilera"What A Girl Wants"68# 6March 2, 2000Official
27Kid Rock"Only God Knows Why"65# 9March 16, 2000Official
28Britney Spears"From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart"71# 9March 27, 2000Official
29Backstreet Boys"Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely"65# 2April 5, 2000Official
30Dr. Dre"Forgot About Dre"61# 9April 25, 2000Official
31N'Sync"Bye, Bye, Bye"145# 4April 27, 2000Official
32Korn"Make Me Bad"65# 7June 8, 2000Official
"Make Me Bad (Sickness In Salvation Remix)"
33Sisqó"The Thong Song"66# 6June 12, 2000Official
"The Thong Song (Uncensored Remix)"
34Britney Spears"Oops...I Did It Again!"66# 5July 13, 2000Official
35Eminem"The Real Slim Shady"66# 9July 28, 2000Official
36Backstreet Boys"The One"75# 1August 18, 2000Official
37N'Sync"It's Gonna Be Me"165# 1August 23, 2000Official
38Hanson"If Only"75# 2August 28, 2000Official
N/APapa Roach"Last Resort"51# 10September 5, 2000Honorary
39Britney Spears"Lucky"66# 2October 18, 2000Official
40Christina Aguilera"Come On Over Baby (All I Want Is You)"66# 5November 9, 2000Official
41Ricky Martin"She Bangs"65# 4January 5, 2001Official
42Limp Bizkit"My Generation"6# 8October 3, 2000Official
"Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)"59# 4January 9, 2001
43Backstreet Boys"Shape Of My Heart"65# 1January 17, 2001Official
44N'Sync"This I Promise You"65# 2February 6, 2001Official
"This I Promise You (Live @ Madison Square Garden)"
45Britney Spears"Stronger"68# 1February 13, 2001Official
46Dream"He Loves You Not"65# 5March 29, 2001Official
47Backstreet Boys"The Call"65# 1April 30, 2001Official
"The Call (The Neptunes Remix)"
48Limp Bizkit"My Way (Remix)"65# 9May 10, 2001Official
49Britney Spears"Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know"59# 3June 19, 2001Official
50Backstreet Boys"More Than That"65# 1August 17, 2001Official
51Blink-182"The Rock Show"65# 6August 23, 2001Official
52N'Sync"Pop"65# 1August 30, 2001Official
53Sum 41"Fat Lip/Pain For Pleasure"65# 7September 21, 2001Official
54Jennifer Lopez"I'm Real"65# 10October 8, 2001Official
"I'm Real (Murder Remix)"
55O-Town"We Fit Together"65# 1February 4, 2002Official
56Shakira"Whenever, Wherever"66# 9February 5, 2002Official
57Backstreet Boys"Drowning"65# 1February 26, 2002Official
58The Calling"Wherever You Will Go"50# 4March 7, 2002Official
59Britney Spears"I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"50# 3March 21, 2002Official
60N'Sync"Girlfriend"50# 6March 25, 2002Official
"Girlfriend (The Neptunes Remix)"
61Enrique Iglesias"Escape"50# 1April 22, 2002Official
62B2K"Uh Huh"50# 5April 24, 2002Official
63Michelle Branch"All You Wanted"50# 7May 3, 2002Official
64Shakira"Underneath Your Clothes"50# 3May 14, 2002Official
65Kylie Minogue"Can't Get You Out Of My Head"50# 6May 21, 2002Official
66Vanessa Carlton"A Thousand Miles"50# 6June 5, 2002Official
67Britney Spears"Overprotected"50# 1June 20, 2002Official
"Overprotected (The DarkChild Remix)"
N/AEminem"Without Me"48# 3July 31, 2002Honorary
68Avril Lavigne"Complicated"50# 1August 12, 2002Official
