Theatre District, New York

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Coordinates: 40°45′24″N 73°59′11″W / 40.75659°N 73.98626°W / 40.75659; -73.98626

Five Broadway theatres on West 45th Street

The Theatre District is an area in Midtown Manhattan where most Broadway theatres are located, as well as many other theatres, movie theatres, restaurants, hotels and other places of entertainment. It extends from 40th Street to 54th Street, and from west of Sixth Avenue to east of Eighth Avenue, and includes Times Square. The City of New York defines the "Theater Subdistrict" for zoning purposes to extend from 40th Street to 57th Street and from Sixth Avenue to Eighth Avenue, with an additional area west of Eighth Avenue from 42nd Street to 45th Street.[1] The Times Square Alliance, a Business Improvement District organization dedicated to improving the Theater District, defines the district is an irregular area from 40th Street to 54th Street from east of Sixth Avenue to west of Eighth Avenue.[citation needed] The Great White Way is the name given to the section of Broadway which runs through the Theater District.

Theatre Row, an area on 42nd Street from Ninth Avenue to Eleventh Avenue, which contains many Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway theaters, may be considered to be an extension of the Theatre District, although it is not officially a part of it.

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