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A woman wearing a black dress holding a microphone on a stand
Series 3 winner Leona Lewis is the show's most successful winner, having achieved two number-one albums and eight top 5 singles, including three number-ones.
A smiling man wearing a white t-shirt
Series 2 winner Shayne Ward has had six top 5 singles, including the number-one hit "That's My Goal".
Chico came in fifth place in series 2, and had a number-one single with "It's Chico Time" in 2006.
A man wearing a grey suit and red tie, holding a pen
Series 4 winner Leon Jackson debuted at number-one in the UK with a cover of "When You Believe".
Series 5 winner Alexandra Burke has achieved six top 10 singles, including three number-ones.
Series 5 runners up JLS have had five UK number-ones; more than any other X Factor act.
Diana Vickers, who came fourth in series 5, achieved a number-one single ("Once") and a number-one album (Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree).
Series 6 winner Joe McElderry was the first contestant to release four albums.
Series 6 runner-up Olly Murs has had nine top 20 singles, including four number-ones, as well as three top ten albums.
One Direction, who came third in series 7, are the most successful X Factor contestants worldwide. They have had nine UK top 10 singles, including three number-ones.
Series 8 winners Little Mix have achieved two number-one singles with "Cannonball" and "Wings".
Ella Henderson came sixth in series 9 and has since had a number one single with Ghost.

The X Factor is a British television singing talent show. It has been broadcast annually since 2004. The winners and finalists of the show have seen varied levels of success, but have gone on to produce a total of 35 number ones and 57 UK chart hits.[1] Sales figures show that artists from the show have sold around 30 million singles and over 18 million albums.[2] Leona Lewis has sold 8.5 million records in the UK, making her the biggest-selling X Factor act in the UK, followed by Olly Murs, JLS, One Direction and Alexandra Burke.[2][3]

All eleven winners of the show—Steve Brookstein, Shayne Ward, Lewis, Leon Jackson, Burke, Joe McElderry, Matt Cardle, Little Mix, James Arthur, Sam Bailey and Ben Haenow—have reached the top spot with their winner's singles. The winning contestant's single from 2004–2010 (and again in 2013) was released in time for the end-of-year chart battle for the UK's Christmas number one, a spot which was gained in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013 and 2014. In 2011 and 2012, the winner's single was released a week earlier. All of the winners' singles have gone on to achieve the number one chart position nevertheless, with Brookstein and McElderry both instead claiming the New Year's number one spot a week later in 2004 and 2009 respectively, while Little Mix achieved the top spot a week earlier in 2011. In 2012, Arthur achieved the number one spot a week earlier as well, but also claimed the New Year's number one spot, making him the first (and currently only) winner to regain the top spot on the charts.[4]

In 2008, the finalists from the fifth series released a cover version of Mariah Carey's "Hero" to raise money for the charity Help for Heroes; the single charted at number one in the United Kingdom. In 2009, the finalists of that year released a cover of Michael Jackson's "You Are Not Alone", in 2010, they released a cover of "Heroes", and in 2011 they released a cover of "Wishing on a Star" featuring former finalists JLS and One Direction. The process was discontinued in 2012, although Arthur, Bailey and Haenow's winner's singles were both released as charity singles.


