Thierry Ehrmann

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French anti-nuclear graffiti, referencing 2011 Japanese nuclear accidents.

Thierry Ehrmann (born 1962) is the 1987 founder and current chairman of the Serveur Group,[1] which is a company that manages databases of art auction quotations. The group has about 400 employees and annual revenue of about 70 million Euro. The information is administered from the ArtPrice[2] website, which is the legal and auctions interface to the group. Thierry Ehrmann, artist, was born in Avignon, France. He works from his house which has been transformed into the artwork Abode of Chaos. He's a situated at the far left of the political French spectrum, and an active freemason, founder of his own lodge (Faits et Documents, n° 117, 2001, p. 1-2, 6).[edit][3] compiles and updates art reference databases that cover art auction prices and artist biographies as well as artworks images from its library of 290,000 auction catalogs, and also features a fine art and antiques marketplace. is listed on Eurolist by Euronext Paris (ARTF/PRC) and is a subsidiary company of the Serveur Group, founded by Thierry Ehrmann. The Server Group core business is involved in content publishing in different fields such as the art market and legal information.


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