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Drawing of Theron Metcalf
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Theron Metcalf (16 October 1784 Franklin, Massachusetts - 12 November 1875 Boston) was a New England jurist and a judge of the Massachusetts Supreme Court.


Metcalf graduated from Brown University in 1805. In 1839 he was appointed reporter of the Massachusetts Supreme Court, and he sat on the bench of that court from 24 February 1848 until 1865. Brown gave him the degree of LL.D. in 1844, and Harvard University the same in 1848. His annotations were considered valuable for their philosophical investigation and discriminating analysis. Metcalf gave to Brown a set of fifty volumes of ordination sermons that he had collected.

He delivered the 4th of July oration at Dedham in 1810, and an address before the Phi Beta Kappa Society of Brown in 1832.


His publications include:

He edited:



Legal offices
Title last held by
Marcus Morton
Associate Justice of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court
Succeeded by
James Colt