ArtistSeriesPosition in showSong titleUK release dateUK peak chart
Brookstein, SteveSteve Brookstein1Winner"Against All Odds"20 December 20041[5]
"Fighting Butterflies"2 October 2006193[6]
G4Runners-up"Bohemian Rhapsody"14 March 20059[7]
Ward, ShayneShayne Ward2Winner"That's My Goal"21 December 20051[8]
"No Promises"10 April 20062[8]
"Stand by Me"10 July 200614[8]
"No U Hang Up"/"If That's OK with You"24 September 20072[8]
"Breathless"19 November 20076[8]
"Gotta Be Somebody"7 November 201012[8]
Abraham, AndyAndy AbrahamRunner-up"Hang Up"27 March 200665[9]
"December Brings Me Back to You"11 December 200618[9]
"Even If"19 May 200867[9]
Chico5th"It's Chico Time"27 February 20061[10]
"D.I.S.C.O."14 August 200624[10]
"Curvy Cola Bottle Body"8 October 200745[10]
The Dolly RockersJudges' houses"Gold Digger"29 August 200946[11]
Maria Lawson8th"Sleepwalking"14 August 200620[12]
Avenue3Judges' houses"Last Goodbye"22 September 200850[13]
Lewis, LeonaLeona LewisWinner"A Moment Like This"17 December 20061[14]
"Bleeding Love"19 October 20071[14]
"Better in Time"/"Footprints in the Sand"7 March 20082[14]
"Forgive Me"3 November 20085[14]
"Run"30 November 20081[14]
"Happy"8 November 20092[14]
"I Got You"21 February 201014[14]
"Collide"3 September 20114[14]
"Trouble"7 October 20127[14]
"Lovebird"16 November 2012DNC[15]
"One More Sleep"5 November 20133[14]
Jackson, LeonLeon Jackson4Winner"When You Believe"16 December 20071[16]
"Don't Call This Love"12 October 20083[16]
"Creative"15 November 200894[16]
Same Difference3rd"We R One"24 November 200813[17]
"Shine On Forever (Photo Frame)"29 August 2010100[citation needed]
Burke, AlexandraAlexandra Burke5Winner"Hallelujah"17 December 20081[18]
"Bad Boys"12 October 20091[18]
"Broken Heels"11 January 20108[18]
"All Night Long"3 May 20104[18]
"Start Without You"23 August 20101[18]
"The Silence"6 December 201016[18]
"Elephant"13 March 20123[18]
"Let It Go"27 May 201233[18]
JLSRunners-up"Beat Again"12 July 20091[19]
"Everybody in Love"1 November 20091[19]
"One Shot"22 February 20106[19]
"The Club Is Alive"11 July 20101[19]
"Love You More"14 November 20101[19]
"Eyes Wide Shut"13 February 20118[19]
"She Makes Me Wanna"22 July 20111[19]
"Take a Chance on Me"4 November 20112[19]
"Do You Feel What I Feel?"1 January 201216[19]
"Proud"16 March 20126[19]
"Hottest Girl in the World"21 October 20126[19]
"Billion Lights"15 November 201314[19]
Quigg, EoghanEoghan Quigg3rd"28,000 Friends6 April 200996[20]
"The Movie Song"2 March 2014DNC
Vickers, DianaDiana Vickers4th"Once"19 April 20101[21]
"The Boy Who Murdered Love"18 July 201036[21]
"My Wicked Heart"17 October 201013[21]
"Cinderella"21 July 201376[citation needed]
"Music to Make Boys Cry"15 September 2013DNC
Ruth Lorenzo5th"Dancing in the Rain"18 March 2014102
The X Factor finalists 2008All 12 finalists"Hero"27 October 20081[22]
Joe McElderry6Winner"The Climb"14 December 20091[23]
"Ambitions"10 October 20106[23]
"Someone Wake Me Up"5 December 201068[23]
"Last Christmas"19 December 201168[23]
Olly MursRunner-up"Please Don't Let Me Go"29 August 20101[24]
"Thinking of Me"21 November 20104[24]
"Heart on My Sleeve"6 March 201120[24]
"Busy"29 May 201145[24]
"Heart Skips a Beat"21 August 20111[24]
"Dance with Me Tonight"20 November 20111[24]
"Oh My Goodness"1 April 201213[24]
"Troublemaker"18 November 20121[24]
"Army of Two"10 March 201312[24]
"Dear Darlin'"26 May 20135[24]
"Right Place Right Time"25 August 201327[24]
"Hand on Heart"22 November 201325[24]
"Wrapped Up"16 November 20143[24]
"Up"4 January 20154[24]
Stacey Solomon3rd"Driving Home for Christmas"18 December 201127[25]
