There'll Always Be an England

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"There'll Always Be an England" is an English patriotic song, written and distributed in the summer of 1939, which became highly popular upon the outbreak of World War II. It was composed and written by Ross Parker (born Albert Rostron Parker, 16 Aug 1914 in Manchester) & Hugh Charles (born Charles Hugh Owen Ferry, 24 Jul 1907 in Reddish, Stockport, Cheshire), and a popular version was sung by Vera Lynn.

The song first appeared in Discoveries, a 1939 film by Carroll Levis, where it was sung by the boy soprano Glyn Davies. After war broke out on September 1, the song became a hit for Vera Lynn. Within the first two months of the war, 200,000 copies of the sheet music were sold.[1]

A version of this song was sung by Tiny Tim at the 1970 Isle of Wight Festival. The punk band The Sex Pistols are also famous for entering on stage to this tune. It is also the name of their only live DVD.

An instrumental recording of the song is played in episode #25 (aka "Spam") of Monty Python's Flying Circus, during the link scene where the chaplain is removed from the Ypres 1914 sketch and transported to the Hospital for Over-Acting.


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