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Timolin (Irish: Tigh Mo Linne, meaning "Moling's house"[1]) is a village in the south of County Kildare, Ireland. It is on the former N9 road (now by-passed) about 80 km (50 mi) south of Dublin. It is a small village, with less than a hundred inhabitants, one shop and a two pubs. It is located close to the Moone High Cross Inn.[2]

Timolin on the old N9

During the Irish Confederate Wars of the 1640s Timolin was the scene of a notorious massacre. A stronghouse in the village, in which many civilians were sheltering, was attacked by an army under Ormonde. After it had been captured around 200 civilians were killed.

The closest village to Timolin is Moone, about 1 kilometre to the south. The current county plan provides for joint development of Moone and Timolin.

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Coordinates: 52°59′N 6°49′W / 52.983°N 6.817°W / 52.983; -6.817