Jedward6th"Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)"5 February 20102[26]
"All the Small Things"18 July 201080[27]
"Lipstick"12 February 201140[26]
"Bad Behaviour"3 July 201160[26]
"Wow Oh Wow"20 November 2011DNC
"Waterline"24 February 2012122
"Young Love"18 June 2012DNC
"Luminous"15 October 2012DNC
The X Factor finalists 2009All 12 finalists"You Are Not Alone"16 November 20091[22]
Matt Cardle7Winner"When We Collide"13 December 20101[28]
"Run for Your Life"10 October 20116[28]
"Starlight"4 December 2011185
"Amazing"19 February 201284
"It's Only Love"29 October 2012DNC
"Anyone Else"31 December 2012175[citation needed]
"Loving You"18 August 201314[28]
"When You Were My Girl"19 February 2012DNC
Rebecca FergusonRunner-up"Nothing's Real but Love"20 November 201110[29]
"Too Good to Lose"2 March 2012186[citation needed]
"Glitter & Gold"29 April 2012116[citation needed]
"Backtrack"14 October 201215[29]
"I Hope"1 December 201315[29]
One Direction3rd"What Makes You Beautiful"11 September 20111[30]
"Gotta Be You"11 November 20113[30]
"One Thing"6 January 20129[30]
"More than This"26 June 201286[citation needed]
"Live While We're Young"30 September 20123[30]
"Little Things"11 November 20121[30]
"Kiss You"7 January 20139[30]
"One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)"17 February 20131[30]
"Best Song Ever"22 July 20132[30]
"Story of My Life"25 October 20132[30]
"Midnight Memories"9 March 201439[30]
"You & I"25 May 201419[30]
"Steal My Girl"29 September 20143[30]
"Night Changes"14 November 201423[30]
Cher Lloyd4th"Swagger Jagger"31 July 20111[31]
"With Ur Love"31 October 20114[31]
"Want U Back"19 March 201225[31]
"Sirens"20 July 201441[31]
Aiden Grimshaw9th"Is This Love"3 June 201235[32]
"Curtain Call"12 August 201249[32]
The X Factor finalists 2010All 16 finalists"Heroes"21 November 20101[22]
Little Mix8Winner"Cannonball"11 December 20111[33]
"Wings"26 August 20121[33]
"DNA"11 November 20123[33]
"Change Your Life"3 February 201312[33]
"How Ya Doin'?"17 April 201316[33]
"Move"25 October 20133[33]
"Little Me"30 December 201314[33]
"Word Up!"16 March 20146[33]
"Salute"1 June 20146[33]
Marcus CollinsRunner-up"Seven Nation Army"4 March 20129[34]
"Mercy"10 June 2012194[35]
Amelia Lily3rd"You Bring Me Joy"9 September 20122[36]
"Shut Up (and Give Me Whatever You Got)"18 January 201311[36]
"Party Over"21 April 201340[36]
"California"5 September 201483[37]
Misha B4th"Home Run"15 July 201211[38]
"Do You Think of Me"4 November 20129[38]
"Here's to Everything (Ooh La La)"11 May 201335[38]
Janet Devlin5th"Wonderful"13 November 2013DNC
Frankie Cocozza8th"She's Got a Motorcycle"12 November 201289
The X Factor finalists 2011 featuring JLS and One DirectionAll 16 finalists"Wishing on a Star"27 November 20111[22]
James Arthur9Winner"Impossible"9 December 20121[39]
"You're Nobody 'til Somebody Loves You"20 October 20132[39]
"Recovery"15 December 201319[39]
"Get Down"3 March 2014DNC[39]
Jahméne DouglasRunner-up"Titanium"22 July 201394
"Forever Young"4 November 2013DNC
Union J4th"Carry You"2 June 20136[40]
"Beautiful Life"21 October 20138[40]
"Loving You Is Easy"15 December 2013173
"Tonight (We Live Forever)"16 August 20149
"You Got It All"28 November 20142
Ella Henderson6th"Ghost"8 June 20141[41]
"Glow"5 October 20147[41]
"Yours"30 November 201416[41]
Lucy Spraggan7th"Last Night (Beer Fear)"1 September 201211[42]
"Lighthouse"27 July 201326[42]
"Tea and Toast"19 October 201350[42]
Sam Bailey10Winner"Skyscraper"28 December 20131[43]
Nicholas McDonaldRunner-up"Answerphone"16 March 201473[44]
Rough Copy4th"Street Love"29 June 2014192
Kingsland Road9th"Dirty Dancer"10 August 201485[45]
Ben Haenow11Winner"Something I Need"1[46]


