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Tire Kingdom is a large American tire store chain located primarily in the southern part of the United States. In 2000, it became a subsidiary of TBC Corporation.


Tire Kingdom was founded by Chuck Curcio in Florida in 1972, starting with a location in a farmer's market in West Palm Beach, Florida.[1] Business grew rapidly and the organization started opening stores throughout Florida and by the late 1980s had expanded through most major markets in the State, with 34 locations by 1984,[2] and 67 locations by late 1988.[3] Curcio became well known for his irreverent late night television commercials, usually featuring him in outlandish costumes.[4] In subsequent years the company expanded to Georgia, Louisiana, Vermont, Ohio, New Hampshire, and the Carolinas.

Acquisition by Michelin Group[edit]

Curcio sold Tire Kingdom to the Michelin group in a deal that closed in early 1989.[5] In 1993, an investment group headed by Goldman Sachs took control, with Curcio returning as part of the team.[6][7] Curcio stepped down in 1996,[8] and TBC Corporation purchased the company in the middle of 2000 for a reported $45 million. TBC Corporation also owns the Big O Tires, National Tire & Battery, and Merchant Tire chains, each of which have separate branding and generally separate territories.


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