Theodore Roosevelt High School (Wyandotte)

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Theodore RooseveltHigh School

Theodore Roosevelt High School


540 Eureka Avenue Wyandotte, Michigan 48192






Secondary public school






Wyandotte Public Schools

Also known as

Wyandotte Roosevelt, RHS, Roosevelt High, Wyandotte High




Blue and Gold


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for schools of the same name Theodore Roosevelt High School, also known as RHS or Roosevelt, or also Wyandotte High by alumni, is the secondary school in Wyandotte, Michigan. Established in 1923, RHS is the only public high school in the city of Wyandotte. Its mascot is the Bear, with athletic teams with similar names (the Bears for males and the Lady Bears for females). Enrollment as of the 2005-2006 school year is 1416 students attending grades 9-12. The mainstream curriculum is essentially university-preparatory, yet students do not have to enroll in all of these classes.

Theodore Roosevelt High School

Standard procedure for graduation is having obtained 22 of 24 possible credits, taking 4 terms of English and literature based classes, including Composition, 3 terms of Social Studies, including Economics and Government, 3 terms of Science, and 3 terms of Mathematics. Students must also include 2 terms of the Arts or Vocational training, or a Foreign Language, 1 term of Physical Education, and a half-term (semester) of Keyboarding or Computer Informatics. The school offers juniors and seniors several Advanced Placement courses, and all juniors must take the MME in the second semester. Class Courses such as Mathematics were increased requirements to Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II is required by state. 3 years of Science is also required by state now, Earth Science, Biology and Chemistry.


Book controversy

The Wyandotte Board of Education in December 2008 removed the bestselling book “The Bookseller of Kabul” by Åsne Seierstad from the school library[1] on the claims that it was pornography. The librarian as well as a number of teachers opposed the ban, saying that students shouldn’t be sheltered from learning the truth about what goes on in other parts of the world.



In 2010 the Bears won their first Downriver League (DRL) championship with a 22-39 regular season record and a 25-42 overall record after losing in the playoffs to a undefeated Riverview team.


In 2010 the Bears won their first DRL championship with a 9-0 regular season record. The team's overall record was 10-1 after losing in the playoffs to another undefeated team at Temperance Bedford. The Bears won the DRL championship again in 2011, that year they finished with an overall record of 11-2 after losing in the playoffs to Martin Luther King High School in Detroit.


In 2011 the Bears hockey team won the school's first ever state championship. They also extended Downriver's four-year winning streak in the Division 2 playoffs, the first three were won by Trenton High School.

Notable Alumni


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