69Kylie Minogue"Love At First Sight"50# 5September 23, 2002Official
70Britney Spears"Boys (The Co-Ed Remix)"50# 4September 25, 2002Official
71Good Charlotte"Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous"50# 6November 7, 2002Official
72Justin Timberlake"Like I Love You"49# 4November 25, 2002Official
73Eminem"Lose Yourself"50# 1January 2, 2003Official
74Sum 41"Still Waiting"50# 10January 15, 2003Official
75B2K"Bump, Bump, Bump"50# 2January 31, 2003Official
76Justin Timberlake"Cry Me A River"50# 3February 13, 2003Official
77Avril Lavigne"I'm With You"50# 5February 18, 2003Official
78Christina Aguilera"Beautiful"50# 6February 25, 2003Official
79J.C. Chasez"Blowin' Me Up (With Her Love)"49# 8March 3, 2003Official
80Jennifer Lopez"All I Have"50# 5March 21, 2003Official
81Good Charlotte"The Anthem"50# 1April 2, 2003Official
8250 Cent"In Da Club"50# 3April 10, 2003Official
83Simple Plan"Addicted"50# 2May 1, 2003Official
84Justin Timberlake"Rock Your Body"50# 1May 7, 2003Official
85Eminem"Sing For The Moment"50# 5May 8, 2003Official
86Christina Aguilera"Fighter"50# 6June 24, 2003Official
8750 Cent"21 Questions"50# 4July 2, 2003Official
88Kelly Clarkson"Miss Independent"50# 4July 29, 2003Official
89Good Charlotte"Girls And Boys"50# 2August 14, 2003Official
90Christina Aguilera"Can't Hold Us Down"50# 2September 25, 2003Official
9150 Cent"P.I.M.P. (G-Unit Remix)"50# 3September 26, 2003Official
92Justin Timberlake"Señorita"50# 1October 3, 2003Official
93Hilary Duff"So Yesterday"50# 2October 10, 2003Official
94OutKast (André 3000)"Hey Ya!"50# 8November 24, 2003Official
95Blink-182"Feelin' This"50# 2January 20, 2004Official
96Clay Aiken"Invisible"50# 1January 27, 2004Official
97Good Charlotte"Hold On"50# 1February 13, 2004Official
98Britney Spears"Toxic"52# 6April 5, 2004Official
99Usher"Yeah!"50# 6May 3, 2004Official
100Clay Aiken"The Way"50# 2May 20, 2004Official
101Beyoncé"Naughty Girl"49# 7June 7, 2004Official
102D-12"My Band"50# 1June 7, 2004Official
103OutKast (André 3000 & Big Boi)"Roses"49# 4June 9, 2004Official
104Britney Spears"Everytime"50# 2June 29, 2004Official
105New Found Glory"All Downhill From Here"50# 5July 12, 2004Official
106JoJo"Leave (Get Out)"50# 4August 2, 2004Official
107Usher"Confessions, Parts I & II"50# 7September 15, 2004Official
N/AAvril Lavigne"Skater Boi"46# 9November 8, 2002Honorary (Nominated)
N/AJanuary 7, 2005
N/ABeyoncé"Crazy In Love"42# 10August 20, 2003Honorary (Nominated)
N/AJanuary 7, 2005
N/ABritney Spears"I'm A Slave For You"52# 5December 26, 2001Honorary
N/AJanuary 7, 2005
N/AChristina Aguilera"Dirty"44# 3December 6, 2002Honorary (Nominated)
N/AJanuary 7, 2005
N/AEminem"Cleanin' Out My Closet"43# 8October 9, 2002Honorary (Nominated)
N/AJanuary 7, 2005
N/ANelly"Hot In Here"38# 10August 21, 2002Honorary (Nominated)
N/AJanuary 7, 2005
108Jesse McCartney"Beautiful Soul"52# 3March 4, 2005Official
109Green Day"Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"51# 3March 24, 2005Official
110Lindsay Lohan"Over"50# 6April 12, 2005Official
