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TicketBiscuit is a Birmingham, Alabama-based online ticketing company. The company provides a proprietary, Web-based event management system to help small and midsize entertainment venues, including promoters, colleges, churches, theaters, nightspots, comedy clubs and individual artists - sell their own tickets online. TicketBiscuit is considered to be an independent, lower cost alternative to Ticketmaster.[1]


TicketBiscuit was founded by Jeff Gale in 2001.
In 2008 the company launched BattlePass, which it calls the first ticketing system built specifically for combat sports. It also built WhistleTix, a ticketing system for tourist railroads, and Promotozoa, a tool that provides a link allowing visitors to client Web sites to share information about upcoming events.[2]
The same year the company also announced integrations with the event listing site Eventful and the social networking site Facebook[3]

In 2009 the company added a suite of mobile ticketing features to provide event organizers and venues with Web pages optimized for viewing on mobile phones and give [clients] customers the ability to purchase tickets via these mobile-optimized Web pages.[4]

TicketBiscuit has a company blog where the authors provide "commentary, research, rants, and reviews." [5]


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