Only albums that charted in the Top 100 of the UK Albums Chart are included in this list.

ArtistSeriesPosition in showAlbum titleUK release dateUK peak chart
Steve Brookstein1WinnerHeart and Soul9 May 20051[5]
G4Runners-upG428 February 20051[7]
G4 & Friends28 November 20056[7]
Act Three27 November 200621[7]
Rowetta4thRowetta3 October 200589[47]
Voices with Soul6thCelebration16 December 200587[48]
Shayne Ward2WinnerShayne Ward17 April 20061[8]
Breathless26 November 20072[8]
Obsession15 November 201015[8]
Andy AbrahamRunner-upThe Impossible Dream20 March 20062[9]
Soul Man13 November 200619[48]
Journey South3rdJourney South20 March 20061[48]
Home22 October 200743[48]
Maria Lawson8thMaria Lawson28 August 200641[12]
Leona Lewis3WinnerSpirit9 November 20071[14]
Echo16 November 20091[14]
Glassheart15 October 20123[14]
Christmas, with Love29 November 201313[14]
Ray QuinnRunner-upDoing It My Way12 March 20071[48]
Ben Mills3rdPicture of You12 March 20073[48]
The MacDonald Brothers4thThe MacDonald Brothers2 April 200718[49]
The World Outside15 October 200741[49]
Leon Jackson4WinnerRight Now20 October 20084[16]
Rhydian RobertsRunner-upRhydian24 November 20083[50]
O Fortuna30 November 200925[50]
Waves13 August 201139[50]
One Day like This7 April 201419[50]
Same Difference3rdPop1 December 200822[17]
The Rest Is History7 February 2011100[17]
Alexandra Burke5WinnerOvercome19 October 20091[18]
Heartbreak on Hold4 June 201215[18]
JLSRunners-upJLS9 November 20091[19]
Outta This World22 November 20102[19]
Jukebox14 November 20112[19]
Evolution5 November 20123[19]
Goodbye – The Greatest Hits18 November 20136[19]
Eoghan Quigg3rdEoghan Quigg6 April 200914[20]
Diana Vickers4thSongs from the Tainted Cherry Tree3 May 20101[21]
Music to Make Boys Cry15 September 201337[21]
Joe McElderry6WinnerWide Awake25 October 20103[23]
Classic22 August 20112[23]
Classic Christmas25 November 201115[23]
Here's What I Believe10 September 20128[23]
Olly MursRunner-upOlly Murs28 November 20102[24]
In Case You Didn't Know25 November 20111[24]
Right Place Right Time26 November 20121[24]
Never Been Better24 November 20141[24]
Jedward6thPlanet Jedward16 July 201017[26]
Victory15 August 201134[26]
Young Love22 June 201263[26]
Matt Cardle7WinnerLetters17 October 20112[28]
The Fire29 October 20128[28]
Porcelain28 October 201311[28]
Rebecca FergusonRunner-upHeaven5 December 20113[29]
Freedom29 November 20136[29]
One Direction3rdUp All Night18 November 20112[30]
Take Me Home12 November 20121[30]
Midnight Memories25 November 20131[30]
Four17 November 20141[30]
Cher Lloyd4thSticks and Stones7 November 20114[51]
Sorry I'm Late28 July 201421[51]
Mary Byrne5thMine & Yours28 March 20116[52]
...with Love5 March 201228[52]
Aiden Grimshaw9thMisty Eye20 August 201219[32]
Little Mix8WinnerDNA19 November 20123[33]
Salute8 November 20134[33]
Marcus CollinsRunner-upMarcus Collins12 March 20127[34]
Janet Devlin5thRunning with Scissors9 June 201443[53]
James Arthur9WinnerJames Arthur4 November 20132[39]
Jahméne DouglasRunner-upLove Never Fails22 July 20131[54]
Union J4thUnion J28 October 20136[40]
You Got It All – The Album8 December 201428[40]
Ella Henderson6thChapter One13 October 20141[41]
Lucy Spraggan7thTop Room at the Zoo8 September 201222[42]
Join the Club19 October 20137[42]
Sam Bailey10WinnerThe Power of Love24 March 20141[43]
Nicholas McDonaldRunner-upIn the Arms of an Angel1 March 20146[44]

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