111Gwen Stefani"Hollaback Girl"50# 4June 23, 2005Official
112Mariah Carey"We Belong Together"50# 1July 8, 2005Official
113Simple Plan"Untitled (How Could This Happen To Me?)"51# 4July 20, 2005Official
114Kelly Clarkson"Behind These Hazel Eyes"50# 1August 3, 2005Official
115Fall Out Boy"Sugar, We're Goin' Down"50# 5August 26, 2005Official
116Hilary Duff"Wake Up"50# 3October 5, 2005Official
117Mariah Carey"Shake It Off"50# 6October 24, 2005Official
118Green Day"Wake Me Up When September Ends"50# 5November 8, 2005Official
119Kelly Clarkson"Because Of You"50# 1January 6, 2006Official
120Fall Out Boy"Dance, Dance"50# 7January 17, 2006Official
121Mariah Carey"Don't Forget About Us"50# 2February 6, 2006Official
122Madonna"Hung Up"50# 1February 6, 2006Official
123Kelly Clarkson"Walk Away"50# 1June 1, 2006Official
124Fall Out Boy"A Little Less 'Sixteen Candles', A Little More 'Touch Me'"50# 3June 6, 2006Official
125Red Hot Chili Peppers"Dani California"50# 5July 10, 2006Official
126Fort Minor"Where'd You Go?"50# 1July 17, 2006Official
127Rihanna"Unfaithful"49# 7July 27, 2006Official
128Christina Aguilera"Ain't No Other Man"50# 1September 26, 2006Official
129Justin Timberlake"Sexy Back"43# 1October 10, 2006Official
130A.F.I."Love Like Winter"40# 7December 11, 2006Official
131Justin Timberlake"Let Me Talk To You/My Love"40# 5January 9, 2007Official
132Christina Aguilera"Hurt"40# 1January 11, 2007Official
133Beyoncé"Irreplaceable"40# 1January 18, 2007Official
134Nelly Furtado"Say It Right"40# 10March 5, 2007Official
135Fall Out Boy"This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race"40# 5March 12, 2007Official
136My Chemical Romance"Famous Last Words"40# 5March 26, 2007Official
137Hilary Duff"With Love"40# 3May 2, 2007Official
138Justin Timberlake"What Goes Around...Comes Around"40# 7May 7, 2007Official
139Beyoncé"Beautiful Liar"40# 3May 23, 2007Official
140Christina Aguilera"Candyman"40# 3May 29, 2007Official
141Avril Lavigne"Girlfriend"40# 10June 4, 2007Official
142Fall Out Boy"Thanks For The Memories"40# 9June 21, 2007Official
143Chris Brown"Wall To Wall"40# 7September 10, 2007Official
144Boys Like Girls"The Great Escape"40# 5September 17, 2007Official
N/AChris Brown"Kiss, Kiss"37# 4December 20, 2007Unofficial
145Colbie Caillat"Bubbly"37# 6January 15, 2008Official
146Alicia Keys"No One"38# 2January 23, 2008Official
147OneRepublic"Apologize (Remix)"38# 5January 24, 2008Official
148Soulja Boy"Crank That (Soulja Boy Tell 'Em)"40# 8January 28, 2008Official
149Flo Rida"Low"35# 1February 25, 2008Official
N/AParamore"Crush, Crush, Crush"40# 7March 3, 2008Unofficial
150Chris Brown"With You"35# 1March 19, 2008Official
151Sara Bareilles"Love Song"36# 9April 24, 2008Official
152Leona Lewis"Bleeding Love"31# 2June 16, 2008Official
153Usher"Love In This Club"33# 5June 30, 2008Official
N/ARihanna"Take A Bow"37# 2July 31, 2008Unofficial
"Take A Bow ('FNMTV Premieres' Live Performance - June 27, 2008)"
154Katy Perry"I Kissed A Girl"26# 1July 31, 2008Official
"I Kissed A Girl ('FNMTV Premieres' Live Performance - July 11, 2008)"

Hall of Fame

Information for the TRL Hall of Fame was taken from the defunct TRL fan site, "TRL Daily Dose."[11]

Pre-LimitSeptember 1998April 2001
5-Video LimitKnownMay 2001May 2001
AssumedJune 2001September 2008
Post-LimitSeptember 2008November 2008
Officialofficially inducted; technically inducted; numbered
Unofficialnot officially inducted; technically inducted
#Artist NameRetirementsDateStatus
1Limp Bizkit5005May 26, 2001Official
2Britney Spears131014May 26, 2001Official
3N'Sync8109May 26, 2001Official
4Backstreet Boys9009May 26, 2001Official
N/AEminem4105May 8, 2003Unofficial
N/AChristina Aguilera9009June 24, 2003Unofficial
N/AJustin Timberlake7007October 10, 2006Unofficial
N/AFall Out Boy5005June 21, 2007Unofficial

Career benefits

TRL's studios in Times Square.

TRL is widely viewed as the show that launched the careers of many teen artists from the late 1990s and early 2000s (decade). Without the popularity and influence of TRL, the following artists may not have enjoyed the amount of success they achieved.

Boy bands

Even though clean-cut boy bands like Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync reached success before TRL began in the fall of 1998, both groups only reached their commercial peaks after their videos were seen on TRL. In 1999, the Backstreet Boys' second LP, Millennium, achieved the highest first week sales ever from an LP.

'N Sync also appeared on TRL in 2000, when their second LP, No Strings Attached, topped the Backstreet Boys' first week sales. Once again, the large number of fans in attendance closed down the streets of Times Square. Throughout most of 1998, 1999, and 2000, videos by the Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC would claim the #1 position on the countdown.

Pop princesses

Pop singers like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Jessica Simpson all made their music debuts on TRL as well. Britney and Christina became regulars on the show and would often appear as a guest. When the Backstreet Boys or 'N Sync did not have a current video on the countdown, a video by Spears or Aguilera would most likely take the #1 position. Simpson wouldn't enjoy the same type of success until two years later, when she released "Irresistible" video, which reached at number two on the countdown. Mandy Moore saw success on the show with her debut single's "Candy" in 1999 and "I Wanna Be with You", but did not get her first number one video until her 2002 single "Crush" which she also performed on the show.

Jessica Simpson's younger sister Ashlee Simpson is another pop princess that has had some success on TRL with her first music video "Pieces of Me" in 2004. Ashlee Simpson had 3 videos in the # 1 and one close to retirement, Ashlee had a first # 1 video than her sister Jessica. She would go on to score a number of #1 videos on the show.

The artist with the most retirees videos is pop princess Britney Spears with 13 videos retired, an honorary retired video (I'm a Slave 4 U) and 3 videos retired # 1.

An unusual pop princess streak occurred in March 2007: The number one and number two spots were women for every show. There was no other month in the history of TRL where every show had a woman at the top spot.[12][13]

Disney stars

Vanessa Hudgens premiered "Come Back to Me", which peaked at number 3, and "Say OK", which only made it to #10. The Jonas Brothers have had their songs "Hold On", and "SOS" premiere; "SOS" made it on the countdown peaking at a dismal #6. "When You Look Me in the Eyes" was on the charts for several weeks before peaking at #1, after fans crushed and flooded the TRL site by requesting hundreds of times on March 19, 2008. "Burnin' Up" has also made it to the #1 spot on TRL. Aly & AJ's videos for "Rush", "Chemicals React" and "Potential Breakup Song" have all been on the countdown with "Rush" peaking at #2 "Chemicals React" peaking at #4, and "Potential Breakup Song" peaking at #5. Miley Cyrus's "7 Things" premiered on TRL and reached #4 on the show.

International versions

TRL Logo used in Italy.

Past programs

Similar programs

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